A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 35)


really sorry for late update but I had internals so couldn’t post any earlier.. Sorry guys there was lot to read..

Recap : Everyone accept Nk – kavya’s marriage. Arshi planned a honeymoon trip.

Arshi room

Kushi thinking…


Kavya making kheer in kitchen unable to find something.. Kushi notices it.

Kushi : shall I help you

Kavya doesn’t talk

Kushi : oh you are searching badam.. Here it is.. She is about to give but Kavya takes it herself kushi feel bad

Kushi : don’t you like me.. Did I so anything wrong.. Kavya tell me if..

Kavya : no nothing..

Kushi : but… Why do you behave like this with me.. You are arnav’s sister means even my lil sis..

Kavya : ( bit louder) no.. No you are not.. Neither he is my brother just leave me alone

Fb ends..

Kushi : ( to herself) why did she say so..

Arnav back from business trip silently enter room & hug Kushi from behind.
Arnav : missed you

Kushi hug him & start crying..

Arnav : whoa.. What happened ah..? Why are you crying..

Kushi : nothing..

Arnav : I need to know what made my angel cry..
Kushi about to deny but he demand now..
Kushi explain everything..

Arnav : why thses women are so difficult to handle..

Dinner table

Kavya reluctant to see Arnav, she’s ignoring him all the time. Everyone having kheer except Arnav ( as its not sugar free). All are praising Kavya

Kushi : its very nice Kavya.. Kavya just smile

Nk : bhai kheer is your favourite naa you also try it. Kavya serve him.
Everyone get alerted.. Kavya in a fix what to do

Shyam : its not sugar free how can he eat

Anjali : ge can at least taste it .. Next time she’ll make sugar free
Kavya serve arnav eats it

Arnav : nice..

Anjali : better than i make..

Arnav : di..

After dinner arnav give tickets to nk & Akash

Nk : wow bhai honeymoon tickets that too to lonely island

Anjali : not bad chote..

Arnav: anyways v r going together but no need to disturb each other I’ve booked 3 separate islands

Kavya : but I don’t have a passport

Arshi room

Kushi : what to do now..

Arnav : what

Kushi : Kavya’s passport issue..

Arnav : why do you always talk of others in bedroom.. Come on kushi

Kushi : then what you want to do

Arnav : ( smirk & move closer to her ) well we’ve many other things to do shall I tell..

Kushi : no.. Leave me..

Arnav : never..

They’ve a eye lock


Nk’s room

Nk : why you lied you don’t have a passport

Kavya : no actually..

Nk : are you not ready for all this.. Look Kavya I understand & I’m..

Kavya : (interrupt) no I didn’t mean that ( to herself ) now how shall I tell him o don’t want to come with his brother

Nk: then?

Kavya: I lost my passport so..

Nk gets a call & he goes out arnav who listened to all this get in

Arnav : look I know you are lying just give me a chance to rectify everything..

Kavya : no never

Both argue a lot & finally

Arnav : I’ll give you whatever you ask

Kavya : ok then go & tell di what you did with me..

Arnav : what the.. Impossible..

Kavya : ok then I’m not coming

Next day Arnav take everyone to shimla due to passport issue & all six land in shimla

Everyone check in, in their honeymoon suite

Arshi room

Kushi : wow.. Beautiful isn’t it?

Arnav : yes very beautiful ( he say seeing kushi she notices it & blush.. Arnav about to come near her but she lock herself in bathroom)

Arnav : what the.. Kushi come out

Kushi : I need to freshen up arnav..

Arnav : till when will you run at last have to come to me only..

Finally kushi come out Arnav about to approach her but Akash get in..

Akash : bhai let’s go out for dinner I’ve booked the best hotel..

Arnav nod with irritated look kushi giggle seeing him. Finally dinner finished all returning to rooms.. But they again stop at roadside juice centre where they served juice named love bytes there were none except these 6 as it was too late

All sipped the juice from the cute wooden heart shaped mug..except Arnav

Khushi: Ummm.. It tastes so good.. (she commented looking at Arnav who was giving some irritated looks to everyone for delaying his sweet moments with kushi )Aap bhi pijiye naa. ( You too drink it)

Arnav: I wont drink all these road side stuffs you too shouldn’t.. All unhygienic & look at that man.. Gosh how are you guys enjoying it

Akash: bhai atleast one Sip

Arnav: No way

Khushi: You are denying me arnav ? You are denying your beloved wife?

Arnav: ok.. I will drink. happy?

Khushi : Very happy.. Drink..

Arnav : but you’ve to agree to my conditions if I drink this ok kushi..

Kushi : done..

Arnav : soch lo.. I can ask anything ( ge said giving some mischievous smile )

Kushi’s cheeks turn red but manage to answer

Khushi: We will see that later.. First drink this..

Arnav about to drink but ..

Kavya : wait… ( he shout )
Everyone stare her..

Kavya : he is having diabetes right how can he drink this..

Arnav felt nice seeing her concern..

Kushi : oh I almost forgot thank God.. Kavya reminded at right time…

All 5 drink Arnav gets a call & how’s out to talk when he return there’s havoc in there…

All 5 are acting all crazy..

Akash is crying..
Payal : what happened why is my baby crying..

Akash : I wanted to drive bhai’s car.. But he never gives me.. ( he again start crying like kid )

Payal : don’t worry baby I’ll beat him & get you the car keys ok.. Do you know I was judo champion in school..

Arnav : What the…

Kavya : kya what the what the laga rakha hai.. First solve my problem..

Arnav : what are you doing Kavya leave my shirt
She almost pull him holding his shirt…

Kavya : I need divorce…

Arnav : what the.. (She look angrily for repeating that word again ) ok what’s the problem

Kavya : bhai I’m trying to teach nando that rhyme from kabhi kushi kabhi gham

Since 5 years but he always gets it wrong. If he loved me like rogan loved pooha ( in movie ) he too would have learnt it means he doesn’t love me.. So I need divorce..

Arnav : Oh where am I struck… Kavya listen its not like that he lives you..

Kavya : you only teach him that rhyme then I’ll agree he love me..

Nk & Akash start laughing loud hearing this..

Akash : look nk who’s gonna teach you Hindi rhyme.. The same person who doesn’t even read easy words properly will teach you the hard rhyme… ( he start laughing loudly )

Nk : yea yea I know.. Remember how much di used scold him for this..

Arnav : shut up both of you & get in the car now… ( all 4 get in)

he search for kushi & find her peeping down the table

Arnav : now what the hell is she doing.. Kushi kushi..

He make her get up but he drags him too down..

Kushi ; I’m not getting it anywhere..

Arnav : what are you not getting..

Kushi : my pati parmeshwar.. Don’t know where he went with phone…

Arnav : what?? Pa..tii.. Par..me..swa..r.. What’s that now kushi..

Akash : didn’t I tell you he don’t know Hindi much…

All 3 nod..

Nk : you know once he bought makadi ( spider ) instead of machali ( fish ) in aquarium..

Arnav : will you shut up or shall I dump you in the river.. & you kushi get inside..

All 6 get in.. These 5 make irritating sounds… kushi keep on asking for her pati parmeshwar… Kavya keep on teaching nk the rhyme but alas.. Arnav get irritated by all this shout..

Arnav : Quite everyone now.. Or else..

Everyone : no don’t dump us in river we are good children..

Arnav : fingers on your mouth & no voice..

A do as he say.. He smile seeing them..

Precap : Arshi consummate their marriage

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Oh! Anaya, I was missing ur ff badly… Finally u came back… Thank u sooo much.. And the episode was…
    Soooooo AWESOME..
    Really full of masti… Very nice….
    I loved the episode very much..
    Now eagerly waiting for the next episode.
    Hope u will post it soon..

  2. Everyone made asr crazy…. nice….. manzil I read that too.. nice story.. ruhi was awesome… how can you manage both stories at a time. Super….

  3. Where is aman n lavanya??? I miss them…

    1. They’ll be back soon.. There is interesting track for them ahead

  4. very nice episode

  5. Plz yaar try to be regular

    1. Sorry yaar there was internals

  6. Thank you kushi, Jo, sinzo, shanaz

  7. Plz update next part yar plzzzzzzz

    1. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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