A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 47)


Recap : Aasha & Shashi have a past. Kushi is awaiting the reports..

Arnav got to know Harish malik us behind all this planning so police about to arrest him

Arshi room…

Kavya & bubbly come there..

Kavya : bhai bhabhi..

Kushi : what happened why you both are so angry..

Arnav take bubbly in his arms..

Bubbly : everyone is behind us..

Arshi look confused..

Kavya : everyone treat us like small kids..

Bubbly : they want us to drink milk like babies..

Kavya : they even scold us if we go out..

Arnav : seriously.. Kavya.. Ghar mein kya pagalo ki kami thi Jo tum bhi shuru hogayi ( were there any less mad people in house that you too started )

Kushi : what do you mean Arnav ji…

Kavya & bubbly shout we need solution.. Everyone need to stop treating us like kid..

Bubbly : especially mumma ( anjali )

Arnav : di even treats me like a kid & how will she leave you two impossible..

Kavya : we have a solution..

Kavya whisper in Kushi’s ears & bubbly in Arnav’s

” we need your baby so that everyone divert their attention towards it ”

Kushi widen her eyes & start blushing…

Bubbly : you will give it to us naa mamu..
Arnav is silent & stare Kavya for this mischief..

Malik mansion..

Harish : yeh aap teek nahi kar rahe chote aapko galat faimi huyi hai ( you are not doing right chote there is some misunderstanding )

Arnav : stop calling me chote.. ( he roar ) arrest him inspector..

Kavya come there

Kavya : stop…

Arnav : what are you doing here.. Your leg.. Huh..

Kavya : don’t get him arrested bhai..

Harish smirk..

Arnav : what..? Impossible.. He will have to pay for hurting you..

Both argue for some time..

Kavya : no.. He’s my father & I can’t let see him in jail.. ( she shout )

Arnav gets dejected.. He’s hurt..

Kushi : kavya..

Kavya : no bhabhi.. ( to inspector ) I’ve not lodged any complaint so you can’t arrest him.. I’ve no issues.. It was an accident & it was my mistake..

Arnav stare her.. & she turn away hiding her tears while that evil Harish malik smirk.. Police leave from there.. While Arnav storm out riding his car to its highest speed.. Aman take kavya & kushi home..


Kavya was in her room.. Aman & kushi get in..

Aman : what was that kavya.. You supported that chea.. Uh that Harish malik over ASR.. I can’t believe this.. Do you know how much hurt ASR is…?

Tears start forming in her eyes..

Kushi : it even hurted her Aman.. Isn’t it huh..

Kavya hug kushi & start crying..
Kavya : I’m sorry bhabhi.. Bhai is angry on me naa.. But I was helpless..

Kushi caress her..

Kushi : I know.. You wouldn’t have gone against your bhai unless there is a reason..now tell me what’s it..

Arnav passing by stop hearing kavya crying..

Kavya : woh..


Kavya gets Harish malik’s call

Kavya : hello why you called me.. Ah ?

Harish : you cannot send me to jail.. I’m your father.. It was an accident I didn’t mean to hurt you those goons for anjali & they.. Anyway.. You are my daughter how can I..

Kavya : (interrupt) anjali di is also like your daughter naa.. Then how can you hurt her..

Harish : stop giving lectures & tell your bhai take back the complaint.

Kavya : I’m not doing anything like that..

Harish : then tell your brother to get ready to face the wrath of his di..

Kavya : what.. What do you mean..?

Harish : your broken marriage secret anjali doesn’t know it right.. Once she comes to know.. Oh poor arnav…

Kavya : you can’t do this…

Harish : I will do this.. If you don’t take the complaint back..

Flashback ends…

Kavya hug Kushi crying… & they hear vase breaking sound & Arnav’s hand bleeding..

All 3 rush out..

Kushi : Arnav what’s this.. ( she tie her dupatta )

Arnav : how dare he..

Kavya : leave it bhai.. We shall think of it later..

Arshi : but…

Kavya : oh hooo.. Stop it you two.. & concentrate on gift I asked for.. We have lots of preparations left for tomorrow excuse me now.. ( she & aman go)

Kushi blush & Arnav just smile…

Next day…

Its their 4th anniversary & whole family awaited this day.. They got heaps & heaps of wishes blessings & teases too… For a baby… Arshi have troubled each other whole day asking gifts..

Evening : Kushi is dressed in an elegant red saree while Arnav in royal blue suit..
Cake cutting is done everyone enjoying party..

Arnav : so where is my gift..

Kushi : first yours..

Arnav : after receiving mine you won’t be able to give or take anything Kushi you will be busy blushing..

Kushi : once you get mine… you will be out of this world & will go crazy due to happiness

Both start arguing praising their gifts.. Then a old couple come on stage…

Man : hey.. We have gift for our Romeo & Juliet

Arshi remember them.. Everyone wonder who they are

They play the recording… ( remember guys.. In 25th episode when arshi were drunk & confessed everything )

Recording starts…

Kushi : I love you arnav

Arnav : how much you love me

Kushi 🙁 think like a child & answer ) I love you from earth to sky..

Arnav : I too love you from earth to sky

Kushi : I hate you too..

Arnav : even i too hate you..but I missed you soo much these 3 years Kushi..

Kushi : I too missed you very much.. I always wanted to come back to you.. But…

Arnav : but.. What?

Kushi : why you did that..

Arnav : what I did

Kushi tell everything what she heard outside that day about business which caused misunderstanding..

Arnav : no .. Kushi I didn’t do anything.. He say the truth that he was talking about Harish malik & not about shashi Gupta..

Kushi : arre wah mein tho bekaar mein gussa thi aapne Kuch kiya hi nahi.. So I don’t hate you now I only love you.. From sky to earth.. ( she innocently say like a kid & kiss on his cheeks )

Arnav : but I hate you.. ( he said like angry stubborn kid )

Kushi : why.. ( ask making sad face )

Arnav explain what he heard in hospital.. & Kushi give him explanation & clarify everything.. Arnav just see her.. Angrily…

Kushi : what happened don’t you trust me.. promise.. What I said is true.. ( she act like kid )

Arnav : I trust you but I’m angry on your chachi.. She is soo bad..

Kushi : yes she is bad girl.. Do you know what Lavanya call her

Arnav : what?

Kushi : Kareli ( bitter gourd)

Both start laughing loudly holding stomach… & suddenly Arnav stop laughing & see Kushi…

Arnav : if di gets to know I smoke then she’ll make me eat karela..( bitter gourd)

Kushi : ha ha now you eat it.. I’ll eat jelibi.. Rasgulle.. Kheer..

Arnav : I’ll destroy all bitter gourds in town & di won’t get them anywhere.. ( he say with winning smile )

Kushi : but..

Arnav : but what..

Kushi : what if di make dish of Garima chachi as she is kareli ( bitter gourd )& feed you. She is the bitterest bitter gourd..

Arnav : I’ll kidnap her

Kushi : good idea.. Even I don’t like Kareli ( Garima ) I only like my sweet dish

Arnav : who is sweet dish

Kushi : babuji..

Arnav : Kushi shall I ask you one thing..

Kushi : ask..

Arnav : now misunderstanding is clear can we be friends..

Kushi nod no…

Arnav : why..??

Kushi : we won’t be friends we will be that all old cute romantic couple

Arnav : wow ok.. Then give me the gift..

Arshi kiss each other

Recording ends…

Everyone is shocked & stare Garima…

Precap :

Kushi : no need of this gift now..

Arnav : what.. what do you mean Kushi ?

( which gift is Kushi refusing any guesses )

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Nice episode??finally the truth is revealed?eager to know what will happen next…will u update tomorrow or not?plz try to update it?

  2. Wow!! Anu AWESOME
    I think I know what is will Arnav’s surprise which Khushi refusing…
    Soooooooooooo nice episode yaar..
    Finally the thuth revealed with a sweet way..it’s Amazing….
    And and and
    Thank u sooooo much for being regular yaar…
    Soooooo much excited for the next episode.. Please tell me when will u post thef next episode?? Tomorrow or not??

    1. You are very smart kushi.. I think you are thinking right..?? Tell me tmrw whether your guess was right or not after reading next epi

  3. Oh it was too nice liked it very much
    U write so well
    Love u

  4. Thank u soo much Amani , kushi & kajal.. I’ll upload next epi tmrw

  5. Hey anaya i am bckkkk. Wonderful epi i tell u. I am eager fr the tmrw’s epi a d ye suspense abt the gifts us killing me. Ur a wonderful writer. Keep writing?????????

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