A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 45)


Recap : kavya’s accident & Kushi jealous of Sheetal

Anjali & Shyam’s tenth anniversary party..

Arnav has arranged a lavish party in sheesh mahal.. Anjali is wearing a golden saree & looking gorgeous.. Anjali shyam are blushing like a newly wed to all teases… Cold war is still going between our Arshi..

Aman : ASR till when this cold war will continue

Arnav : next 2 days

Aman, la, nk ,kavya & akyal : what why!!?

Lavanya : bechari meri Kushi…( poor my Kushi)

Akash : why are you troubling my bhabhi bhai

Arnav : after week its our 4th anniversary..

All together : so….

Arnav : I wanna surprise her.. & if I stay with her she make me tell all my plans.. So

Payal : wow how romantic..

Lavanya : aman learn some good things also from your friend.. ( Arnav aman glare her )

Kavya : nando you too

Arnav has invited Aasha malik to party as kavya insisted.. Aasha come inside the sheesh mahal & feel some connection she feel someone’s presence but ignore it.. She bless the couple & give them a gift..

Aasha : where is kavya

Kushi : aunty she’s attending the guests I suppose I’ll call her..

Aasha : its ok beta I’ll search..

Aasha start searching kavya & again in lobby feel someone’s presence… & see a man close to her talking to arnav she couldn’t see his face but feel she knows him… she involuntarily move towards him.. But he go away greeting some other guests. Aasha see kavya sitting on couch with nk & she is about to go to her but she see a man touching her daughter’s head.. Caring her.. The same man she dreamt of.. The same man with whom she saw her future.. But fate played its game & separated them.. She was in a shock she froze like a statue.. Tears started flowing down her eyes seeing her love after so many years.. All those beautiful past memoires rolled in front of her eyes.. That man was about see Aasha but she moved out.. He saw her from behind & felt some connection he tried to stop her but he lost her in crowd..

After a while..

Kavya standing near a main door..

Kavya: ( to herself ) where is mom she is not even picking my phone

Kushi : oh ho kavya why are you standing come sit your leg will hurt..

Kavya : no bhabhi its ok I’m waiting for.. Ouch..

Kushi : didn’t I tell you come sit here

She make her sit..

Kushi : who are you waiting for.. Aasha aunty ? She already left.. Actually uncle’s health detorated suddenly so..

Kavya : what she left.. That too.. ( kavya see Sheetal entering & a kurufathi idea strike her mind ) no bhabhi I’m not waiting for maa actually I’m waiting for Sheetal di..

Kushi : what.. Did you invite her..

Kavya : no bhai invited her personally after all they’re college friends naa..

Sheetal come in.. & hug kavya..

Sheetal : hello my barbie doll how’s your wound now..

Kavya : its fine di..

Sheetal : hi Kushi.. ( she forward her hand )

Kushi say namaste..

Kavya : come di Arnav bhai is waiting for you ( she drag her & Kushi stare Arnav )

Arnav is casually talking with Sheetal.. But seeing it Kushi fume in anger… kavya & anjali come & stand beside her.. & start talking.. & Kushi unknowingly answer them..

Kavya : bahut gussa aa raha haina bhabhi ( you getting very angry naa Kushi )

Kushi : haan ( yes)

Anjali : chote unki haath pakad rahe hai ( Arnav is holding her hand )

Kushi : how dare he..

Kavya : look bhabhi how they are blushing..

Anjali : zaroor chote flirt kar rahe hai warna sheetalji kabhi itna blush nahi karti ( I’m sure chote is flirting or else Sheetal would not blush that much )

Kushi : aaj kamre aane dijiye une.. Tab dekh loongi.. ( let him come to room today.. Then I will see )

Kavya : kya karogi bhabhi.. ( what will you do)

Kushi : kal subah unki haalat dekh Lena ( you see his condition tomorrow)

Cake cutting is done & now its time for some dance.. All couple are on stage.. Except Arshi nk & kavya..

Kavya : oh nando bcoz of me you can’t enjoy..

Nk : its ok princess I’m comfortable with you here..

Kavya : but..

Arnav about to drag kushi to dance floor but ..

Kushi : don’t worry Kavya.. I’ll be his partner

She drag nk..

Arnav : what the…

Kavya : aapki plan aap par hi ultha hogaya ( your plan reversed on you )

Arnav : no way Kavya.. Tumhari bhabhi ne accha nahi kiya.. Ab dekho mein kya karta hoon.. ( your bhabhi didn’t do right now see what I’ll do )

Kavya : kya soch rahe ho ( what are you thinking)

Arnav gesture towards sheetal

Kavya : aaj raat kamre mein pakka 3rd world war hoga.. Aur haarenge aap ( today 100% there will be a 3rd world war in your room & you will loose )

Arnav : dekhenge Arnav Singh Raizada ko koyi nahi hara sakta ( let’s see.. No one can defeat Arnav Singh Raizada )

Arnav take Sheetal to dance floor…
Arnav & Sheetal start dancing together..

Kushi fume in anger.. & give some dangerous looks… Lavanya & Aman come close to arnav while dancing..

Aman : bhabhi ko dekh rahe ho ASR.. Tumhe aise dekh rahi hai jaise kaccha jaba degi.. ( are you kushi ASR.. She’s seeing as if she’ll eat you alive )

Lavanya : think once more before taking risk kyunki wapas kamre mein hi jaana hai.. ( Bcoz you have to go back to room )

Aman : that too alone..

Arnav : oh stop it..

Sheetal : will anyone tell me what’s all this..
Arnav explain her… & she agree to help him

Kushi is dancing a bit fast & is in rage making nk scared.. By mistake she even step over his foot..

Payal : Kushi kahi pe nigahain kahi pe nishana.. ( Kushi your eyes are some where & your hitting somewhere else )

Kushi leave nk & go sit with kavya..

Kavya : bhabhi how can you do this..

Kushi : what..

Kavya : if you even fracture my nk’s leg then who will carry me everywhere.. ( she tease )

Night – Arshi room

Kushi is waiting like a bhooki sherni ( hungry lioness ) Arnav enter the room & she throw some pillows

Arnav : what the..

She throw a show piece hearing it. But he escape

Arnav : what are you doing lag jayegi ( it will hit me )

She now point darts towards him..

Arnav : no Kushi no look ( she throw one he escape ) I can explain..

She start throwing & he move out escaping from them.. Then kushi throw pillow & blanket on his face & close the door ..

Arnav : what the..

He hear a sound of breaking something inside..

Arnav : no no sorry I’m sorry.. Open the door baby please..

Kushi : who’s your baby ahh..?

Arnav : of course you

Kushi : then what were doing in a party..

Arnav : galathi hogayi ab darwaaza kolo phir baat karenge ( I made a mistake please open the door then we shall talk )

Kushi : galathi huyi hai na toh saza bhi bugati hai aaj raat bahar hi soyenge aap ( you made a mistake naa then bear a punishment you’ll sleep outside today )

Arnav : what Kushi don’t do this ( she switch off light ) koyi dekhlega Kushi.. ( someone will see Kushi )

Aman, la, nk ,kavya & akyal : humne dekh li ( we saw )

Arnav : damn..

Precap :

Arnav : you’re only a kid.. & di jijaji want a kid from us..

Hearing this all anger of kushi vanishes & she blush turning around..

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Oh its too nice
    Arshi anniversery party
    So exited
    Nice confrontation by khushi
    Arnav got thrown out of the room hahaha
    Maza aa gaya
    When will be ur next part
    Will be waiting for next

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Anu,, AWESOME episode
    It’s a full interesting episode… Enjoyed every moment of this episode… And eagerly waiting for the next episode…
    Don’t know when will u post the next episode ???

    But I am very much interested for the next episode..
    Hope u will post it soon.

  3. Thank you so much kajal & kushi.. I’ll post next epi tmrw don’t worry

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