A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 42)

Anjali & Kushi not talking to arnav.. Kavya studied arnav’s medical report & have prepared a diet chart..

Anjali’s room

Kushi, Anjali, kavya are discussing Arnav’s diet

Kavya : he need to follow it strictly for 3 months then he will be perfectly fine

Kushi : we will make him follow

Kavya : don’t you think its difficult bhabhi.. He doesn’t like many things in this chart.

Anjali : agar iss mein bhi cheating ki toh sach mein maar padhegi une ( if he do cheating in even following this then he’ll definitely get punished)

Arnav & shyam enter..

Shyam : he will follow rani sahiba.. Une phirse todi na aapko naraz karna hai ( he won’t disappoint you again )

Anjali Kushi frown seeing Arnav

Arnav : di.. How many days will you do like this.. I’m really sorry.. Won’t do it again.. Pls.. & Kushi you too won’t forgive me..?

Kushi : ok but on one condition.. You should follow this diet chart no cheating

Arnav : yes mam

Shyam : now you too forgive him anjali

Anjali hold Arnav’s ears..

Anjali : you are getting away this time because of your hand or else..

Shyam : or else your di itself would’ve broken your hand right rani sahiba


Arshi’s room

Arnav talking with aman on phone..

Aman : yaar ASR tumne mujhe dhoka diya hai ( you betrayed me ASR )

Arnav : what the.!?

Aman : you knew after marriage life becomes hell still you got me married.

Arnav : I got you married!? Khud hi devdas bane ghum rahe the lavanya ki shaadi ki baat sunkar.. Aur mujhe keh rahe ho ( you had become mad on hearing lavanya’s marriage news & now complaining me )

Aman : devdas was better than patnidas ( it was better to be mad than getting married)

Kushi enter..

Arnav : wives are the most beautiful gift we get aman

Aman : kya bol rahe ho ( what are you saying)

Arnav : you should never disappoint them

Aman : yeh toh bhagwan se bhi nahi hoga ( its not even possible by God)

Arnav : Teri bhabhi aagayi phone rakho idiot ( kushi has come cut the phone idiot )

Arnav : you are looking gorgeous in this dress

Kushi : accha ( is it so)

Arnav : my ears are craving to hear your voice

Kushi : hmm umm really

Arnav nod yes..

Kushi : then..

Arnav : I love you kushi..

Kushi : no you won’t..

Arnav : what..!!??

Kushi : you never listen to me.. You only say I love you kushi..

Arnav : oh come on finish that topic now.. I’ve quit smoking..

Kushi : this is 3rd time you are assuring me

Arnav : last time too..

Kushi : ok.. Last time..

Arnav : I’ve to get reward for quitting it na

Kushi : what you want

Arnav : gift ( he say in husky voice making kushi blush )

Kushi give turmeric milk

Arnav : what the

Kushi : pehle dood ( first milk )

Arnav : aur baad mein ( and next – he ask with naughty smile )

Kushi : you have become very naughty

Arnav : oh really..

He drink the milk & pull Kushi closer both fall on bed

3 weeks later..

Arnav’s plaster is removed a week back

Anjali : chote you could have come with us

Arnav : I have work di

Kushi : we don’t want to leave you alone..

Arnav : then you could have stayed here ( Arnav frown as Kushi too is going to Lucknow )

Kushi : arnav aap..

Arnav : ok.. I’m not kid .. You go..

Kavya : I’m staying back today.. As I’ve patient to attend tomorrow so don’t worry I’ll take care of him.

Anjali : thats better.. You both come together Sunday

Arnav pull Kushi aside..

Arnav : you are leaving me alone with her

Kushi : what do you mean by leaving you alone with her.. She won’t eat you up

Arnav : but she’s too strict

Kushi : enjoy with your little sister..

Everyone leave for Lucknow. Arnav Kavya alone in Raizada mansion

Next day

Arnav having breakfast served by kavya..
Kavya go to kitchen to get some water.. & arnav remove 2 bread slices from his plate & kavya notices it
Kavya come & put 3 bread slices to his plate

Arnav : what the I had removed only 2 & yo.. ( he stop realising he got caught )

Kavya : one extra for cheating.. Eat it

Arnav : you’ve got good training from your di & bhabhi ( Anjali & Kushi )

Kavya’s eyes filled with tears hearing your di from Arnav’s mouth.. The same person shouted at her refusing to share his di even for a second & today..

Arnav get up seeing her tears..

Arnav : what happened.. Are you ok

Kavya : nothing you have changed so much..

Arnav : I’m sorry Kavya because of me..

Kavya : ( interrupt) because of you i got such a lovely caring family.. Such a good husband.. I’m so happy & have forgot everything what happened in past.. So…

Arnav : so..?

Kavya : I love you bhaiyya ( she hug him )

Arnav : love you too little princess..

They pull back from hug..

Arnav : now when you have promoted me as your bhaiyya ( big brother )

Kavya : yes so..

Arnav : so being good sister give me some delicious food to eat..

Kavya : ok first do one thing I don’t have currency in my phone please recharge it

Arnav : yea sure.. You take my phone if its urgent
He give his phone

Kavya : thank you let me ask di the recepie of kheer..

Arnav : ( snatching phone back ) very smart..

Kavya : aakhir behen kiski hoon.. Ab chup chap naasta khatam kijiye ( after all who’s sister I am.. Now finish breakfast no more arguments )


Kushi : tum dono ki vajah se mein wahan Arnaji ko naraaz karke une akele chod ke aayi hoon aur yaha tum dono Kuch bol nahi rahe hob( because of you two.. I’ve come disappointing Arnav leaving him alone there but you both are not telling anything )

Aman : actually bhabhi.. Woh..

Kushi : anything serious.. Did Arnav do something..

Lavanya : no Kushi what will he do

Kushi : then what else.. You are scaring me now

Aman : you remember bhabhi.. Garima aunty had an affair in past..

Kushi : why are we discussing that now

Lavanya : she still have affair with that person…

Kushi : you called me here for telling this.. Leave her alone.. Let her do whatever she wants to..

Lavanya : what?? Let her do whatever she wants to..!!? She’s cheating your dad.. She’s cheating payal di.. She’s such a b*t*h..

Kushi : ( angrily ) lavanya.. She’s not cheating anyone papa know everything..

Aman & lavanya : what..!!!??

Precap :

Flashback of Garima & Shashi Gupta

Guys I have uploaded Manzil & Yeh Dosti hum Nahi Todenge check them out too..
I had tests going on so couldn’t upload earlier. Sorry

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