A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 37)

Recap : Kushi knows Arnav kavya’s truth. Arshi consummate their marriage

Sun rays kiss the earth the golden ray reflection occupy whole river & there in middle our arshi sailing forgetting the whole world.

Kushi wakeup first & see Arnav sleeping holding her hand. He slept forgetting all his worries yesterday.. He was relieved as kushi understood him.. Kushi blushed remembering last night , she slowly freed herself from him & was about to get up.. Arnav dragged her..

Arnav : where are you going

Kushi : to take bath we’ve to go back naa

Arnav : who said so?

Kushi : toh phir ( then )

Arnav gave her a mischievous smile & pulled her she fell over him rabba ve… plays..

Arnav : do you want to go back

Kushi : noo.. But..

Arnav : we are all alone for another 3 days..

Kushi is all red & is about to get up but arnav hold her

Arnav : now where are you going?

Kushi : kahi jaana nahi toh kya hua.. Fresh toh hona padhega na.. ( what if we ate not going out.. I’ve to get fresh )

Arnav : no I can’t let you go for even a second.. No disturbances for 2 more days not even your devi maiyya ( goddess ) can disturb us samjhi

Arnav’s phone start ringing & kushi burst out in laughter.. Arnav give frustrated look

Arnav : this aman… you…( pause ) what..!!??

Aman: jaldi aajav ASR.. Tumhi Kuch kar sakte ho ( come fast ASR only you can do something )

Arnav : we will be there by evening ok

Kushi : what happened?


Arshi come there

NK : how was your cruise night bhai

Payal : haan kushi neend toh aayi naa ya phir jijaji ne sone hi nahi diya.. ( yea.. Kushi you got sleep naa.. Or arnav didn’t let you sleep ?)

Kushi : jiji stop

By now kushi was kashmiri apple

Arnav : we have something important to discuss guys

Arnav tell about aman & Lavanya

Akash : what Lavanya’s marriage got fixed after 3 days

Payal : that too with NRI. She hate NRI s

Kushi : so me & arnav are going to Lucknow today

Payal : we will also come

Arnav : no don’t spoil your honeymoon stay here

NK : honeymoon ka kya hai bhai.. Aman & La ke saath phirse chalenge.. Kya kehati ho Kavya ( whats big deal bhai.. We can go once more with aman & la .. What say Kavya )

Kavya : nando.. ( she blush )

Arshi get happy seeing their bonding


Anjali : aman when is chote coming

Aman : they might come any moment now di

Anjali : don’t worry everything will be fine la is always yours

Garima heard their conversation & call Harish

Garima : our plan worked baby.. They ( arshi ) are coming back

Harish : how did they get back together I’m not getting.. After all that misunderstandings

Garima : love made them forget everything, even when they had misunderstandings.. There was love in that hatred too.. We cannot keep them aback for long…

Lavanya’s room

La : do something aman I won’t marry that bandhar ( monkey )

Aman : ASR is coming, he’ll stop marriage don’t worry

La : hope so.. I love you..

Aman : love you too

La’s maa snatch phone & disconnect it

La : mumma what are you doing look I don’t want this marriage.. I love someone else

La’s maa : I know whom you love that aman right.. I can never let you marry that middle class employee

La : but maa..

La’s maa : shut up, this..

La : I’ll also see how this marriage happen, yaad rahe mein bhi Lavanya hoon, Kuch bhi karoongi lekin uss bamdhar se shaadi nahi karoongi ( remember I’m Lavanya I’ll do anything but won’t marry that monkey)

La’s dadi : why are you troubling her when she love aman. Don’t force her for others what if she try to harm herself

La : don’t worry dad I.. Mein Marne waliyo mein se nahi.. Agar jabardasti ki toh uss bandhar ko maarjar bhaag jaongi ( I’m not one of those who give up their life. If forced to marry then I’ll kill that monkey & run away )

La’s maa : see.. Nothing’s gonna happen to her..

La’s maa go out & dadi whisper in la’s ears

Dadi : nice idea even I don’t like that bandhar ( monkey )

La wink @ dadi & dadi show thumbs up.

Sheesh mahal

Shyam : kabse soch rahe ho sab.. Talk something now

Anjali : I think we should talk to her parents & convince them

Kushi : no di.. Her mom is very stubborn she won’t agree

NK : let’s kidnap the groom.. Then no marriage

Akash : let’s kidnap the groom & make aman sit in his place.. No one will know..

Payal : what’s need of kidnapping.. If we tell la she’ll only elope & come then we can get them married.

Kushi : jiji’s idea is nice.. Let’s elope la & get them married.. Lavanya always wanted a white wedding

Aman : bhabhi yeha shaadi nahi ho rahi aur aapko white wedding ki padhi hai..

Everyday start discussing & make too much noise

Arnav : shut up… ( everyone stop ) yeh saare bakwas ideas kaam nahi karenge, mujhe pata hai kya karna hai.. Agar la ki shaadi hogi tho sirf aman se.. ( all these stupid ideas won’t work I know what to do, Lavanya will marry only aman ) I’ll make her parents accept at any cost .

Kavya : haan aapko koun mana kar sakta hai ( who can deny you )

She say sarcastically only arshi, aman & shyam gets it..

Anjali : mere chote hai e aise une mana karke koyi bacha hai aaj tak .

Lavanya’s room

Kushi – la- kavya talking they notice NK & Akash doing something near window

Kavya : what are you doing nando

NK : la ko bhagane ki taiyyari ( preparation to elope Lavanya)

They’ve tied a rope to window

Lavanya : kidki se nahi mein shasn se darwaje se bhaagoongi.. Tume pata hai mujhe kungfu karate aata hai.. Sab ko maarkar bhaagoongi mein ( nno not from window I’ll elope from door with all respect.. Let me tell you I know kungfu karate.. I’ll beat everyone & elope)

Kushi : yeh sab karne ki koyi zaroorat nahi arnav baat karne gaye hai na.. Woh sab Kuch teek kardenge ( no need of doing all this Arnav has gone to talk na.. He’ll make everything right )

La & payal : oohooo… apne saajan pe itna bharosa.. Waise cruise mein kya zaadu kiya jijaji ne ( this much belief in him.. What magic did he do in cruise ) they tease & kushi blush

Kavya : ( to herself ) how can anyone love him this much.. Does he deserve this love.. Kya woh itne boore bhi nahi hai..

La : kushi all this happening because of that Kareli ( garima )

Everyone look at la & kushi in confusion

Payal : who’s Kareli ??

Precap : Aman & La eloping.. Arshi, akyal , nanya in a car.. Eloping with them some goons behind them

Arnav : I can’t believe I’m doing this..

I’ve uploaded prologue of new ff “Yeh dosti him nahi todenge ” of arnav kushi. Check it out & have Aldo updated manzil part 2

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