A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 48)


Recap : Harish blackmail to spill truth to Anjali. Garima’s evil plan out..

There is no one except Raizada’s & Gupta’s. All guests leave..

Buaji is highly annoyed

Buaji : how dare you ah..? ( she’s about to slap but shashi hold her)

Shashi : No.. Why are you taking strain.. Such people never change..

Everyone confront her.. Kushi is holding arnav’s hand constantly so that he doesn’t do anything in anger..

Buaji : you don’t deserve to be with us.. Go to gupta mansion.. Pack your bags & leave.. Now..

Hearing this tears start flowing from payal’s eyes.. She’s angry on her mother but still she’s her mother.. Looking at her condition.. Shashi stop her leaving..

Gupta’s leave…

All Raizadas are sitting having some fun playing games & talking..

Nani : chote & kushi bitiya.. How secretly you two managed everything.. Didn’t let the family get hurt in your fights..

Kavya : my bhabhi intelligent..

Akash : I wonder how bhai managed to hide all this that too from di..

Kushi : where did he manage.. It was me & Aman bhaiyya who did all the hard work..

Arnav : what the..

Anjali : you both knew he smoke but still hid it from me very bad..

Lavanya : not only arnav Aman is also his partner in crime di..

Kushi : do you know why they took me to that pub.. They were bribing so that I don’t spill the truth to you..

Anjali : tabhi bata diya hota.. In dono ki pitayi hoti.. ( if you had told that itself then these would have got nice beatings )

Nani : oh leave it anjali bitiya you can’t do it..

Shyam : I’m hearing it since 10 years rani sahiba.. The only thing you do is stop talking

Anjali : my chote has never done anything due to which I had to punish him he’s good boy.. Right chote..

Arnav get uncomfortable hearing it.. But kushi hold his hand.. & comfort him..

Gupta mansion

Garima : why did you stop me from leaving.. At least today I would have got the freedom..

Shashi : did you see payal’s face.. Isn’t she your daughter.. I didn’t wanted hurt her more.. & is it necessary to create scene in their in-laws home..

Garima frown & go out to call Harish..

Arshi room..

Arnav : how dare she.. She separated us for 3 years..

Kushi : leave it arnav.. Even though we were separated we were together in each others memories..

Arnav : how dare she mess with me

Kushi : oh ho why are you spoiling your mood now..
Arnav : tum badi mood mein ho aaj ah.. (you are in very much mood today ah. ? )

he move forward romantically but kushi push him back

Kushi : Where is my gift ?

Arnav : ah.. I almost forgot wait..

He bring a envelope & give it to her.. Kushi opens it.. & find tickets to Mauritius..

Arnav : so.. Are you ready for 2nd honeymoon.. ( he tease )

Kushi : no..

Arnav : what. You didn’t like the gift ( he ask surprised )

Kushi : no need of this gift now..

Arnav : what.. what do you mean Kushi ?

Kushi turn around blushing…

Arnav : now tell me what happened again..

She is about to say but couldn’t due to shyness..

Kushi : you close your eyes ..

Arnav : ok.. He close his eyes..

Kushi : Arnav ji..

Arnav : hmm..

Kushi : Arnav woh hum.. Umm

Arnav : bolo naa.. ( tell)

Kushi : mujhe Kuch karta khaane ka man kar raha hai ( I want eat something sour )

Arnav open his eyes..

Arnav : seriously Kushi.. First give my gift & then eat whatever you want..

Kushi : arnav.. Mujhe imali, karta aam, jelebi khaana hai.. ( I want to eat )

Arnav : bukkad.. You finished dinner now itself & want to eat all these now.. Tum gift de rahi ho ya maang rahi ho.. ( are you giving or asking gift )

Kushi : hey devi maiyya.. Arnavji I’m pregnant

Arnav : so what.. Give me my gif…( he stop realising what she said )

Arnav : what ? What you said.. You mean..

Kushi nod yes : yes.. You are going to be father…(blushing..)

Arshi have a long passionating hug..

Gupta mansion

Harish : how dare they insult you I will teach arnav a lesson…

Garima : what can we do now.. They’re going back tomorrow..

Harish : don’t worry its time for take revenge for all those insults..

Arshi sitting in balcony

Kushi : shall we inform everyone..

Arnav : Let’s inform once we reach Delh..

Kushi : are you fine..

Arnav : hmm

Kushi : you felt guilty naa.. When di showed so much trust on you..

Arnav : are you a mind reader kushi..

Kushi : don’t you think we should tell her everything before she gets to know from outside

Kavya who come there…

Kavya : no…. She’ll never come to know what’s the need of telling..

Arnav : but.. She will be very angry if she..

Kavya : ( interrupt ) oh.. What you did I don’t remember anything.. In fact I’ve never seen you around during my wedding who are you..

Arnav : dramebaaz..

Kavya : vaise what are you two doing here.. Go to your room & think of gift we asked for.. Jab dekho idhar udhar ghoomte rebate ho.. Kuch kaam ki cheezi bhi karo… jaldi se bua bana do ( always wandering here & there.. Do some useful works also.. Make me aunt soon )

Arnav : this is too much now I can’t bear it anymore..

He go to hall Kushi Kavya too follow him.. He start shouting with fake anger..

Arnav : di.. Nani.. Akash, nk

Everyone come down tensed looking at him in so much anger..

Kavya : stop it bhai why are you screaming

Anjali : what happened chote..

Arnav : what is this.. Since a week everyone troubling us for a gift.. ( he say with fake anger)

Kushi : stop it Arnav..

Anjali : so what’s wrong in it chote.. ( she tease )

Arnav : please di.. I’m not in mood.. From today onwards no one will ask for gift.. Got it..

Everyone nod..

Arnav : You all will get your gift in 8 months ok..

Everyone again nod.. But then they realise..

Anjali : chote you mean..

She look at Kushi who is by now kashmiri apple..

Everyone congrgulate them.. & go to sleep..

Anjali’s room

Anjali : I’m so happy today.. Finally.. That day has come..

Shyam : rani sahiba.. Can I ask you something

Anjali : ji boliye.. ( yes )

Shyam : what if arnav do something very big.. I mean any big mistake..

Anjali : toh khoob pitayi hogi unki.. Woh bhi unke bacche ke saamne ( she say jokingly)

Shyam : I’m serious Anjali.. ( he say bit harshly )

Anjali : kya hua.. Chote ne Kuch kiya hai.. ( what happened.. Did Arnav do something.. )

Precap :

Anjali in tears.. Kushi & Kavya are tensed i

Anjali : kiss bacha rahe ho aap.. Kis ke liye jhoot bol rahe ho ( who are you protecting .. For whom are you lying )

Shyam : I’m not lying rani sahiba this is the truth..

Anjali : nahi.. Hum nahi maante.. Aap aise kabhi nahi karenge ( no.. I don’t believe.. You can never do this.. )

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. It was very nice
    Liked the way arnav announced pregnency news of khushi
    Precao was scary waiting for next

  2. Hoooooo!!! What happened????
    Full episode was soooo much AWESOME… But precap is too must shocking….

    Firstly I an telling about Arnav’s gift… It’s not fully matched with my imagination but my imagination was something like that….
    The moments when Khushi was telling Arnav about her pregnancy…. That was AWESOME… I face filled with a big smile while reading that part …..
    And the part when Arshi telling family members about it..that part was also nice..
    It’s full AWESOME episode… But I am feeling sad for precap… What will happen ???

  3. Awsome episode?loved all the scenes❤️arnav and khushi happiness?the precap was full of suspense?I think anjali came to know the truth what will happen next?waiting for ur next episode…

  4. Fanficoholic

    Awesomeeee epi anaya. And wat was that suspense???? U knw wat i am actually a very curious person and so i ahte suspense. My friends wantedly put ne in suspense jst to rease me. Bt here in all ffs there is a lot of suspense going on. Plz reveal the precal suspense soon. And arshi is pregnant!!!!!! Tis js really cool. Love u loads dear?????

  5. Thanks kajal, kushi, amani & Fanficoholic.. Suspence revealed in next part..

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