A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 44)

I’m really very sorry guys.. I know you all are very angry on me for not posting so long.. I had lab exams they got finished yesterday itself.. Sorry guys.. I will post next part tomorrow along with manzil & yeh Dosti..

Recap: Aman & lavanya come to know about garima’s secret. Kavya in trouble

Arnav : kavya I’m coming to pick.. ( interruptted by Kavya )

Kavya : bha.. Bhaiyya.. Accident.. ( she stammer)

Arnav : what accident!? ( everyone get shocked ) where are you

Kavya : park Street.. ( she faint )

Arnav : hello Kavya hello…

Anjali : chote kya hua ( what happened Arnav)

Arnav & Aman rush out.. They get kavya on road they hospitalise her.. Aman inform this to family & all Raizadas are in hospital..

Arnav & Nk are all tensed & loosing their cool both are comforted by Kushi & Anjali..

Doctor come out ..

Arnav & nk : how’s she.. Is everything alright

Doc : relax Mr raizada she’s out of danger.. Nothing serious you can meet her after 10- 15 her dressing is going on..

Everyone get relaxed. Garima is worried & keen to see kavya but unable to show it in front everyone.. Kushi notices it.. & secretly send her into kavya’s ward..

Garima : kavya are you ok my baby.. Oh god such a big wound.. ( she hug her) tum teek tho ho na kahi dard ho raha hai ( are you ok is it paining much )

Outside ward

Arnav : I need complete details what happened with my Kavya..

Aman : culprit will be before you by evening ASR..

Arnav : I know who it is but need proof for someone else to believe ( he say looking at Kushi & Anjali )


Kavya nod no pulling back from hug..

Kavya : aap.. Yaha ? Maa kaha hai..? Aur arnav bhai nk ( you here ? Where is mom & arnav bhai nk )

Garima : I’m your mom I’m here na don’t worry you will be fine thank God..

Kavya : thank your husband.. No no.. Your lover for doing this favour on me ( she taunt)

Garima : what are you saying ah..

Kavya : the goons who attacked me in Delhi.. Who were supposed to hurt Anjali di.. Do you remember.. There are the ones who attacked me today..

Garima ; what..!!?? One minute beta I’ll be back..

Kavya : haan haan its ok you go & inform your husband.. He should rescue himself naa otherwise bhai will kill him..

Garima : kavya. He’s your father & you..

By that time everyone enter & they couldn’t speak any further..

Nk : thank God Kavya you are all right you scared me to death.. ( he hug her )

Kavya : oh ho. Nando I’m fine see ( she say smiling )

Everyone caress her but she’s looking for her bhai.. Kushi notices it..

Kushi : he’s talking with doctor Kavya..

Kavya : oh ok & everyone stop making sad faces I’m fine now..

Anjali : itni badi chot lagi hai aur aap keh rahi hai I’m fine ( you got this big injury & your saying I’m fine )

Kavya : ooh ho di.. I got only 5 stiches that it..its small injury & its not even paining you guys are getting worried

Arnav come in.. His shirt his full of blood as he lifted Kavya & took her here.. Kavya get scared seeing it..

Kavya : oh bhai are you ok did you get hurt.. Soo much blood .. Nando call the doctor..

Kushi : relax kavya.. He’s not hurt its your blood.. He carried you naa so..

Anjali : now you got know why we are worried

Arnav : ok everyone stop this drama here.. We are getting her discharged pack everything & nk carry her to car.. Not only stitches he has fractured her leg too

He just give one stare to kavya & go..

Kavya : look di & bhabhi its because you both bhai is angry on me..

Anjali : but your maa wanted to meet you kavya..

Kavya : she would have come to sheesh mahal only to meet me.. See now he’s not talking to me..

Anjali : but..

Kushi : chodiye di dono bhai behen ek hi hai ( leave it di both brother & sister are same )

Aasha & Sheetal rush into ward & hug kavya.. Now this is another surprise to everyone..

Sheetal : oh my baby doll are you ok.. So many bandages.. Is it paining sweety.. ( she start caressing her but kavya resist )

Kavya : who are you.. I’m not your sweety or doll maa tell her I don’t know her

Sheetal : I’m sorry.. I couldn’t..

Kavya : ( interrupt ) I’m not talking to you di..

Nk : how do you know Sheetal..

Kavya & Sheetal : huh woh..

Aasha : she’s my friend’s daughter

Kushi come outside & see Arnav holding Harish malik’s collar..

Arnav : how dare you step near my sister..

Harish : what do you mean chote she’s my daughter..

Arnav : no she’s not stay away from her (he roar)

Kushi : Arnav leave him…

Arnav : stay away Kushi you don’t know him..

Kushi make Arnav leave Harish…

Kushi : stop it arnav he’s a father who has come to see his daughter & you are accusing him ah.. Uncle kavya is inside you go & meet her..

Arnav : stop right there or else I’ll..

Anjali : chote.. What’s this.. Its hospital & you are shouting like his..

Arnav : di I’m not letting him near kavya that’s it

Anjali : stop it chote.. Chachaji you go in..

Arnav : di..

Anjali : and you shut up.. How can you even think he can hurt her you are impossible chote..

Arnav let him meet kavya for only 10 mins & kavya too wasn’t happy seeing him.

Sheesh mahal

Arnav instructing on kavya’s food & medication to everyone he doesn’t want to take any risk.. But he’s not talking to kavya..

Kavya : bhai I’m talking to you & you are angry on me listen naa.. I’m sorry..

Arnav doesn’t respond

Kavya : you are too stubborn bhai .

Sheetal come..

Sheetal : after all who’s brother he is.. Just like you..

Arnav : ( formally hug Sheetal ) oh what a surprise sheetal you here..

Sheetal : huh..

Kavya : ( interrupt ) I’m talking tobl you & you are not listening to me… it was not my mistake di & bhabhi sent me there..

Arnav give angry stare to anjali & kushi..

Arnav : ok kavya now stop screaming & take rest I’m not angry..

She hug him & he leave..

Sheetal : sirf usse huggi aur mujhe ( only hugging him not me ) she say making sad face

Kavya hug her too.. & both start talking..

Arshi are angry on each other for shouting at each other so they are ignoring each other..

Next day

Arnav : di my coffee.. ( see kushi there but scream di )

Kushi : it’s not in his diet chart tell him bubbly

Arnav : I need my black coffee now..

Kushi : sar pe chot kavya ko lagi hai aur aapki akal chali gayi hai ( kavya got hurt in her head but you lost your mind )

Arnav : bolna kya chahati ho mein pagal hoon ah..?(what what do mean I’m mad ah..?)

Kushi : ( low voice ) isme bolne ki kya zaroorat hai aapki harkate dekh ke bacche bhi samajh jayenge ( what’s the need of telling seeing your acts even child will come to know that )

Arnav : Maine suna ( I heard it )

Kushi : toh samajh bhi lijiye ( then understand it )

Arnav : what the

Anjali & kavya who are listening this are giggling continuously..

Arnav : di I need my coffee..

Kushi : you are not getting it..

Sheetal come there to meet kavya listen to this

Sheetal : but arnav never miss his coffee.. I think you know that..

Kushi : I know everything but he.. ( Arnav interrupt )

Arnav : Sheetal she know nothing.. You only teach her..

Kushi fume in anger..

Kavya : di increase the AC.. temperature is increasing here.. ( she tease )

Arnav smirk Kushi frown..

Precap : Anjali & Shyam’s tenth anniversary party.. Arnav & Sheetal dance together & Kushi fume in anger..

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  3. Nice episode?who is sheetal? Arnavs friend Na…now the jealousy track will be awsm?damn arnav care alot for kavya like a big bro?waiting for next episode…

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