A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 3)


Raizada Mansion

All are having dinner no one talking to arnav as they are angry on him. Bubbly is sitting between Arnav & kushi.

Bubbly: Mami aapne mujhe miss kiya[did u miss me] Kushi : haan aapko bahut miss kiya [yea I missed you] Bubbly: aur mummy papa ko [and mummy papa] Kushi : unhe bhi miss kiya[I missed them too] Bubbly: aur..[and..] Kushi : Sab ko miss kiya lekin sabse zyaada aapko miss kiya meri princess [ I missed everyone but I missed princess more than everyone ] Bubbly: Arnav maamu se bhi zyaada..? [Even more than Arnav] She asked innocently..everyone stared them..while arshi stared each other
Akash: Ab boliye bhabhi kisse zyaada miss kiya [ tell now bhabhi who you missed more] (he asked teasingly)

Kushi: (still looking at arnav) bubbly ko
Shyam: lagta hai kushiji bahut naraaz hai saale sahab se..aapko bahut mehanat karni hogi manane mein arnav..hum Kuch tips..[ I think kushiji is very angry on you.. U have to lot of work to cool her arnav shall I give some tips..] (He was about to continue but stopped seeing everyone staring at him especially seeing anjali’s angry glares)

Aman & Arnav looked at each other.. While everyone engrossed in talking with kushi ..in between arshi glanced at each other too.. Now dinner was done everyone went to their rooms

Kushi came to Arnav’s room and stared the whole room. It was nothing new to her she stayed in the same room for months during her vacations laughed with him cried with him fought with him loved him stayed happily with him but today everything had changed she felt as if she is in strangers room..now nothing was left between them except hatred yet they have to act to be happy in front of their families. Saath rehna unki majboori thi. She took a deep breath & went into washroom to change her clothes

Outside Anjali’s room

Arnav & Aman are standing outside when they are about to enter theyvhear anjali & shyam taking
Shyam: Rani sahiba aap shaant ho jayi hai [ Anjali you keep calm] Anjali : Aap nahi samajh rahe, aaj chote ne bilkul teek nahi kiya, kitani der tak intezaar karwaaya kushi ko une yaad rahena chahiye tha ki jab tak woh nahi aayenge tab tak kushi ko baahar hi rehena padega, itni laaparwayi hadh hai [ you are not understanding, whatever arnav did today was not right , he made Kushi wait for so long , he should have known till he doesn’t reach home Kushi should wait outside only, how careless he is ..? This is the limit]

Shyam: Hogayi galti ab chodiye waise aapke chote abhi chote hai haina [ its k he made a mistake forgive him now..your little brother is still little right ] ( shyam tried convincing her)
Anjali: Is baar nahi, aane dijiye usse acche se kabar lenge uski aur aap beech mein nahi bolenge [not this time, let him come I will take his class & u don’t support him ] Shyam noded yes..Arnav & Aman gulp down their fear aman was about to run back arnav hold him & both get inside anjali look at them angrily. Arnav signs aman to talk
Aman: Di woh.. woh kya hai ki hum woh [ di the matter is..] ( he stammered seeing anjali)
Shyam: aage bhi toh Kuch boliye..[ tell something after that ] Aman: haan haan bol rahe hai woh..hum[ yea yea I’m telling , that..] I’m really sorry di .we were stuck in meeting & forgot about the programme today, phone was also on silent dekha hi nahi sorry

Anjali: Tumhe toh pata nahi tha ki kushi aa rahi hai its k aman you go & sleep in guest room its already late no need to go to your home now.. Its not your mistake aur jinki galti hai woh muh nahi kol rahe(looking at arnav) [ you didn’t know kushi was coming its k, u go and sleep in guest room only today, no need to go home its already late & don’t ask sorry its not your mistake & the one whose mistake it is he is not opening his mouth ]

Aman left from there whispering all the best to arnav

Arnav: di I’m sorry I forgot ..
Anjali : forgot chote ..!! Kya tum wahi ho Jo kushi kaa vacations ka intezaar karke une yahan laate the aur chuttiyan katam hone par bhi une jaane nahi dete ..aaj kya hua Kuch toh hai Jo tum humse chupa rahe ho [ forgot chote..!! Are you the same person who used to wait for kushi’s vacations & bring her here & u didn’t even let her go back to Lucknow even when her vacations got over , and what happened today . There is something fishy going on which u r hiding from me]

Arnav: Nahi di aisa Kuch nahi..aap galat samjh rahi hai… [ No di nothing like that u r getting it wrong] Anjali: toh sahi kya hai, aaj tumne Jo kiya woh [ then tell me what is right , what you did today is it right] Arnav: di there is nothing wrong between us there was small fight between us 2days back so I did this today sorry
Anjali : ek choti si jagade ke liye tumne yeh Sab kiya..haan baat mat karna tum humse [ for small silly fight u did also this , don’t talk to me now ] Arnav : di sorry please.. See I’m holding my ears now sorry sorry.
Anjali turned her face not willing to forgive him
Arnav : Di jab tak aap mujhe maaf nahi karti mein yehi rahoonga aur aise hi rahoonga [ Di untill u don’t forgive me I won’t go from here & I’m holding my ears till then ]

Kushi entered Anjali’s room & Arnav cursed himself for saying something like that to anjali

Kushi : you called me di (suddenly her expressions changed seeing arnav in that position)
Kushi to herself: what a timing kushi.. U made me wait na now bear punishment laad governor ( she give wicked smile to arnav , he looks away in frustration)

Anjali: U go to your room chote I’ll talk tomorrow with you I have something important to discuss with Kushi
( he nodded & left to his room)

Arnav’s room
(Arnav is on bluetooth talking to aman both kushi and anjali enter the bedroom. Kushi have some wicked winning smile on her face & and anjali shows some fake anger on her face )

Anjali: Chote hum yeh kya sun rahe hai, tum ne kushi se yeh sab karwaaya [what am I hearing, you made kushi do all this..? ] Arnav : Di maine kya kiya [ di what did I do] (He saw some mischevious smile on kushi’s face)
Anjali: You fought with her and made her do situps because she was late haan..?
Arnav: What the.!!! Di maine…
Anjali : k chote stop it now no more arguments say sorry to her & finish the fight. I want you both to be the same cute pair from tomorrow now sort out this fight Gud night.

( Anjali left the room & Arnav gave some dangerous looks to kushi)

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Why both r behaving like steangers pass akar bhi dhoor jaa rahe hein aisa kya hua

    1. From next episode the flash back starts hayathi then the mystery will be revealed

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  3. Hey nice ff ananya…
    I really loved ur story n eagerly waiting 4 next part..

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