A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 39)

Recap : Aman – La get married eloping. Kushi angry on Arnav for smoking


Akash & nk giving some tips to Aman

Arnav : stop it guys who give tips for honeymoon

Akash : everyone are not like you bhai.. Shaadi hote hi romance mein PhD kar li.. ( as soon as you married you made PhD in romance )

Nk : our aman need some tips.. Tumne toh kaam ke alava Kuch sikhaya nahi hoga ( you must have not taught anything other than work )

Arnav : shut up & leave them alone.. Aur tum sirf do hafte ka leave diya hai.. Yaha time waste mat karo ( and you.. Only 2 weeks holiday I’ve given you… Don’t waste your time here )

Sheesh mahal

Nk : aur di humne un dono ko honeymoon ke liye bej diya.. Kuch tips dekhe( and we sent them both to honeymoon with some tips ) he wink

Anjali : shaitaan ( naughty )

Arnav : di shall we leave for Delhi today..

Payal : today itself. Mujhe ghar jaana tha ( I wanted to go home )

Anjali : haan chote let’s go after 2 days

Arnav : I’ve meeting di.. I’ll go you guys come later & I’ll take kushi with me

Kushi : I won’t come ( she say angrily )

Anjali : you go chote she too wants to spend some time with her family here..

Arnav : I need her there.. I’ve some work

Payal : work in office or with kushi.. Jijaji.. ( she tease )

Kushi : what work left.. Is there anything I still need to know ( she state sarcastically ) I’m not coming that’s it

Anjali : oh.. Is there any problem aap dono ne jagda kiya hai ( have you both fought )

Arnav : ( reply instantly ) No.. No di…

Kushi think something.. & say..

Kushi : not fight but argument di..

Anjali : what argument?

Arnav gesture her not to speak kushi is reluctant….

Kushi : actually di.. We saw my friend’s husband smoking so I said we should inform her.. But arnav said its his wish & he’s not a kid that we go complain.. This was argument di..

Shyam look at arnav understanding what might have happened. Arnav confirm him what he’s thinking is right..

Anjali : you should have told your friend.. Chote doesn’t know anything

Kushi : what should she do di.. ?

Anjali : hmm..

Shyam : what you would have done rani sahiba.. If someday complained about your chote

Anjali : maar padhegi ( he’ll get a slap )

Arnav instantly look at her..

Anjali : haan chote.. Khoob pitayi hogi tumhari agar tumne aisa kuch kiya tho.. Jaanboojke health karab karne pe aur kya saza hosakti bala ( yes chote.. You’ll get nice beatings.. If you intentionally spoil your health then this is the punishment )

Nk : nannav ki pitayi wow..

Arnav give angry look..
In between all this the only person confused was Kavya..

Kavya : ( to herself ) I’ve seen him smoking doesn’t anyone know he smokes.. ? Oh.. Liar..

She see suspiciously at Arnav & give him wicked naughty smile.. & gesture him shall I tell di..

Arnav : ( to himself – ek aur musibat ) stop it everyone.. I won’t smoke so why are we even discussing this..

Kushi & Kavya give ‘oh really ‘ looks..

Anjali : yea right my chote is very good boy

Next day

Arshi back to Delhi from morning Arnav tried to talk but kushi.. She’s highly annoyed..

Arnav : ( to himself ) can’t even call aman whim shall I ask for tips.. Damn

Evening he planned something special

Raizada mansion

Suddenly all lights get off.. Kushi get scared but doesn’t call Arnav she go down slowly looking for candle once she reaches the middle of hall a spot light gets on her then she realise she’s standing on rose petals.. She understand its arnav’s plan & is about to go but arnav hold her & pull closer..

Tu hi tu har jagah songs starts playing… & Arnav forcefully make her dance..

Song ends.. They’re having a eye lock Kushi is first one to break the eyelock & push him little back & turn to go..

Arnav : Kushi… ( he call her in pleading voice she couldn’t stop herself from turning back )

Once she turn back.. He hold his ears cutely just like a kid.

Arnav : I’m really sorry

His innocent faces , pleading voice made her forgive him but not without conditions

Kushi : ok I’ll forgive you but on one condition
” Quit Smoking ”

Arnav : as you wish but it takes time baby we can’t leave it all of sudden hope you know that

Kushi : yep.. I know but it takes hardly 1 month & you have to..

Arnav : ( interrupting ) ok mam..

Kushi smile.. They have a romantic dinner & Arnav carry her to bedroom

A week later

Everyone have returned from Lucknow

Kavya preparing kheer in kitchen kushi come there seeing Kavya she head to turn back

Kavya : bhabhi..

Kushi turn back in surprise

Kavya : mujhe badam nahi mil rahe ( I’m not getting badam )

Kushi give her..

Kavya : help nahi karoge mujhe ( won’t you help me )

Both hug each other..

Kavya : I’m sorry meine aapko galat samjha.. ( I misunderstood you )

Kushi : anyone in your position would have done the same.. I’m sorry for what arn..

Kavya : ( interrupting ) no why are you sorry.. Its his mistake..

Kushi : woh itne bhi boore bhi nahi hai par.. ( he’s not that bad but..)

Kavya : but for di he becomes pagal

Kushi : can’t you forgive him..

Kavya : I’m trying.. Let’s trouble him bit first..

Kushi : well then I’ve many ideas for that then.. Let’s trouble him together

Both laugh..


Kavya & Kushi have come out for shopping..

Kushi : how’s it ..

She ask showing red saree

Kavya : very nice.. But you already have red saree naa..

Kushi : yes but its Arnav’s favourite colour

She blush..

Kavya : oh ho… how romantic.. Waise dekhne ke liye lagte nahi hai ( he don’t appear so.. )

Kushi : then listen I’ll tell him how he is..

Kavya : ok..

Precap :
Some goons attack Kavya & kushi.. Arnav rescue them but he get hurt while saving Kavya..

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