A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 32)

Recap : Kavya attempts suicide. Akash payal engaged. Kavya confronts arnav

Malik mansion

Kavya : Maa why all this happens to me only

Aasha : calm down everything will be arnav will make it fine

Kavya : never I don’t want his help maa. I hate him

Aasha : its not his mistake completely he’s just overprotective for anjali. Its your father’s mistake

Kavya : what was my mistake.. Why he did this to me

Aasha : listen to me calmly.. First your father snatched everything & threw them both out.. Arnav was already devastated by his parents’ death & they had only each other for them.. Anjali took care of him like a small child & even today she treat him like a child.. She is his world & your father tried to snatch her too.. What else do you expect from arnav.. After this act of your father.

Kavya : but maa..

Aasha : listen baby.. I know what he did was wrong but he did it in anger, he has realised his mistake.. I’ve seen that pain in his eyes

Kavya : I want to go away from every one so I’ve made a decision

Aasha : what..?

Sheesh mahal

Aman & shyam make arnav lie on bed & sit..

Shyam : what have you both done aman

Aman : sorry jijaji.. Arnav was hell angry & we did this.. But trust me we regret it..

Shyam : I’ll handle it

Aman : what about di? She’ll be hell angry & don’t know what she’ll do if she gets to know about this

Arnav : ( blabbering ) di won’t forgive this time.. She will be angry

Shyam : stop it arnav.. Sleep now its already late.. ( he pull quilt over him & turns off the lights)

Shantivan ( Raizada mansion)

Ring ceremony completed. Anjali & kushi are tensed.

Kushi : di why haven’t they come yet

Anjali : I’m calling them..

Shyam picks phone

Anjali : where are you & where is chote .. You didn’t come its already late..

Shyam : it was late & saale Saab ( arnav ) was tired so we halted here itself.. Dont worry we will in morning

Anjali b: ok give phone to chote

Shyam : he.. He is sleeping

Anjali : this early? Ok take care & come early in morning

Kushi : wwhat happened di ?

Anjali : they’ll come in morning chote was asleep so couldn’t talk to him

Kushi make sad face..

Anjali : oh ho.. Don’t worry.. He troubled us lit by not picking phone na.. Then let us trouble him tmrw.. Ok..

Kushi nod & smile

Anjali : always smile like this.. This is what suits you.

Kushi go to her room & she gets a call from Arnav

Arnav : hello kushi..

Kushi : go I won’t talk to you.. You didn’t even call once whole day.. You scared me

Arnav : kushi I want to tell you something

Kushi : are you drunk ?

Arnav : listen to me.. I made a mistake

Kushi : yes you made a mistake.. I won’t listen to you

Arnav : I wanted to tell you something so I got drunk but you don’t want to listen..

Kushi : hmm k tell..

Arnav : remember that night we..

Shyam snatch the phone

Kushi : hello arnav

Shyam : kushi.. I said we will come in mrng why you called him..

Kushi : he is drunk

Shyam : no he’s sleepy.. He’s talking in sleep

Kushi : but…

Shyam : don’t worry I’m with him.. He’s just tired & sleepy.. You too sleep…

NK gets a call..

NK : hello barbie doll how are you..

Caller : I’m okay.. How are you nando..

NK : How can I be without meeting & talking to you.. Actually why am I talking to you.. I’m angry..

Caller : gussa hona bhi aata nahi tume.. Jab tum gussa vote hona to joker lagte ho ( you don’t even know how to get angry. When you get angry you look like joker)

NK : bhooka hua sher ke saath kelo mat ( don’t play with hungry lion )

Caller : bhooka nahi bhadka ( not hungry its angry) she start laughing..

NK : I can make 100 such mistakes to make you laugh.. It was so many days..that you laughed.

Caller : can we meet tomorrow..

NK : tomorrow? No… I mean..

Caller : do you have any work..

NK : I had informed you naa.. My brother’s marriage tomorrow… I’ll come on Sunday.. Ok

Caller: no its urgent..

NK : Hmm ok I’ll come at 3 after marriage ok..

Caller : ok bye

NK : Bye take care..

Arshi’s room

Kushi : (to herself) what he wanted to tell..? Which night was he talking about.. Soch soch Kushi soch.. ( think kushi think )… hmmmm..

Suddenly their 1st anniversary night come into her night.. Where kisses arnav & asks for honeymoon.. She blush..

Kushi : kya arnav yeh kehana chahate the( did arnav wanted to tell this ) she blush & sleep in his thoughts)


Shyam waking arnav

Shyam : arnav Arnav.. Get up… Its already late.. Arnav..

Arnav imagine as if kushi is waking him up..

Arnav : 5mins Kushi..

Arnav ( imagination) kushi :it’s late.. Its jiji & akash’s marriage today

Reality : shyam : oh.. God Arnav its late already get up.. We still have to reach Delhi

Arnav grab shyam & pull him over bed & about to kiss him thinking its kushi but shyam scream

Shyam : your di will kill us both…

Arnav moves with a jerk.. & see aman laughing & shyam on bed in understand what he did.. & get embarrassed..

Shyam : ab toh humara haath chodiy ( at least now leave my hand )

Arnav go to washroom.. Get freshen up & come.. He see Akash still smiling at him..

Arnav : I swear I’ll kill you aman.. My head us bursting here & above that you are teasing me

Shyam give lemon juice : have it.. Everything will be fine..

Arnav : jijaji aap yaha..? Woh mein.. Kal.. ( you here.. Actually me.. Yesterday..)

Shyam : aman told me everything..

Arnav angrily look at aman

Shyam : don’t stare him.. & don’t worry nothing’s gonna happen..

Arnav : di..

Shyam : how will she know all this when you have become so good at hiding things from her.. Ah?
You could have atleast informed me before doing all this..

Arnav : jijaji..

Shyam : I understand.. I’ll not let rani sahiba know all this but promise me you won’t do anything stupid after this..

Arnav : yes..I won’t

Shyam : then where’s your cigar pack

Arnav give it to him..

Shyam : now your tension is mine.. Don’t worry we shall settle Kavya.. Now let’s hurry up.. Or else you know your di..

Arnav : di must be already hell angry for skipping ring ceremony.. Let’s rush.. They all go to Delhi..

Shantivan ( Raizada mansion)

All arrangements are done.. Its ½ an hour left for marriage..

Kushi desperately waiting for Arnav

Anjali : god where are they.. Its already late..

Those 3 come.. Anjali give some angry look.. But kushi blush.. Arnav is confused seeing Kushi’s behaviour

Precap : come home marrying a girl. Everyone is shocked to see it..

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Credit to: Anaya


  1. Khushi

    Wwow!! Nice episode.. Liked Arnav Shyam scenes a lot… And the last part was also very funny… Waiting for the next episode..

  2. Hello Anaya!
    From yesterday I started reading ur update nd I completed all episodes it’s ??After arshis ff(a treat to arshi nd Ishra fans)itx ur ff which I like the most❤️itx Awsm?I thought that girl is kavya…

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