A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 30)


Recap : Arshi , Aman – Lavanya reunion

Arnav : what the

Aman : what are you doing ASR. You’re making another mistake now. She won’t be happy with him anymore.

Arnav : but why she loved him & he too loved her

Aman : If he loved he would have trusted her instead he insulted her on marriage day & his family they would taunt her whole life if we force the marriage.

Arnav : ok do whatever you want just make right. I’m fed up with it.

Arshi room

By the time arnav reaches kushi is asleep on recliner waiting for arnav.. He slowly picks her up & make her sleep on bed.. Forgetting all his worries he sleep admiring her.

2days pass

In these days arshi & la-aman came even more closer.. Today its haldi & mehendi..

Nani : Madhumatiji.. Garimaji kab aayegi aaj haldi & mehendi hai aur woh nahi hai ( when is garima coming today its haldi & mehendi & she is not yet here )

Buaji : she’s coming today.. Actually her friend’s daughter’s marriage broke up so she is with them

Arnav : what did the new groom say .. All fine aman..

Aman : yea ASR all is fine.. I’ve told him everything.. Soon we should arrange a marriage.

Arnav : soon after akash’s let’s do theirs..

NK come there.. He looks bit sad

Aman : what happened NK seedha poonam se amavas (you look like fullmoon to blackstar )

NK : Nothing

Aman : oh come on we will solve it.. After all your nannav ( arnav ) is expert in both creating solving problems .

Aman laugh but stop seeing arnav ‘s angry glares
The next revelation shock both

NK : I’m in love..

Arnav : seriously..

Aman : who’s that unlucky girl..

NK : I’m serious guys..

Arnav : go & tell di issi mantap mein tumhari bhi shaadi hogi toh.. Time bhi bachega… Aur mera dimaag bhi karab nahi hoga ( in same place your marriage will also happen…time will also be not wasted & I won’t grow more crazy…)

NK make sad face..

NK : I don’t need your help bye both of you

Arnav : after Akash’s marriage I’ll convince mami to get you married to her ok..

NK : There’s another problem

Arnav : what ?

NK : She always treated me as a friend. She loved someone else

Aman : then how can you marry her..

NK : But her marriage broke.. He betrayed her on marriage day.. But I know she’s innocent..

Arnav : I’m proud of you ( he go from there patting NK )

Aman : come I’ll give you a plan

Arnav working on his laptop. Kushi come there & make some anklet & bangle sound.. Arnav just smile at her cute antics..

Kushi : you’ve become unromantic

Arnav : Romeo ee unromantic tho romantic koun ( if Romeo itself is unromantic then who’s romantic )

Kushi : well come here & find your name in my mehendi

She show him her mehendi but he look in her eyes & say found it..
Arnav : I found my whole picture

Kushi : show me where?

Arnav : here ( he point towards her eyes)

Kushi : very Roma excuse for not finding name.. You lost.

Arnav: ASR never loose..

He take her and show his name..kushi hug him

Kushi : love you..

Arnav : love you too.. Waise you seem to be in romantic mood today..

He move towards her..she move back & he pins her to wall..

Kushi : what are you doingtension

nav : admiring my wife

Kushi : woh.. I’ve work..

Arnav : now who’s acting unromantic

Kushi : its important work

Arnav : more important than me..

Kushi : tomorrow engagement. There’s lots of work let’s sleep

Arnav : do you want to only sleep kushi ( he move very close to her.. Kushi gets nervous )

Kushi : yes I want to sleep I’m tired ( she stammer )

Arnav : but I’m not at all sleepy

He move close to her & is about to kiss her but his phone rings..

Arnav : damn .. You better have a good reason to disturb my romance aman..

Kushi widen her eyes.. Thinking Devi maiyya did he really say that..

Aman : arnav woh.. ( he explain something which shocks arnav & his mood is all changed )

Arnav : what..!!!??

Aman : what to do now?

Arnav : let’s go..I’ll pick you in 10 mins ( he cut the call )

Kushi : what happened. Where are you going at this time?

Arnav : nothing have some important work..

Kushi : but tomorrow engagement & next day marriage. aap kaha jaa rahe ho ( where are you going )

Arnav :I’ll be back before engagement

Kushi : lekin kya hua ( but what happened ) where are you going.. You look soo tensed

Arnav : kaha na important hai.. Stop bothering me now
Kushi move back.. Arnav about to go
Kushi : take care..

Arnav feel bad for shouting at her

Arnav : sorry Kushi I’m in some tension

Kushi : I understand..

They hug & arnav leave..


Arnav : how can she do this

Aman : its our mistake.. We committed very big mistake..

Arnav : she will be fine.. I’ll make everything fine

Aman : if di come to know about this then?? She will never forgive us.. I’m spending sleepless nights on this meare thought..

Arnav : she won’t know anything.. I won’t let that happen..

Next day

Payal : (on call ) maa its my engagement today & you are not yet here

Garima : I’m sorry baby I’m struck I can’t..

Payal : what you can’t??

Garima : its some emergency here please try to understand.. I’ll be there by night.. Please baby..

Buaji snatch phone..

Buaji : what do you mean you can’t make it today..

Garima : jiji try to understand here…

Buaji : ( interrupting) what understand.. What’s so wrong with your friend that she need you ah..?? And you were about to come today what happened suddenly

Garima : jiji here.. They need me..

Buaji : your daughter need you more than anyone else.. Its her marriage & you are not here she’s your only daughter & you are not with her.. Your friend will handle her daughter you handle your daughter..

Buaji’s word echo in Garima’s ears.. “she’s your only daughter”… “Your friend will handle her daughter you handle your daughter..”

Buaji : hay re band kishore sun rahi ho.. ( oh God are you listening )

Garima : ji jiji ( yes ) I’ll come today night..

Buaji : why can’t you leave now you’ll reach by afternoon & can attend engagement in evening

Garima : her daughter tried to committ suicide yesterday night.. She need me..

Buaji : oh .. Ok you come night itself.. I understand..

Precap : NK come home marrying a girl. Everyone is shocked to see it..

Guess who’s that girl..??

I’m really sorry for this late update guys .. I was all struck in some college work please understand.. Engineering sucks…

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