A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 4)


Arnav’s room
(Arnav is on bluetooth talking to aman both kushi and anjali enter the bedroom. Kushi have some wicked winning smile on her face & and anjali shows some fake anger on her face )

Anjali: Chote hum yeh kya sun rahe hai, tum ne kushi se yeh sab karwaaya [what am I hearing, you made kushi do all this..? ] Arnav : Di maine kya kiya [ di what did I do] (He saw some mischevious smile on kushi’s face)
Anjali: You fought with her and made her do situps because she was late haan..?
Arnav: What the.!!! Di maine…
Anjali : k chote stop it now no more arguments say sorry to her & finish the fight. I want you both to be the same cute pair from tomorrow now sort out this fight Gud night.

( Anjali left the room & Arnav gave some dangerous looks to kushi)

Arnav came forward towards kushi she took step backwards both kept on moving finally there was no place for kushi to move any backwards, Arnav pinned her to door & locked it & dragged her inside

Kushi : Leave my hand you are hurting me now
Arnav : (still holding her hand) I made you do situps haan..( he asked with anger)
Kushi : Leave my hand( she said struggling)
Arnav : answer me first dammit ( he screamed in anger & left her hand making her stumble)
Kushi: What you expected me to tell then, tell them the truth, that we hate each other, tell them that we broke our relationship 2years back, tell them we know more remained that cute pair which everyone adored , tell them what…?
Saath rehana humari MAJBOORIYAAN hai..yeh kehati mein di se [ staying together is our helplessness..should I have told this to di ] Do you know how much di doubted us ,your behaviour , you cannot hide anything from her so I had to lie arnav & that’s what I did.

Arnav moved back & sat on recliner working back on laptop & kushi took her night suit from closet & went to washroom to change. As soon as she left Arnav got call from aman. Aman had already heard all the conversation as Arnav had not cut the previous call.

Arnav : What happened aman any problem in guest room.
Aman : Problem not in guest room but in your room I heard everything stop fighting & try solving problems don’t create new ones.
Arnav: where she goes the problem follows her
Kushi : what you said I’m problem not me but you are big problem Rakshas( demon)
Arnav: what the, how dare you kushi
Kushi : how dare you..
Arnav: I’m not in mood quarrelling with you. Need some rest now shut up ( arnav go & lie on bed kushi pulls his quilt away)
Kushi : hello Mr.Raizada mein bed par soohungi aap nahi[hello I’m sleeping on bed not you] Arnav: what the, yeh mera bed hai aur mein yehi soohunga samjhi tum [ this is my bed & so I’m sleeping here only u get it] Kushi: Noo this..

Someone knock the door & aman enter in

Aman: what the hell is wrong with you guys. Have you seen the time its 12:30 already
Arnav: nothing is wrong with me aman but she ..
Kushi : ho hello ..
Aman: stop it( he scream) what’s the problem
Kushi : I want to sleep on bed
Arnav: I’m gonna sleep on it , its mine
Kushi: its mine too..
Aman: so both of you sleep what’s the problem. Its big enough for both of you to sleep.
Kushi & Arnav together : No way
Arnav: What but why
Kushi : because I can’t sleep with Rakshas he might eat me up
Arnav: I can’t sleep with witch she might bite me
Aman (totally irritated): stop it you both are you insane , if you have forgotten let me remind you , you two slept on this same bed together with this Rakshas & witch but nothing happened then so stop fussing & sleep or less I’ll call di..
(They agreed )
Aman: please remember how you both were, & try to mend things rather then breaking more at least for the family.

( They both slept & closed their eyes)

3 years back


Arnav: Di please, aap ko pata hai na mujhe bagwan mein vishwas nahi toh aap kyun.. [ di you know I don’t believe in God so why ..] Anjali: Lekin humein vishwas hai chote..pls humari baat maano…yeh naani ki zindagi ka sawaal hai pls [ but I believe chote so please agree to my words , its matter of nani’s life] Arnav: Mein unke liye duniya ka best doctor bularaha hoon aap tension mat lijiye..chaliye hospital Sab Kuch teek hoga..[I have assigned best doctor for her you don’t take tension, come let’s go to hospital, everything will be alright]

(Anjali and arnav reach hospital..doctor checks nani and come to arnav and anjali)

Doctor: Sorry Mr.Raizada lekin hum Kuch nahi kar sakte unke paas sirf 3months hai [ sorry Mr.Raizada but we can’t do anything your nani have only 3 months]

(Arnav hold doctor’s collar..anjali collapsed hearing this , arnav rushes and hold her..suddenly he see a girl weeping in the corridor. A girl..who just stole ASR ‘s heart)

That girl holding devi maiyya idol..& weeping

Girl: Devi maiyya agar hamare babuji ko Kuch hua toh hum aapse kabhi baat nahi karenge..aap humare saath aisa nahi kar sakti fir se hume anaath nahi bana sakti. [ devi maiyya if anything happens to my father then I will never talk to you, you can’t do this to me, you can’t make me orphan again] Buaji: Kushi humari baat suno abhi bhi waqt hai humare paas.. shashi babua ko kuch naahi hoga. Tum panditji ki baat maan lo sab Kuch teek hoga
[ kushi listen to me , we still have time, shashi will be alright , you do as priest say]

( Anjali come to them & even Arnav walk there)
Anjali: haan kushi only devi maiyya can save ur babuji & my nani pls you chote agree to it & do as priest advice pls..
( Kushi & Arnav are silent & are staring each other )
Arnav & Kushi ( together) : we are ready . we can do anything for our family
( Everyone feel relieved)
Di: chote hum abhi panditji ko tayarri karne ke liye kehate hai ( I’ll inform priest to make all preparations)
( Arnav leave from there kushi follow him )
Kushi : thanks
Arnav nod & leave from there

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Credit to: Anaya

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