A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 26)


Recap : Arshi get drunk , confess everything & it is recorded by bartender.

Everyone try to wake up arshi but they won’t get up. So they see address in arnav’s card& come to drop them.

Raizada mansion

Nani : Chote & Kushi kaha gaye.. Aadhi raat ko.. ( where did they go in midnight )

Mami : woh dekho aagaye..( there they come )

Bubbly who is playing with mamaji’s new phone start recording arshi.. Both are drunk & don’t have control..

Nani : what’s this.. Chote.. And Kushi you too..

Arnav : who’s Chote & Kushi.. I’m Romeo & she’s my Juliet

Mami : hello hi Romeo Juliet aur bye bye arshi..

Kushi : Romeo I love you…

Arnav : I love you too Juliet..

They hug each other..

Kushi : lekin yaha itna sannata kyun hai.. ( why so silent here )

Arnav again play some songs both start dancing.. Both fall there itself on sofa.. Mamaji & HP take them to room.

Mamiji : arnav kushi toh seedhe black & white film se color film pe aagaye..

Next day
Arshi’s room

Arnav is sitting on bed holding his head.. Kushi still sleeping.. HP knock the door.. Kushi get up with that sound

HP : Arnav bhaiyya.. Aap dono ko nani ne niche bulaya hai.. ( nani has called you both down )

Arnav : ( to himself ) damn how did I end up getting drunk.. Pehle hi kya kam parishaaniya hai Jo ab ek aur ( first itself there are so many problems & now another )

Kushi : what problems.. You are talking about me naa?? I told you..( Arnav interrupt )

Arnav : oh stop it kushi you can never be problem to me.. You are my.. ( he stop )

Kushi : tell me what’s the problem I can solve..

Arnav : hold on stop poking your nose in my work & think what to tell to family now even di would have come back from Lucknow

Kushi : what why should I think you did a mistake by smoking & eating chocolate you answer them I won’t help you

Arnav : oh I almost forgot about that.. I’m not talking about it if you remember we were in pub last night & now in morning we are in our bed.. Do you get something..

Kushi : ( realising ) aah.. What what you did with me last night.. How I came here

Arnav : stop screaming Kushi I didn’t do anything I think we got drunk..

Kushi : drunk ?? aapne humara dharam brasht kar diya.. Ab hum devi maiyya ko kya muh dikhayenge. ( you spoiled my religion .. How shall I show my face to God )

Arnav : chup dramebaaz.. Pata nahi Jo ladki abhi itna drama karti hai peene ke baad kya kya kiya hoga ( shut up drama queen you are doing so much drama now don’t know what else you have done after getting drunk )

Kushi : I’ll handle you don’t worry

Arnav : don’t even utter a word in front of them overacting kar ke saara phool kol dogi tum ( because of your overacting they’ll come to know everything )

Kushi : me & overacting !! Don’t underestimate me… Hum salmanji ke fan hai.. Yaad rahe.. Aur hum nahi bolenge toh kya aap bolenge.. Shakal dekha hai aayne mein.. Pehle baat karna seekhiye phir baad mein jhoot bolna ( I’m salmanji’s fan & if I don’t talk anything then you’ll talk?. Have you seen your face in mirror first learn to talk & then lie to them )

Kushi run into bathroom

Arnav : what the..

Living room

Anjali , Shyam & Akash arrive back fixing the marriage date of Akash payal.. Their wedding in 15 days..

Mamaji : isnt it too early how will we do preparations

Shyam : we thought of it but Akash was so restless so.. We didn’t wanted to disappoint him ( he tease )

Anjali : my brothers have grown up..

Arnav come down & is all set to leave for office he see Anjali & she look normal.. So he thought still she is unaware of that chocolate issue & tries to leave to office as soon as possible

Nani : grown up & spoilt too ( nani say angrily)

Arnav : ( to himself ) damn what a timing

Mamaji : he is so careless this time..

Akash : bhai & careless it’s a news of the year..

Anjali : what did Chote do that all of you are so angry on him..

Nani : he himself will answer you.. Tell your di Chote..

Anjali : now you all are scaring me..

Shyam : may be he might have skipped his meals right saale Saab.. Ab aapki di nahi thi tho koyi tha nahi aapke peeche baagne ke liye iss liye apne apni manmarzi kar li ( as your di was not here so there was none to run behind you so you ignored meals )

Anjali : but kushi was there she would have troubled even more than me.. ( she tease kushi smile )

Kushi : yes di I tried my best but do you know he won’t listen to me only.. He has started hiding things di..

Arnav : kushi.. Don’t lie..

Bubbly : maamu you don’t lie.. Mumma do you know maamu eats chocolates hiding from everyone

Anjali : what. ?

Mamiji : yes Anjali bitiya kushi found it out like CID999. We found chocolates in his coat..

Bubbly : and he lied that he brought it for me

Arnav : di.. Woh.. (He gets bit tensed & start giving explanation but anjali make him sit )

Anjali : its ok Chote. Its ok if you eat chocolate sometimes. But it shouldn’t exceed

Nani : his sugar level is disturbed na.. Doc said

Anjali : no nani the report was misplaced & we got wrong report. Chote is fine.

Kushi : ( to herself ) then why was he feeling dizzy? Wait oh now I get it he might have scared those doctors to lie to di.. Laad governor.

Mami : there is one more breaking news anjali..

Anjali : what’s it

Mami : we won’t tell will show you.

The arshi recording which bubbly captured is connected to TV. Mami forcefully drags Arshi & make them sit & the recording plays…

Recording :

Arnav : who’s Chote & Kushi.. I’m Romeo & she’s my Juliet

Rec ends..

Arnav tries to go buy Anjali stop him

Anjali : how romantic.. Chote.. Oh sorry I mean Romeo.. & Juliet what a confession.. What a dance ( she giggle)

Arnav : di pls.. I was drunk

Anjali : well Chote didn’t I strictly forbid you from drinking or smoking.. Then..

Arnav : di.. I didn’t.. I mean

Kushi gestures shall I tell di about your smoking..
Arnav give some looks to her..

Anjali : its ok I don’t mind if you both act so romantic after drinking.. ( she giggle & everyone laugh )

Precap :

Akash payal sangeet & aman Lavanya meet after two years. Arshi fight over dance.

I’ve posted prologue of my new fan fiction named “MANZIL” starring arshi, ishra, swasan & shagun check it out.

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Credit to: Anaya

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  4. love you Arshi…..

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