A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 36)


Recap: Arshi in shimla for honeymoon. Kushi trouble arnav a lot by staying away

Next day
Kushi wakeup holding her head..

Arnav : finally.. You got up at 11

Kushi : what..!?? Its 11pm already oh god its that late & why is my head aching this much & when did we come here..

Arnav switch music player on.. Salman’s song play ‘Hang over Teri bato ka.. ‘ from kick movie

Kushi : hang over!!?

Arnav : yes hang over due to that stupid drink you people drank there, didn’t I deny you..

Kushi : ok I’m sorry.. I’ll be ready in ½an hour let’s go out ok..

Arnav: What the!! You want to go out after spoilng 2days. Its our honeymoon kushi

Kushi blush but manage to answer

Khushi: I dont intend to spend my whole day in the room.. Did you see how nice the weather is outside? Lets go out..!! Some sightseeing

Arnav: I hate sightseeing.

KHushi: I know you like to see only me.. But that is not going to work today.. Please Arnav…

She pouted at him

Arnav: Alright!! Chalo.. ( let’s go ) but I’ve surprise at night today no excuses then..

Kushi : mujhe Kuch sunayi nahi diya ( I didn’t hear anything )

She rush into bathroom

Nk – kavya’s room

Nk : thank God bhai sent this lime juice or else my head..

Kavya just ignore his talks about arnav

Nk : we must have troubled him a lot.. Bechare.. 5 pagalo ko ek saath handle karna padha.. But he managed..

Kavya : ( to herself ) khud itne bade pagal hai.. Hume kya handle kiya hoga.. Dara dhamka ke le aaye honge.. Thank god kahi river mein peka wek ke nahi aaye unka kya bharosa.. ( he himself is big mental.. What he would’ve handled us.. Must have blackmailed for sure.. Thank God didn’t throw us in any river.. Can’t trust him )

Nk : what’s this Kavya you are just nodding.. You have become boring girl .

Kavya : accha I’ve become boring.. You want that chirpy Kavya back ah.. Wait..

She come near him

Nk : no Kavya no..

She start tickling him & start hitting him with pillow

Nk : Kavya leave.. Oh stop tickling

Kavya : I’m boring naa.. Now see..

Nk : no you are not.. Sorry..
She continue hitting & both fell on bed they have a eye lock…

Arshi room

Kushi come out in a beautiful dress with wet hairs.. Arnav lost in her beauty.. Move close to her.. But his phone rings..

Arnav : damn this Aman.. ( he receive the call & shout ) kabab mein haddi banana kab chodoge.. Humesha wrong timing..

Aman : oops sorry ASR.. Galati se tume lag gaya.. Mein Lavanya ko call raha tha.. ( by mistake I called you I was calling Lavanya )

Arnav : what the ( about scream but Aman cut the call.. Kushi giggle seeing arnav..)

Again they hear a knock this time its nk

Nk : bhai are you ready let’s go..

Arnav : first clean that lipstick mark & then we shall go..

Arnav close the door.. Highly frustrated…

Kushi : sabar ka phal meetha hota hai Mr.Husband

Arnav : oh really..


Everyone doing some sightseeing. Kavya come little far as she receive call from her maa.. Meanwhile.. Some goons surround her..

Kavya : who are you..

She’s about to go but they won’t leave way & try snatching her bag & about to touch her… but arnav hold his hand & beat them severely & handover to police.. Kavya all scared..

Arnav : ( keeping hand on her head & comforting her ) are you ok.. Dont worry.. Dar ne ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai (No need to fear them)

She shove his hand…

Kavya : unse zyada toh aapse dar lagta hai mujhe.. Woh log toh sirf paise churaa te lekin aapne toh meri izzazat cheen li.. Ab itna fikar kyun meri shaadi todte waqt mera kyaal nahi aaya ( I fear you more than them.. They used to steal just some money but you took away my pride.. Why so much concern now.. You didn’t care while breaking my marriage)

She turn to leave but see kushi behind both are shocked.. Kushi in tears leave from there & arnav go behind her…

Kavya : ( to herself )why was she crying didn’t she know what he did with me.. He must hid from her also.. I shouldn’t have behaved with her this way all these days..

Arshi room

Kushi crying standing near a window.. Arnav come to her about touch but she stop..

Kushi : chuhiye mat ( don’t touch )

Arnav : kushi.. ( he move forward)

Kushi : door rahiye humse ( stay away from me )

Arnav : I’m sorry…

Kushi : sorry.. ( she ask sarcastically ) after breaking girl’s marriage all you have to say is sorry.. Didn’t expect this from you Arnavji.. You broke my trust today.. That’s why I wondered why Kavya behaved that way with me.. How better can she behave when my own husband gas done this with her… how can you do this.. If di comes to know then.. Unka dil toot jayega

She start crying.. Arnav come to console but she move away & about to go out of room

Arnav : kushi wait I’ll

Kushi : don’t follow me.. Aapko meri kasam

She go out & arnav sit down in grief..
All 4 return back.. Kavya notice Arnav’s face & think what might have happened she feel bad for Kushi..


Arnav receive message from Kushi..

Kushi : There’s car waiting outside for you the driver will take you to me

Arnav sit in car & driver take him to lake.. & a small boat take him to a beautiful cruise which waiting in middle of lake.. He get in it & desperately search for kushi..

Kushi come out wearing a beautiful black dress

Arnav : Kushi what’s all this & you..

Kushi : ( interrupts) Aman bhaiyya told me everything.. It was not completely your mistake but what’s more important is you regret it & trying hard to rectify it.. You love di very much naa..

Arnav : more than my life.. Woh meri zindagi hai ( actually she’s my life)

Kushi : apni zindagi bachane ke liye doosro ki zindagi karaab nahi kar sakte naa ( to save our life we can’t ruin others life naa )

Arnav : I know Kushi its biggest mistake of my life.. & di would never forgive me for this & you too..but I..( a lone tear fall from his eyes )

Kushi : who said so.. Di will surely forgive & I’ve already forgiven you she hug him

Kushi : but I’m angry for one more thing..

Arnav : what..?

Kushi : why you this from me.. Don’t you trust me..

Arnav : I was scared to loose you.. What happend 3 years back we both..

Kushi : ( closing his mouth ) I’ll always be with you arnav..

They hug each other kushi break the hug..

Kushi : ok.. senti baate bahut hogayi ab humaari honeymoon poori kare.. Aapke plan liye hue cruise mein.. ( ok now enough of these emotional talks.. Now shall we complete our honeymoon on your planned cruise)

She wink at him & arnav lift her & take her inside.. Lights get off.. 2 loving souls get united in all terms forever ( Arshi consummate their marriage )…

Precap : Lavanya’s marriage fixed with NRI..

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Credit to: Anaya

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