A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 29)

Recap : Akash Payal sangeet. Arshi come closer unknowingly in process of bringing Aman & Lavanya closer.

Arshi dance ends…
They’re lost in each other & come back to senses by huge round of applause. Kushi is blushing.. & Arnav too looks very happy. Kushi run from there & go to corner.

Kushi (to herself ) : what happened to me.. How can I trust him again..
( 2 mini kushi’s one evil & one angel.. Just like they showed on the show when kushi reads sheetal’s diary )

Angel : why can’t you trust him don’t you r remember all that he did..he caught person who attacked your father he beat him black & blue. He took care of you in hard times.

Evil : he also snatched a business deal which landed your babuji in trouble.

Angel : it was purely business don’t drag that into personal life.

Evil : yeh rishta ek majboori hai. Sirf gharwalo ke liye tum log saath ho ( this relation is your helplessness you are with him only for family )

Angel : no kushi.. Yeh rishta ek majboori hai.. Lekin gharwalo ke liye nahi .. log saath ho apne liye.. Yeh tho sirf bahaana hai.. Arnav tumhara majboori hai woh tumhara zaroorat hai ( this relationshi is invertible for you but not because of family.. You both are together for yourself.. Arnav is your need.. He is your helplessness)

Kushi : you are right I can’t live without him

Evil : no kushi you can..( kushi blow it off & evil vanish off )

Kushi : ( to angel ) kya mujhe unse phir pyaar hogaya ( did I start loving him again )

Angel : tumne pyaar karna choda hi kab tha..
( when did you stop loving him ??)

Kushi : but he did…

Angel : trust him once & everything will be fine..

Angel vanish.. Kushi see arnav & blush.. Lavanya come there..

La : what’s all this kushi.. ( Kushi so lost in arnav doesn’t hear lavanya & lavanya notices it )

La : ( shaking Kushi ) Kushi kushi…

Kushi : haan..la.. Why are you screaming

Arnav & aman come to them..

Arnav : Kushi I need to talk to you something important come.. ( he drag her. They go to pool side)
La & Aman secretly follow them to know the reason behind their sudden change.

Arshi start acting as la & aman reach poolside..

Kushi : I want to tell you something

Arnav : I too want to tell you something . I’m sorry kushi it was my mistake.. I misunderstood you..

Lavanya ( to Aman ) : didn’t I tell you my Kushi can never be wrong see..

Kushi : no Arnav its my mistake forgive me I’m sorry.. I didn’t trust you..

Aman : didn’t I tell you my ASR is also not wrong..

La & Aman : then.?? ( they get confused)

Arshi hug each other. Kushi start crying ( but this isn’t any acting after a long time she is in his arms.. She is this close to him. She just want to erase all bad memories & live this moment. Arnav pull back from hug & wipe her tears.. He could see pain in her eyes.. He could see love for him in her eyes.. Those tears that concern was not fake )

Arnav : I love you kushi.. I can’t live without you..

Kushi : I love you too..I think we should move on.. Forgetting everything..

Arnav : yes..

They hug again.. Aman & lavanya go from there. Arshi see it but aren’t ready to pull out from hug.. They’re lost in each other. A wind shuts a window & they come out of stance.. & pull back from hug.. Arnav cup Kushi’s face…

Arnav : kushi… ( she look in his eyes ) I want you back.. I just want to forget everything.. Will you come back..

Kushi : ( tears roll down her eyes) yes

Arshi hug each other..

Lavanya & Aman are confused & in shock…

Aman : what just happened??

Lavanya : I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Aman : they sorted out everything.. & didn’t even tell us..

Lavanya : I’m happy they’re together..

Aman : yes .. Arnav never showed it but he always missed bhabhi..

Lavanya : Kushi too yearned for him day & night..

Aman : now all is well..they’ve suffered a lot

Lavanya : thank God.. They got their happiness back..

Arshi come there..

Kushi : what about your happiness lavanya.. You both fought because of us.. & you both too suffered because of us..

Lavanya : now past is past Kushi. Leave it

Arnav : we want you both together

Aman & La : what..???

Arnav : what what? I said I want you both together.. That’s it..

Kushi : don’t you love each other..

Aman : I do love her…but she..

Lavanya : what..?? Me.. Aman you doubt.. I don’t love you. Ah??

Aman : no I..

Lavanya : I love you ..idiot..

Aman & Lavanya hug each other. Arshi smile seeing them together.. Kushi kiss on Arnav’s cheeks..

Arnav : i think you have forgot how to kiss.. Shall I teach you…

Kushi blush & run away..

Anjali was searching for these 4.. And Kushi bump into her..

Kushi : sorry di.

Anjali : its ok where were you. & where is chote..

Kushi : he’s coming..

Anjali : why are you blushing soo much..( she tease )

Kushi : no nothing di ( still blushing )

Arnav come there & Anjali see lipstick mark on arnav’s cheeks..

Anjali : oh now I get it why are you blushing..

Kushi look confused & Arnav too…

Anjali : ( holding Arnav’s ears ) : shaaadi Akash ki hai aur gifts tum le rahe ho… jaldi neeche aav dono ( its akash’s marriage & you’re getting gifts come down soon )

Anjali go..& Kushi notice arnav’s cheeks & wipe it..

Everyone have dinner.. Anjali pull legs of all 3 couple…

Arnav on call

Arnav : what he refused?? How dare he.. When I’m myself clarifying him then what’s his problem..

Man : sir.. His mother refused.. & family respect..

Arnav : do the hell with their family respect.. I want this marriage to happen at any cost.. Do whatever you have to do.. Kidnap him & make him marry her..

Aman snatches phone & talk..

Aman : no need to do anything like that leave that proposal & find best groom for her..

Man ; ok sir..

Arnav : what the??

Precap :

NK : I’m in love..

Arnav : seriously..

Aman : who’s that unlucky girl..

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