A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 31)


Recap : Arnav aman leave home tensed. Garima cannot attend engagement

Introducing Shrenu parik as Kavya

Hospital.. Arnav aman talking to doctor

Doc : she’s out of danger nothing to worry…

Arnav : can we talk to her

Doc : no Mr. Raizada she’s still unconscious & its already late night

Aman : when can we take her home

Doc : tomorrow

Aasha malik ( Harish malik’s wife) come to arnav & fold hands..

Aasha : please don’t punish my daughter for her father’s sins..she is innocent don’t ruin her life ( she start crying arnav feel really bad for what he did but he couldn’t console her.. The moment he saw Harish malik he walked away)

Aman : don’t worry aunty..we are here to help Kavya..

Garima & Harish seeing all this from far

Garima : kya nautanki hai yeh aasha meri beti ko chot poochiye aur isse itna takleef ho raha hai..(what a actor this Aasha.. My daughter is hurt but she’s feeling this much pain)

Harish : don’t waste time on her..we have to think of arnav.. I’ve to get Sheesh mahal back..& should take a revenge for ruining my daughter’s marriage.

Arnav & Aman go to sheesh mahal to rest but both could get sleep.. All night arnav get flashes of Kavya & Aasha crying. Next day both reach hospital early morning.

Kavya is awake they talk to doctor & Kavya is discharged they reach Malik mansion.
Both get in.. Aasha is sitting beside Kavya & Kavya look at them & gets furious..

Kavya : mumma tell them to go away..I don’t want to see their faces..

Aasha : stop it Kavya..

Kavya : why should I stop.. I don’t want to see him..ask him to leave me alone

Aasha :Kavya.. he is the one who saved you.. He arranged best doctor & saved your life.. otherwise..

Kavya : otherwise.. What? I would’ve got freedom from this life.. At least I would’ve got some peace.. & he didn’t even let that happen..

Aman : listen.. ( Kavya interrupt )

Kavya : why is here.. Ask him to go to sheesh mahal.. Which has snatched from us now what else he want..

Aasha : it was never ours.. Your father snatched it from them & now he took it back.. It was your father’s mistake..

Kavya : then what was my mistake.. Why he ruined my marriage..??? (She is crying now) he is no different to papa..

Arnav : ( at the top of his voice ) enough… I’m not like your father & never will be.. So don’t even dare to compare me with him again.. If I was like him I would’ve thrown all of you on road after snatching everything from your father.. I took back only what is mine.. not like your father.

Kavya : why you broke my marriage then..?? Why you snatched my love..??

Arnav : because of your father.. He tried to trick my di.. He tried to use her for getting property back.. He tried to kidnap my di.. & I would never tolerate.. Anyone harming my di…

Kavya : my father tried to trick, my father tried to use her for getting property back.. My father tried to kidnap her… for that you ruined my life..!?? What a justice..

Arnav : look ( Kavya interrupt)

Kavya : I don’t want to listen anything.. I thought you & di has my siblings.. Di always said my chote is just short tempered but very good at heart he can never do anything wrong with others.. You broke her trust.. You broke your di’s trust..

Arnav go from there

Aman : I accept its our mistake.. We will find a best groom for you & get you married.

Kavya : I don’t want any favour.. Enough of whatever you have done..

Aman : look Kavya.. We’ve never meant to hurt you.. ASR just got carried away.. Anjali di is his life..& your father tried to kidnap her… So he got furious & in anger he did all this don’t misunderstand him… Trust me he is regretting a lot.. Since he broke your marriage..

Aman too leave.. Kavya & Aasha are lost in deep thoughts..

Shantivan ( Raizada mansion)

Anjali : where is chote.. Kushi you said he’ll come before engagement & in 1/2 an hour ceremony starts..

Kushi : di his phone is switched off

Anjali : where has he gone??

Kushi : I don’t know di.. I’ll call aman bhaiyya he too has went with him..
Kushi call him but aman doesn’t pick the call

Kushi : di he too is not picking call..

Anjali : chote bhi naa.. Tension dena koyi inse seekhe..( chote is too much.. Should learn how to give tension from him)

Both get worried & shyam come there..

Shyam : what happened?

Anjali tell him.. Kushi about to say something but seeing anjali she doesn’t speak. Anjali goes from there as nani calls her.

Kushi : jijaji arnav was all tensed when he went. Aman bhaiyya called & said something & he got tensed.. Both went somewhere..

Shyam : don’t worry I’ll see it..

Ceremony starts.. Anjali & kushi frequently call arnav & aman but no answer.

Sheesh mahal

Aman : ASR pick up the phone… God where did he go.. Here I’m getting so many calls from home.. What shall I tell di..

Worker : sir he is not there in farm house too.

Aman : keep searching..

Aman call shyam
Shyam : what’s this aman both of you are not picking calls? Where is saale Saab ( Arnav)

Aman : jijaji.. ASR nahi mil raha pata nahi kaha chala gaya..( I’m not getting arnav don’t know where he went)

Shyam : where are you both?

Aman: Lucknow

Shyam : what? Lucknow? Why you both went there???

Aman : you come here I’ll explain everything

Ring ceremony ends… Shyam tells arnav’s car broke down so he’ll go & pick him.
Shyam reaches Lucknow less than an hour by chopper.

Sheesh mahal

Aman explain everything & shyam gets shocked

Shyam : what have you both done.. Atleast you would’ve told me this before..

Aman : sorry

They start searching Arnav..

Garden ( the same garden to where Arnav took kushi before their wedding in ipkknd to seek his mother’s blessings)

Arnav is all drunk & is not in his senses

He see a rose which reminds him of his mother. How once blood started coming out her fingers seeing that little arnav broke the whole rose pot.

Maa: what are doing chote..

Arnav : it hurted you so I’m breaking it nothing in this world can hurt you

Maa: no chote don’t do this.. Flowers are still small if you break pot how will they grow don’t harm it..

Arnav : no maa it hurted you & it should suffer now..

Maa: chote.. Look mistake was its thorns & you’re punishing the roses too with them..and you ended up harming yourself too.. So never hurt anyone chote..

Fb ends..

Arnav ; I’m sorry maa I made a big mistake.. I shouldn’t have done that.. I ruined innocent girls marriage.. But I did it for di.. I know its wrong.. I shouldn’t have punished her for her father’s mistake. I’ll make everything fine…

Shyam & Aman come there seeing Arnav in this state they rush to him..

Shyam : Arnav what’s this.. Come let’s go home..

Arnav : jijaji you here?

Aman : I told him everything.

Arnav : I’m sorry jijaji.. You tell di not to get angry on me ( he plead like a small child)

Shyam : no why will she be angry.. She knows nothing.. I won’t even let her know anything.. Come let’s go..

Shyam & aman take Arnav to sheesh mahal..as they cannot take him home in this state..

Precap : NK come home marrying a girl. Everyone is shocked to see it..

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