A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 41)


Precap : Goons mistaking Kavya to be anjali try kidnapping her . Arnav rescue her but end up getting his hand fractured.

Arshi aman la in arshi’s room…

Arnav : what’s this scar on your hand aman

Aman – La look at each other..

Kushi : oh.. Love byte.. Ah..? ( she tease )

Lavanya : Love byte my foot…

Aman : ( low voice but arshi hear it ) its German shepherd byte

Lavanya : do you know what he did..

Arnav : what did you do aman

Lavanya : your friend is spoilt.. So I had to mend him.. Do you know he sm..

Aman : ( interuppting )we doesn’t hide anything from each other

Lavanya : that means he knows that you smoke

Kushi : correction lavanya.. They smoke together

Arnav : so what..? What you did with him..

Aman : she threw all those candles vases flowers on me which were decorated for our honeymoon

Arnav : what the!!!!

Kushi : see arnav.. I’m better naa..

Lavanya : what did you do Kushi .

Kushi : he has quit smoking now.. I have made him quit..

Lavanya : me too

Arnav aman look at each other & give each other “oh really” smile..

2 – 3 days pass..

Kavya trying to be normal with Arnav.. But little hesitant on how he will react.. Arnav’s hand start aching quite often as doctors have not given him pain killers..


Aman : what’s this ASR why are you getting so much pain wait I’ll call the doc

Arnav : no need aman its because they’ve not given me pain killers

Aman : why haven’t they given..

Arnav : as I smoke it can create abrupt reactions

Kushi hear this who has brought lunch for him..
She turn to go but vase fall down which alert Arnav & aman.

Arnav : Kushi.. ( he come forward she move back )

Aman : Ah.. I’ll check out that file ASR

He go out closing the door

Arnav : Kushi I can explain..

Kushi start dialing a number..

Arnav : whom are you calling

Kushi : di.. You explain to her

Arnav snatch the phone..

Arnav : I’m trying Kushi its not easy.. Why are you not understanding?

She’s silent..

Arnav : are you listening ?

Kushi : give me my phone

Arnav : I’m telling you something..

Kushi : I said give me my phone

Arnav : you ask aman am I trying or not

Kushi : I don’t want to ask anything to anyone arnav.. It was my mistake I believed you.. I should have told di everything the next moment I got to know about this.. Now I won’t repeat it..

Kushi go out of cabin & Arnav go behind her but end up banging his hand to door

Arnav : ouch ( he hold his hand in pain)

Kushi rush back

Kushi : are you fine what happened.. Arnav

They go to hospital get him rebandaged & go to Raizada mansion..

Anjali : chote you won’t take care of yourself can’t you be bit careful..

( she complained while feeding him lunch)

Kushi didn’t tell anjali anything as shyam refused & had told her that he will talk to arnav. Kushi was all angry & was not talking to arnav

Arshi room
Shyam enter.

Shyam : how’s your hand now

Arnav : fine…

Shyam : it would have been better if you stopped smoking..

Arnav looked at Kushi as if questioning why she revealed it to shyam… But she turned her face

Shyam : well you’re not a kid Arnav.. You very well understand its consequences both in terms of your health & your di.. And you know how difficult to get them both to normal.. So I hope you understand & won’t repeat it again.. Take care of yourself.. Good night

( shyam brush his hand in arnav’s hair & walk out )

Kushi come & sleep beside arnav switching off the light & pulling the quilt over her face… Arnav slowly try to pull it down but kushi pull it back in anger…

Arnav : Kushi are you sleep..

No response..

Arnav : let me see your face at least..

No response..

Arnav : ab itna bhi kyaa gussa itni choti si baat ke liye( why this much anger for this little matter )

Kushi : ( getting up in anger ) choti si baat aapko yeh choti si baat lagti hai.. Chup chaap soo jayiye warna.. ( silly matter.. You find this silly.. Sleep silently or else )

Arnav : or else what.. Will you also give me a love byte ( he ask romantically to change her mood )

Kushi : no.. I’ll give you German shepherd byte … now sleep else I’ll call di..

Next day

Arnav is in important meeting but his secretary enter interrupting the meet..

Rita (Secretary ) : Sir.. You’ve a call

ASR : What the we are in important meet & you..

Rita : sir its from your home & they asked me to pass the message immediately

Arnav gesture aman to look into it.. Aman cine back & whisper in Arnav’s ears..

Aman : di got to know everything Arnav we are gone..

Raizada mansion

Anjali haven’t believed it fully she want to ask her chote first.. Shyam & kushi too are silent..
Arnav rush home & he encounter anjali in hall way..

Anjali : chote what’s this.. Its not true naa.. ( she ask showing him the reports which doctor had sent which clearly states that Arnav smoke)

Arnav could neither deny nor accept he stood silent

Anjali : ( holding his hands ) don’t be silent now speak up something..

Shyam : rani sahiba calm down mistakes happen..

Anjali : ( interrupting ) I’m asking you chote is it true.. ( she ask bit loudly )

Arnav : Yes

Everyone’s shocked…

Kavya : ab kya sach mein unki pitayi hogi ( now will he really get some beatings )

An hour later..

Anjali’s room

Anjali confront shyam & Kushi for hiding this

Shyam : I thought..

Anjali : what you thought.. Ah..? & you kushi you too hid this..

Arnav & aman enter..

Arnav : Di I’m sorry..

Anjali is just folding his blanket not looking at him..

Arnav hold her hand..

Arnav : di..

Anjali : leave my hand chote .. I’m not talking to you both.. Cheaters..

Aman : we’re putting our honest effort now you don’t get angry..

Arnav : di.. Are you listening..

Anjali : shyamji.. First search a nutritionist.. A strict one..

Arnav : what the di nutritionist.. Tum dono kya kam ho mujhe pareshaan karne ke liye.. ( aren’t you two enough to trouble me )

Kushi & Anjali give angry look

Nk : what’s the need of finding Kavya is nutritionist

Precap :

Kavya : bacche bhi aapse better hai.. Chup chap dood pijiye warna.. ( even small children are better than you.. Drink milk silently or else..)

Arnav : or else what..?

Kavya : dii…

she scream arnav close her mouth

Credit to: Anaya

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