A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 38)


Recap : La’s marriage fixed with NRI. Everyone planning to elope them.

Kashyap mansion

Mr. Kashyap : Its my pleasure India’s no1 business man is attending my daughter’s wedding

Arnav : I think you don’t know the reality Mr. Kashyap ask your wife why I’m here for.

Mrs. Kashyap : actually woh

Arnav : I’ll explain it myself if you hesitate

She take her husband to another room & explain him everything they both come back after a while

Mr. Kashyap : I understand the situation Mr.Raizada but you too think how can I get my daughter married to a middle class employee

ASR : well, let me break you the news then he is promoted as Chief General Manager in AR, I hope you very well know what it means to be GM in AR

Mr. Kashyap : I need time to think

Arnav : you’ve one whole day Mr. Kashyap, you decide you yourself want to get her married or want to leave that on me.. Kyunki shaadi toh hokar rahegi ( because marriage will happen )

Mr & Mrs Kashyap look at each other ASR leave

Lavanya who heard all this call kushi, she keeps it on speaker

La : wah.. Tum logo ko sunana chahiye tha.. Kya dialogue maara hai Arnav ne.. Dono ki bolti band ( wow.. You should have heard his talks both ( her parents ) became quite)

Kushi : thank devi maiyya ( Goddess ) everything will be fine..

Arnav enter the room & aman hugs him..

Arnav : what the..

Aman : I love you ASR

Arnav push him little back..

Arnav : ( bit louder ) what the hell

NK : aise hi baat thi toh.. La ke peeche kyun padhe ho aman… ( if this was the matter why were you behind la )

Akash : aur meri pyaari maasoom saali sahiba kushi ka kya hoga ab ( now what about my sweet innocent sister in law kushi )

They both tease.. But stop seeing angry glares of Arnav..

Arnav : what’s this melodrama aman..

Aman : ( bit emotional ) thank you ASR without any relation you did this for me. I..

Arnav : ( interrupting ) who said there isn’t any relation you’re my best friend in fact only friend it isn’t easy to be ASR’s friend.. & my friend is getting what he deserves..

Akash & NK : OOHOOO

Arnav : shut up & out my room all of you I need some rest..

Payal : rest or quality time jijaji.. ( she tease )

All go out..

Kushi : thank you soo much

Arnav : for what

Kushi : you did this much for la so from lavanya thank you

Arnav : I don’t mind accepting it but I need it other way

Kushi : other way ??

Arnav point towards his lips

Arnav : I need my gift

Kushi : chi.. Arnav you need gift from La do you know she know kungfu karate ( she tease )

Arnav : what the.. I need gift from you not La

Kushi : why should I give you helped La & aman not me.. La won’t give you but you can ask Aman bhaiyya he never refuses anything to you.. ( she start laughing loudly )

Arnav : very funny.. But all these tricks won’t work today not after what happened yesterday

Kushi blush remembering last night

Arnav : I need my gift now..

Arnav come closer to kushi & is about to kiss.. But kushi push him back…

Kushi : ( angrily ) you smoked again???!!!

Arnav : ( moving back ) no.. No. Why would I

Kushi ( making him face her ) : don’t lie arnavji I can smell it & your eyes.. They can’t hide anything from me..

Arnav : kushi woh..

Kushi : no need to explain anything.. You never listen to me.. Now whatever you want to explain, explain it to di..

Arnav : what.. di ?

Kushi : yes I’ll tell her everything.. Jab woh aapki khaan pakdegi tab akal aayegi aapko ( when she’ll pull your ears then you will get some brain)

Arnav : kushi no.. You can’t do this..

Kushi : why ? Why can’t I do this..?

Arnav : ok I promise to not to smoke again.. Don’t tell di anything..

Anjali : what are you trying to hide chote

Arshi become alert..

Kushi : di he doesn’t take care of his health aapko pata hai aaj kal kya kar rahe hai ( do you know what he is doing now a days )

Arnav gesture her not to tell anything

Kushi : he.. He doesn’t take his tablets regularly

Anjali : what is this.. Chote.. Its my mistake I should not have left it on your own.. From tomorrow I myself will make you have it..

Arnav just nod & anjali leave.. & kushi give some angry looks..

Next morning

Aman : ASR… there’s a big problem.. He explain everything..

Arnav : what??? Who dare he ( Mr. Kashyap )

½ an hour later

Arnav going into Kashyap mansion but kushi drag him & make him sit in the car..

Arnav : what the..

NK : What the nahi bhai we are eloping lavanya & we will get them married in that church

Arnav : what?? What’s the need of this I would have solved this problem

Kushi : how.. The way you solved that problem (smoking )she ask sarcastically..

Payal : how can he prepone your wedding by 1 day & get you married secretly

Akash : he don’t know how genius we are..

NK : we’ve company guys.. Some goons are behind us…

Arnav : damn.. You people..

He stop looking at kushi..

Arnav : I can’t believe I’m doing this

All reach church & the wedding is performed..

Aman : thank you guys.. Thanks a lot..

Akash : no senti ( emotional ) dialogues please..

Kushi – La – payal hug each other..

Aman – nk – akash hug each other & aman give a big fat hug to arnav..

Arnav : congratulations.. & be ready to face all new bunch of problems.. ( he say looking at kushi )

Kushi : ( to lavanya ) keep check on his activities you never when they get spoiled.. Especially when his best friend is like this..

Aman : Ohoo hold on yeh cold war kyun ho raha hai ( why this cold war is happening )

Precap : Raizada mansion’s hall decorated with red roses.. Arshi alone at home..
What will arnav do to convince kushi..??

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Wow wow wow Anaya.. Thank u thank u thank u thank u soooooooooo much for this episode
    Really it was Amazing
    It was sooo interesting but the precap looks much more interesting…. I can’t wait for the next episode yaar.. Please I hope u can understand my feelings…
    If u r free then please post the next episode by tomorrow itself… Plz plz plz plz… Plzzzzzzzzzzzz for me plzz
    Can u post??

    1. Thank you kushi.. I’ll try my best to post next epi tomorrow

  2. OMG OMG IT was so nicr
    I was just going gaga over this and laughing like an ifiot like nothing else is there
    Loved the scrnes of arshi especiall their fight for the gift

    1. Thank you kajal

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