A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 43)


Kushi : ( angrily ) lavanya.. She’s not cheating anyone papa know everything..

Aman & lavanya : what..!!!??

Aman : what are you saying bhabhi ( Kushi)

Lavanya : tell me correctly..

Flashback starts…

Shashi Gupta’s marriage day..

The bride gas run away & Gupta ‘s pride is at stake. Shashi spot garima hiding under the table.

Shashi : who are you..

She try to run away but shashi hold her..

Shashi : tell me the truth else I’ll handover you to police..

Garima tell him her story..

Flashbacks ends..

Aman : what Raj uncle did this..? Now I understand why ASR hates him so much..

Kushi : then babuji ( shashi Gupta) demanded chachi ( garima) to marry him for family respect in return of saving her from Raj uncle.. So they got married

Flashback starts…

Shashi garima’s first night..

Shashi enter the room..

Garima ( holding knife) : don’t near me I’ll kill you..

He calm her down..

Shashi : don’t worry.. I’m not touching you.. I’ve lost faith in love & marriage today when my si called soulmate ran away.. I married you only for my family respect..

Garima : I can’t stay with you.. I..

Shashi : you are free to leave in a week..

Flashback ends..

Kushi : she never left because Harish uncle couldn’t divorce his wife.. Papa doesn’t expect anything from her they’re just friends.

Lavanya : but payal di..?

Kushi : she is test tube baby.. She is a gift chachi ( garima ) gave to papa for saving her life.. Saving her daughter..

Aman : her daughter?

Kushi : Sheetal.. She is daughter of chachi & Harish uncle…

Lavanya : but how do you know all this..

Flashback starts…

Buaji got to know of garima & Harish’s affair.. She create a havoc in the house… payal doesn’t know anything as she was out for a college trip..

Buaji : I’ll kill you for deceiving my brother…

Kushi hold buaji..

Garima : you are getting me wrong..

Buaji : don’t lie besharam.. Chi.. ( shameless )
She push her out of house & she’s about to fall but shashi hold her…

Flashback ends…

Kushi : papa revealed full truth that day..

Aman : uncle is great..

Raizada Mansion

Night – Arnav’s room

Kavya has kept milk for him & Arnav denying it & making some silly excuses…

Kavya : bacche bhi aapse better hai.. Chup chap dood pijiye warna.. ( even small children are better than you.. Drink milk silently or else..)

Arnav : warna kya..? (or else what..?)

Kavya : dii…

she scream arnav close her mouth & drink milk.. Kavya laugh at him..

Arnav : what’s so funny

Kavya : di is in Lucknow & still you are fearing her.. Wow..

Arnav : kavya ki bacchi..

He chase her & she run away..

Next day..

Arnav Kavya come to Lucknow..

Kushi smile but arnav frown

Anjali : chote ne parishaan toh nahi kiya aapko ( hope Arnav didn’t trouble you )

Kavya : kiya.. Lekin toda.. ( he troubled but little she tease )

Arnav & kavya laugh.. Kushi & anjali get happy saying their bond..

Full day Arnav ignored kushi.


Arshi’s room

Arnav is changing Kushi come & hug him from behind..

Kushi : are you angry on me..?

Arnav free himself & sit on bed holding laptop..

Kushi : Arnav I’m talking to you..

She snatch his laptop..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : ok I’m sorry I shouldn’t have left you alone there.. Forgive me now.. I had important work Arnav understand naa

Arnav : what’s so important than me… Forget it..

Kushi : ok then.. You won’t forgive me right.. I’ll do sit ups for you ok.. Are you listening.. At least tell me how many..

Arnav : 100..

Kushi : what 100..!!??

Arnav : kyun nahi hoga ( why… You can’t do )

Kushi : I will..

She hold her ears & is about to do but Arnav stop her..

Arnav : I only said 100 not 100 sit-ups

Kushi look in confusion

Arnav : I want 100 kisses to calm my anger…

Kushi blush..

Kushi : aapne toh dara hi diya tha.. ( you scared me )

Arnav : now fast give me my gifts..

Next day..

Arnav : all arrangements done aman ?

Aman : yep ASR..

Arnav : di what venue did you decide

Anjali : I’m still thinking chote.. I’m confused with 2 options..

Arnav : di only 3 days left for your anniversary & you’ve not yet decided venue..

Kushi : confusions happen Arnav.. Especially after handling such difficult kids ( Arnav & bubbly ) people get confused.. ( she tease )

Arnav : what the kushi…

Kushi : what the nahi arnav.. Plan an award in function.. Di deserves award for handling you..

Arnav : jijaji should get award for handling di.. ( it was slip of tongue )

Everyone stare him..

Shyam : thanks saale Saab.. (Arnav)

Akash : dekha di kya kaha bhai ne.. ( see di what Arnav is telling)

Anjali : chote… ( Arnav )

Arnav : I didn’t mean it di..

Kushi : he always trouble me like this di see now.. He started to trouble you too..

Arnav : ah.. I trouble you..? Liar You trouble me..

Kushi : no di he is lying..

Arnav : when did I trouble you..ah ?

Kushi : yesterday..

Arnav : what did I do ( he purposely ask )

Kushi : di he made me give 100.. ( she stop realising what she was telling )

Arnav : bolo bolo.. ( tell tell )

Kushi blush.. Anjali notice it..

Anjali : you’ve become very naughty chote.. Stop troubling her now..

Arnav : ok leave it where is kavya..

Anjali & NK answer together

Anjali : mandir ( temple )

Nk : her mom’s home

Arnav : what.? She went to that house.. & your lying to me di. & why the hell no one informed me she went there.. You people allowed her to go alone ? Damn..

Anjali : relax chote.. Its her house they are her family.. They won’t..

Arnav : ( interrupt ) that Harish malik is no one’s family & she’s not safe there.. ( he scream ) I’m going to pick her now..

Arnav about to go.. He get a call…

Arnav : kavya I’m coming to pick.. ( interruptted by Kavya )

Kavya : bha.. Bhaiyya.. Accident.. ( she stammer)

Precap :

Arnav holding Harish malik’s collar..

Arnav : how dare you step near my sister..

Kushi : Arnav leave him..

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Nice episode Anu,
    Arshi scene was so cute..

    1. Thank u Kushi

  2. Oh why u r so irregular
    The ff which i like are all so irregular
    I just wait to read them
    Love them
    Please try yo be regular

  3. Hey i am silent reader bt nw commenting. Urs is an awesome ff. Pl continue tis. And pl be regular.

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