A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 46)


Arnav , Aman, la, nk ,kavya & akyal in study room

Kavya : kya dialogue tha woh.. Arnav Singh Raizada ko koyi nahi hara sakta ( what was that dialogue No one can defeat Arnav Singh Raizada )

Lavanya : biwi ke saamne kisi ki nahi chalti ( no one can win from wife )

Kavya : didn’t I say its going overhead bhai.. But no you wanted to make bhabhi jealous see now..

Nk : kaha the kaha pohuch gaye ( where were you & where you reached )

Aman : tum logo ko pata hai ASR ke ek nazar se poora AR office kaap utha hai.. ( do you guys know by ASR’s one stare full AR office will shake )

Kavya : really

Akash : Ek galathi aur seedha out ( one mistake you are out )

Lavanya : oh.. Poor employees…

Nk : agar kisi important kaam mein galathi matlab suicide kachak ( and if doing mistake in important work means suicide )

Aman : people are scared even to Stand in front of him.. Aur bhabhi ne kamre se bahar .. ( and kushi threw him out of .. )

Arnav : shut up ( he roar )

Everyone become silent & kavya couldn’t control so start giggling.. Arnav stare her..

Kavya : oops sorry.. Ok now I’ve a solution..

Aman : what

Kavya : let’s inform anjali di bhabhi will listen to her..

Arnav : no way… I’m comfortable here you people go..

Aman : the great Arnav Singh Raizada will sleep on couch..

Arnav : I said get out..

Everyone go.. While going they say good night & run away..

Next day

Anjali’s room

Kushi helping Anjali in arranging the clothes..

Anjali : Kushi shall I tell you something.. If you don’t mind..

Kushi : yea di.. Why would I mind

Anjali : actually I didn’t like the gift you & chote gave me.. ( she say with difficulty )

Others are standing at door & show thumbs up

Anjali gesture I can’t do it .. They gesture you have to..

Kushi : why di you didn’t like it’s design oh.. We will get it replaced ok..

Anjali : actually I needed something else..

Kushi : your wish is my command

Lavanya : dramebaaz kahi ki…

Anjali : huh .. I need a baby.. Aapki aur humare chote ki.. ( yours & my Chote’s )

Kushi : di.. ( she blush & hide her face hugging Anjali )

Study room..

Arnav gets up & see shyam in front of him..

Arnav : good morning jijaji..

Shyam : good morning saale saab

Arnav : enjoyed the party ah ?

Shyam : yep.. But not your gift..

Arnav : uh.. Why is it not nice I’ll get it replaced..

Shyam : actually we were expecting something else.. But if you get kicked out of room like this how will we get our gift ( he wink )

Arnav look at him confusion.. Mean while anjali come there

Arnav : what you expected di..

Shyam: we need a baby..

Arnav : what..!!!?? ( Arnav now understand their intentions.. ) oh then you should ask di for it jijaji.. I don’t mind becoming mama again ( he said with a naughty smile )

Anjali pull his ears..

Anjali : besharam.. ( shameless ) I need your baby.. & that too within a year.. Samjhe..

Arnav just smile & go..

2hrs later..

Arnav : what? Kushi went Gupta mansion..

Payal : yes

Arnav : That too without informing me..

Aman : yes

Arnav : leaving me all alone here

Nk: yes

Kavya : where are you alone.. Hum sab hai naa ( we are here naa ) she tease

Akash : shall I call Sheetal for company..

Nk : yea bhai that’s nice idea.. Bhabhi will come running if Sheetal come here..

La : yea she’ll come running along with real arrows & bows instead of darts..

Kavya : better you go to Gupta mansion console her & take her for a movie..


Kushi : thank you doctor when will I get the reports..

Doc : tmrw Mrs Raizada

Gupta mansion

Arnav kavya reach there & come to know Kushi has gone for hospital.. They were about to leave but kushi come there

Arnav : why you went to hospital & why didn’t you tell me.. What’s wrong with your health.. Are you ok kushi

She give serious looks & doesn’t answer..

Arnav : I’m talking to you dammit… ( he scream ) and tell me why you went now…

Kushi : I went to show your reports..

Arnav : what ??

Kushi : to get checked if you have any internal injury in head..

Kavya start laughing.. But arnav is in no mood… he hold kushi firmly & ask in serious tone

Arnav : I’m asking for last time what’s wrong..( he roar)

Kushi : (to herself : ah I can’t tell him now.. What to do ) I went to give kavya’s blood samples.. How much she’s recovered thats it..

Arnav : where are the reports..

Kushi : huh. They will send it in the evening.. And why are you screaming on me.. Galathi aapne ki aur.. ( you made mistake &.. )

She go inside

Aasha come to Gupta mansion knowing kavya is here..

Kavya : I’m not talking to you maa you didn’t come yesterday ( she frown )

Aasha : come on kavya don’t behave like a kid now.. Look I’ve brought rabadi ( sweet dish ) for you..

They talk for a while & then..

Aasha : kavya.. Yesterday one man was talking to you naa.. In party..

Kavya : who maa I talked to so many of them.. ( she doesn’t concentrate much as she’s eating her favourite rabadi )

Kushi’s room in Gupta mansion

Arnav come in.. Kushi start throwing pillows again..

Arnav : you’re only a kid.. & di jijaji want a kid from us..

Hearing this all anger of kushi vanishes & she blush turning around..

Arnav hug her from back..

Arnav : I know you are angry.. I was joking baby & you overreacted..

Kushi : ah.. I overreacted.. ( she frown )

Arnav : no no.. Its me who over teased you ok happy now.. Now stop all this & get ready..

Kushi : to where..

Arnav show movie tickets..

Kushi : wow.. Salmanji ki movie.. Love you.. ( she hug him)

They both leave for me..


Aasha : remember kavya.. A tall man in white sherwani about 55+ age.

Kavya : hmm.. Did sherwani have golden thread work..

Aasha : yes yes who was he ( she ask desperately)

Kavya : he is shashi uncle mom kushi & payal bhabhi’s father..

Everything go blank for Aasha.. She’s lost in past.. All these years he was in front of her & she couldn’t find him..

Kavya : maa are you listening.. He will come now you can meet him.. He’s very nice he treats me just like his daughter.. Far better than your husband..

Aasha : I know.. I know he’s very nice.. But.. I’ve to go kavya bye.. ( she leave in a hurry )

Kavya : but maa.. Ab ine kya hua..

Arshi after a movie in ice cream parlour

Kushi : movie was very nice naa

Arnav : yep.. But I loved one idea very much in it

Kushi : what..

Arnav : having 12 children.. ( he tease she blush )

Kushi : chi.. Arnav ji..

Arnav : I need at least 6

Kushi : no only 2..

Arnav : not bad.. It means you are ready then..

Kushi 🙁 to herself: wait till tomorrow Arnav I’ve a surprise) …

Arnav : ok what you need for our anniversary this time… ah.. I want..

She close his mouth..

Kushi : I’ll only give no need to ask..its surprise & you can give me anything you want..

Arnav : someone is getting too romantic now a days.. I think my reverse mantra ( idea ) is working..

Kushi : what reverse mantra ( idea )?

Arnav : Sheetal… ( he tease )

Kushi apply ice cream on arnav’s nose..

Gupta mansion

Shashi come to kavya..

Shashi : how are you now.. How’s your leg? Why are you sitting out in cold its not good for your health come let’s go in..

He take her in holding her & make her sit comfortably on couch… kavya lost in thoughts

Shashi : where are you lost

Kavya : kushi & payal bhabhi are so lucky to have a father like you.. & my papa ah..

Shashi : oh.. I’m lucky to have daughters like you.. ( he embrace her )

Kavya : ok now have this.. She feed him rabdi..

He is lost in its taste..

Precap : Kushi get her reports.. What do they say any guesses?

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Fanficoholic

    Hey Anaya i was a silent reader bt decided to comment. Ur ff is amazing. It is one of the few ffs which has nly arshi and revolves around ipkknd chracters. Though u hav introduced sme new characters bt all of them are nt frm other serials. I mostly find arshi ffs wth ishra and other pairs. Bt tis is the first ff which has nly and nly arshi. I love ur ff. Dnt stp writing tis.

  2. Fantabulous episode ananya?I m speechless?the way all tease arshi I love it❤️arnav and khushi bond……awsm??anxious to know what is in khushis report?a good news or something else?hope ur next episode will be tomorrow…

  3. Oh it was too cute
    Loved it was really nice
    Really nice
    We will get the next one tomorrow only na yep

  4. i think chotte’s di and jijaji got their gift

  5. Oh! Wow wow wow!!!
    Khushi is pregnant!!!!!!!
    That will be in the report right???
    Wow!! I am very much exited to see Khushi Pregnant….
    I couldn’t see it in IPKKND
    Here I can see it..
    Waiting fir the next episode
    Anu, please tell me when you will post the next episode?????

  6. Thanks a lot Fanficholic, Amani, kajal, angel & kushi.. And I will post my next episode tomorrow dont worry..

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