A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 27)


Recap : Arshi get romantic in drunken state & family members tease them.

Kushi gestures shall I tell di about your smoking..
Arnav give some looks to her..

Anjali : its ok I don’t mind if you both act so romantic after drinking.. ( she giggle & everyone laugh )

Arnav : di I’m getting late

He leave for office..
For lunch Kushi prepare some special healthy food for arnav & sends it to office.


Arnav : what the?? I ordered for pasta

Staff : sir but mam has asked to give you only this food..

Arnav : you work for me or her get me pasta

Staff : sir but…

Arnav give angry looks so servant serve him pasta..

2hrs later

Arnav is given some vegetable juice

Arnav : what’s this..

Staff : sir mam..

Arnav : shut up & get out.. Bring my black coffee.. If you love your job

Half n hour later
Arnav gets Kushi’s call

Arnav : I’m bu.. ( Kushi starts shouting)

Kushi : how dare you Arnavji..you didn’t food sent by me ate some bakwas pasta.. & didn’t even drink the juice.. What do yo think of yourself.. Aapko khud ka kyaal nahi toh doosro ka tho sochiye Jo aapse pyaar..( she stop) ( if you are not bothered of yourself at least think of people who love..)

Arnav : agar mujhse itna hi pyaar hai toh woh tasteless food kyun beja Kuch accha insaan ke khaane laayak bej deti uss khaane ko tho kutte bhi chuhe na ( if you love me so much then would have sent some good food which humans can eat , the food you sent even dogs won’t touch it )

Kushi : accha cigarette ko bhi kutte bhi nahi chute aapne kaise chuliya.. ( even cigarette is not touched by dogs how did you touch it )

Arnav become silent..

Kushi : kyun bolti band hogayi.. Ab se aapko yehi khaana milega galti ki hai toh ab saza bugatiye ( why became silent ? From now on you’ll get this food only.. Now you’ve done mistakes so bear the punishment )

Arnav : what the.. I’m not having all that..

Kushi : baccho ki tarah zid mat kijiye warna ( don’t act like kids else )

Arnav : warna kya ( else what )

Kushi : I’ll tell di all your secret

Arnav : do whatever you want to do.. I’m not having all this..

Kushi about to talk but arnav cut the call

Kushi : mera phone kaat diya.. Ab dekhiye Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada aapke saath hum kya karte hai ( now you see Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.. What I’ll do with you )

An hour later

Arnav gets a call

HP : bhaiyya did is calling you home

Arnav : I’ve meeting I’ll be late

HP : she is telling you to cancel it

Arnav : what pass the phone to di

HP : did I won’t talk to you

Arnav : what tell her I’ll be late will talk later

Anjali : Tell him I need you in home in half n hour

Arnav hears it & understands kushi might have told everything that’s why Anjali is angry so he rush home.

Raizada mansion

Anjali’s room

Kushi , shyam & anjali talking about arnav. Arnav about to enter but stop hearing Kushi

Shy : he doesn’t listen to anyone

Anjali : let him come I’ll see how he won’t listen

Kushi : di he has become too stubborn. Bubbly is better than him..he behaves like kid

Arnav : ( to himself ) what the

Anjali : then he’ll be treated like kid . why isn’t he here yet..

Arnav enter & give angry looks to Kushi.

Anjali : une mat gooriye galati aapki hai ( don’t stare her its your mistake )

Shyam : you should take care of your health what’s this arnav..

Anjali : and from when did you start lying & hiding things from me ah..? ( she say angrily)

Arnav : di.. I.. Cig.. ( shyam interrupt )

Shyam : school children do this type of work

Arnav : school children??

Shyam : the difference is they change marks report & you’ve changed medical report.

Arnav understand kushi has not told anything.. He go to anjali..

Arnav : di I’m sorry

Anjali : I’m not talking to you..

Arnav : di.

Anjali : why did you lie then..

Arnav : I thought you’ll get worried so..

Shyam : now let it be rani sahiba.

Anjali : from today you’ll follow diet prescribed by us ok..

Arshi room

Kushi : zor ka jatka dere se laga..

Arnav : what the.. Kushi you..

Kushi : hello I’m not deaf don’t shout

Arnav : don’t you think you’re acting too smart these days

He move towards her seeing in her eyes. Kushi move backwards.

Kushi : acting what acting

He see romantically towards her..

Arnav : well you said something in the phone I think something pyaar ..

Kushi : ( remember their phone convo ) pyaar ? No I didn’t say anything like that.

Arnav : so you don’t care for me.

Kushi : I do care after all you are my husband

Arnav : I’m only your husband so you care

Kushi : no I care because.. ( she stop ) yes I care because you are my husband.

Arnav : well people say truth when drunk & you said I’m laad governor

Kushi : yes because you are laad governor

Arnav : so people say truth when drunk right ?

Kushi : yes..

Arnav : you said you love me when drunk what about that ?

He move completely close to her pinning her to wall.
Kushi : leave the way..

Arnav : answer me first

Kushi : I said truth..

Arnav gets happy..

Kushi : I love Romeo my Romeo who was so caring so loving not you..

Kushi run away..arnav gets into thinking

A week later..

Gupta’s & Lavanya arrived for wedding..

Arshi Akash payal & Lavanya sitting in arshi’s room..

Kushi : there’ll be a dhamaka in your wedding jiji. Tell on which song you & jiju going to dance ah.?
( she tease payal turn red )

Lavanya : ooh ho look at her our payal is turning into Kashmiri apple.

Arnav : stop all this & decide on which song are you all dancing..

Akash : ours surprise..

Lavanya : mine too surprise but o nerd a partner

Aman enters room. Lavanya & his eyes meet after 3 years..

Precap : Akash payal sangeet

Credit to: Anaya

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  2. yuhuuu……nw Arshi is again getting close….and plz unite La and Aman also

  3. Wow!! Awesome.. Thanks for making Arshi united again… Want some romantic Arshi scenes..

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