A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 33)


Recap : A mystery call to NK. Kushi mistakes about arnav’s talk. Akash payal wedding day

Those 3 come.. Anjali give some angry look.. But kushi blush.. Arnav is confused seeing Kushi’s behaviour.

Anjali : time dekha hai.. You.. (Shyam interrupt)

Shyam : go both of you get ready its already late.

Aman & Arnav go. Anjali stare shyam

Shyam : what?ab der nahi ho rahi thi ( wasn’t it getting late ) he too go to change..

Arshi room

Arnav is all ready he is giving a final look at mirror. Kushi is admiring him since ½an hour with constant smile on her face.

Arnav : what?

Kushi still lost in admiring him

Arnav : oh come on baby this is too much now you are admiring me like a teenage girl

Kushi : well I’ve full right to do it
She put hand around his neck..

Arnav : that’s true but I’ve some rights too.. He move closer to her but they hear a knock..

Bubbly : mumma is calling you both

They go holding hand in hand smiling , kushi blushing.. Garima see this..

Garima : ( to herself ) now what’s this new problem.. Are they pretending or.. No no how can they forgive each other…

Marriage rituals starts.. All are busy in marriage but arshi busy in their own thoughts..
Rituals are completed & griha pravesh is done..

Anjali : now all of you take some rest we’ve lot’s of games to play in the evening..

Shyam : Akash & payal you two rest in our room we’ve some work left in your room ( he tease)

NK : di actually.. I have some work so.. Can I go

Anjali : what? Work & today maar kaaoge

NK : Di please my friend in trouble.. I’ve to go & I promise I’ll be back before all those games start how can I miss all the fun..

Anjali : ok but be on time..

NK leave for Lucknow..

Arnav go to kitchen & hug kushi from back..

Kushi : what are you doing leave arnav someone will see..

Arnav : we are getting time after 2 days & you ..

Kushi : oh I almost forgot.. Why am I talking to you I should be angry on you.. You neither called me nor picked my phone.. I was soo angry but then..

Arnav : then what..

She blush..

Kushi : then you called me at night &

Arnav : what I called you !!!??

Kushi : yes don’t you remember ( he nod no & she blush hard )

Arnav : tell me..

Kushi : don’t tease me I’m not telling you

Arnav : seriously I don’t remember tell me

Kushi : you.. I mean.. I asked.. You agreed.. That night ..

Arnav ( tensed ) : tell me fast what night? Which night? What you asked & what I agreed..??

Kushi : I’m not telling you only remember

Arnav : but kushi at least give me a hint..

Kushi : our first anniversary

Arnav realise & remember that night…

Malik mansion

NK : hello my barbie doll..

He hug her

Kavya : how’s the marriage everything went fine

NK : Yep.. Look at you.. You’ve become so weak.. Kuch kaati ho ya meri yaad mein sab bhool gayi ( whether you eat or forgot everything in my memories)

She hit him..

Aasha : haan beta she doesn’t eat properly.. You take her class.

Kavya : mumma.. Nando you go freshen up & eat something we shall talk later.. There’s lot to do today..

Nk finishing everything & Kavya, Aasha take him to temple..

Kavya : you remember Nando you proposed me here in this temple & I refused..

NK : Why are you talking all that… I’m sorry i hurted you but..

Kavya : ( interrupt ) did you love me..

Nk : Kavya..woh..

Kavya : sach bolo ( tell truth)

NK : haan pyaar kiya tha meine tumse ( yes I loved you)

Kavya : aur ab ( & now )

Nk look shocked..

Kavya : bolo nando.. ( tell nk )

Nk : ab bhi karta hoon aur humesha karta rahoonga… Par mujhe tume zabardasti apna banana nahi hai.. Teek hai agar tum mere saath sirf dosti rakhna chahati ho tho ( I still love y & will always keep loving you.. But I don’t want to get you forcefully into my life its ok if you want me to be only friend )

Kavya : mein tumhari hone chahati hoon humesha ke liye.. Kya tum mujhe apnaooge.. ( I want to become yours forever will you accept me )

Nk nod yes & open his hands Kavya come & hug him & start cry..

Kavya : kahi door le chalo…(take me away from this city.. I don’t want to leave with anyone who know me ..

Nk console her & wipe her tears..

Nk : barbie dolls won’t cry.. Stop it now everything will be fine.. I’m here for you no one can hurt you when I’m with you..

Kavya : I want to marry today here itself now itself

Nk :but Kavya..

Kavya : pls nando.. I don’t have belief people will let us marry if we wait longer.. Pls… I will die if my marriage break once more..

Nk close her mouth : don’t say that again.. Let’s marry now..

Kavya : aap sahi kehati thi mumma hume humesha unse shaadi karni chahiye Jo humse pyaar karte hai tabhi hum kush reha payenge.. ( you were right mumma we should always marry who love us then only we can be happy)

Shantivan ( Raizada mansion)

Arnav : oh now I get why you were kashmiri apple from morning..

Kushi see down in shy

Arnav : look at me baby.. Where you want to go.. I promise not to disappoint you this time… Bali.. Mauritius, Switzerland,…

They have a eyelock…& are lost in each other

Mami & anjali come to kitchen & see these two

They gigle & cough but arshi are lost.. They make some bangle sound still no response

Mami : hello hi Arnav bitwa.. Kushi.. Lo yeh dono tho apna dream landwa mein kho gaye hai ( see these two are lost in their dream land)

Anjali : we should call by their original name mami then only they’ll responde

Mami: original name ?? Which one?

Anjali : Romeo.. Juliet.. Can you both please hold your romance till night…

Arshi break their stance feel embarrassed Arnav go from there..

Anjali : what’s the matter you both are blushing this hard..( she ask teasing)

Kushi too run away saying nothing

Akash & payal playing some games..

NK & Kavya get married & return to Delhi.. They enter the gates of shanti sadan

Kavya : wow.. Shanti sadan nice name

Nk : one we enter it won’t be Shanti sadan.. hurricane Tsunami earthquake everything will come. But you don’t worry I’ll manage.. I think mumma will kill me.. Di… won’t talk itself I guess & bhai..God knows what he’ll do… But you don’t get afraid..

Kavya : nando.. I’m not afraid but you are..

Nk : yea Kavya I’m cool see.. Don’t feel bad if they say anything everyone is..( she interrupt )

Kavya : yea yea I know everyone are nice just will be angry for a while & will forgive.. How many times you’ll say .. They’re my family too now.. Let’s go

They get down & stand near door

Kavya : get in

Nk : I’m getting in.. ( he stand still )

Kavya : nando.. We’ve to face it come

Precap :

Anjali : what happened why everyone is standing like this

She see Kavya & is stunned to see nk & Kavya married Pooja plate fall from her hand. Kavya too is shocked to see anjali there

Arnav come down

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