A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 25)


Recap : Arnav troubled by loveguru. Kushi gets a smell of cigarette from Arnav’s mouth

Kushi : now answer me.. What’s in your coat..

Arnav : its none of your business

Kushi : I want to see your coat now.. She get up & take it

Arnav : never.. Don’t you.. ( he snatches it )

Kushi : ( loud voice ) give me that..

Arnav : kushi stop stop screaming

Kushi : di.. Nani.. ( she know no one is at home so she is screaming to sacre arnav but only Shyam Anjali & Akash left to Lucknow as others had work.. & now hearing kushi all rush to arshi’s room )

Arnav close Kushi’s mouth but all come

Nani : what happened Kushi bitiya & why are you holding her Chote

Arnav leave her

Kushi : nani he is not letting me see his coat. He is hiding something.

Mami : hello hi arnav bitwa apan biwi se secret rakhat ho.. Very bad ( hell hi arnav you keep secrets from your wife very bad )

Nani : Chote give her the coat..

Arnav : but nani..

Nani : if you won’t then.. We will snatch it

Arnav give coat to Kushi & gets worried.

Kushi put hand in pockets & find cigarette pack in it she is shocked.. But doesn’t show it to others & keep it inside & she find a chocolate in his other pocket & takes it out.

Bubbly : even mamu you eat chocolate.. That too hiding from everyone.

Mamaji : that’s why your sugar level is imbalanced

Arnav is just looking at Kushi & is confused why she didn’t tell everyone about cigarette & Kushi just standing still finding it hard to control her tears..

Nani : are you small kid Chote.. To eat chocolate & what about your health..?

Arnav : (lie ) I brought it for bubbly..

Mamaji : really.. Let’s talk about it tomorrow its already late now.

Nani : Have rest & be ready to face your sister tomorrow.

Bubbly take choclate from him & all leave.

Kushi go to poolside & remember how she troubled arnav all time that love guru message & all & remember Arnav not eating properly how he looked tired since 2 days & how he was feeling dizzy & then recall what doctor said to lady about why people start smoking & how it affects their health.

Kushi : ( to herself ) Its all my mistake how can I do this ( she start crying )

Arnav call aman.

Aman : What happened ASR you’re calling this late.. Phir se bhabhi ne parishaan kiya..? ( did bhabhi trouble you again ..? He teased )

Arnav : no

Aman : she didn’t trouble then what’s the problem..??

Arnav : she didn’t trouble that’s the problem..

Aman : what..??

Arnav explain everything what happened..

Aman : what..!!?? Bhabhi came to know about that. Then di ?? She too know it ?? No no how can she know she went to Lucknow. But what if bhabhi tell her di will kill both of us oh God… ( he stammer everything )

Arnav : she won’t tell di. If she wanted then she would have told now itself to everyone. But why isn’t she telling . ? I’m confused

Aman : because she care for your family she doesn’t want them to get hurt.

Arnav : Naa. I don’t think so.. Oh now I understand she want to blackmail me but I won’t.. ( Arnav see towards poolside & find kushi crying bitterly ) what the..?

Aman : what happened

Arnav : she is crying

Aman : what.?? I said na ASR she care for you, care for your family that’s why she is crying.. Do something..

Arnav : what can I do .

Aman : you know very well what to do.. Just like old times. At least this time…

Arnav cut the call.. Kushi is crying bitterly near poolside. Arnav go to her.

Arnav : Kushi..

She turn back & hug him tightly..

Kushi : sorry.. I’m sorry arnav.. It’s all my mistake

She start crying even more.. Arnav start caressing her unknowingly just like old times

Arnav : stop it kushi not your mistake don’t cry now.. I was bit stressed that’s it..

He wipe her tears

Kushi : but I troubled you that’s why.. All this happened I’m sorry.. That love guru & all

She again start crying arnav wipe her tears & cup her face..

Arnav : no no Kushi I’m stressed because of something else & not because of..

Kushi : and I increased it.. I stressed you.

Arnav : no baby I can neve.. ( he stop ) I mean yes you irritated me but that’s something completely different issue so stop blaming yourself..

Kushi : but I won’t do such silly things now on I promise..

Arnav : tum teek ho ( are you okay ) he ask just like old times. Kushi nod yes..

Arnav : toh phir chale ( so then let’s go..)

Kushi : kaha..? ( where)

Arnav : baahar ( outside )

Kushi : mujhe afsos hai meine aapko parishaan ki magar is liye nahi ki aapko parishaani huyi iss liye ki gharwalo ko takleef hogi.. Aapko thang karne ki vajah booli nahi hoon abhi ( I regret I troubled you but not because you had difficulty but because family had face consequence.. I’ve not yet forgot why I’ve troubled you)

Arnav : even I’ve not forgotten anything.. Date pe nahi bas baahar le jaa raha hoon, mujhe bachane ke liye, mere pariwar ka kyaal rakh be ke liye ( I’m not taking you for a date just taking out, as you his my secret you took care of my family’s feeling)

Kushi : they’re even my family so need of all this

Arnav v: what the..

They start fighting & aman come there.

Aman : stop it guys why are you fighting again. & ASR you .. Bhabhi helped you & you are fighting with her.. You should give her a gift ( he talk about normal gift but they think kiss )

Arshi : excuse me..

Aman : ( realising ) no no not that one .. I’m talking about normal Gift

Arnav : I asked her out but no she want to fight.

Kushi : he started the fight

Arnav : Damn parishaan kar rakha hai ( how much she trouble he say feeling frustrated )

Kushi : ( realising about his health ) ok neither I’m arguing nor am I coming happy

Arnav : I too don’t want to go now..

Aman take arnav to corner.. Kushi try to hear them

Aman : what are you doing ASR, you’re spoiling her mood

Arnav : so what..

Aman : yaar toda maska laga na agar gusse mein unhone di ko Kuch bata diya tho..? Hum dono tho gaye..Ab samjhe chalo jaav baahar le jaav une ( butter her bit.. If in anger she tell anything to di then we both are gone.. So go & take her out )

Aman & arnav come to Kushi

Aman : bhabhi I’ve special tickets of a pub.. Its very nice you both go & enjoy na..

Kushi : what..? No Aman

Arnav : don’t do dramas I know you like all these music dance come let’s go…

Kushi : correction.. I used to like & I don’t like now..

Arnav : what.. Well aman I’m done see her attitude.. I’m not taking her anyway..

Kushi : attitude aur mujhe..

Aman : stop it.. What’s the problem why can’t you go with each other

Kushi : because he have a big fat ego

Arnav : she is a tantrum queen

Kushi : and yo..

Aman : ok ok I have solution for it.. Bhabhi you have problem with Arnav right & Arnav you’ve problem with bhabhi right . so you both go out with Romeo& Juliet..

Arshi : what..?? Who are they

Aman : your bf & gf for tonight..

Arshi : where are they?

Aman : standing in front of you..

Arshi are standing in front of each other

Arnav : yeh aur Juliet.. Romance ka spelling bhi pata hai usse ( she & Juliet.. Does she even know the spelling of romance)

Kushi : yeh aur Romeo…What a joke..

Aman : don’t start again.. If you guys go to flashback & see yourself 3years back then.. You not only see Romeo Juliet but also heer ranjha.. Laila majalu.. Salim anarkali..

Arshi stare angrily…

Aman : so go on blind date

Arshi : no….

Aman : his name is Romeo so what’s problem bhabhi Romeo doesn’t have ego..he is your gf for night .. &her name is Juliet she don’t throw tantrums so please.. At least for me…( he make puppy face )

And both agree & get ready & leave for pub..

In car..

Kushi : how far is it arnav

He doesn’t respond..

Kushi : Arnav I’m asking something..
He doesn’t respond..

Kushi : I’m taking to you..
Arnav : me..?? But my name is not arnav I’m Romeo & you are..??

Kushi surprised at his behaviour.. She just smile

Kushi : ah.. I’m Juliet..

They reach a pub. Loud music & dance is going on they sit in a counter ( bar & juice counter combined)

Bar tender : Gud evening sir..what will you have..

They order some juice & start seeing dance.. One drunk old couple come & sit beside them.

Drunk lady : hello Mr. & Mrs..

Kushi : no aunty not Mr & Mrs.. We are bf & gf.. What’s your name..

Drunk man: I’m majlu & she is laila & you both

Kushi : well then I’m Juliet & he is my Romeo.. She hold Arnav’s hand

Arnav surprised by Kushi response & gestures..

Some fast romantic songs start playing.. Those old couple drag arshi on dance floor & all start dancing.. Arsh first hesitate but they to get involved completely in dance forgetting everything…

Disco diwane plays….

Dum maro dum.. Hare Krishna hare ram..
( when this song plays Kushi come & whisper )
Kushi : dum aap maaroge.. Aur di.. Hare Krishna hare ram..karte karte aapko maregi…toh.. Batav di ko..( she say teasing & about to run but arnav hold her )

Song changes .

Gulabi aakhe joo teri dekhi..
Sharabhi dil yeh… Hogaya…

Arshi dance in full energy to every song & they’re drinking the juices in middle given my bar tender…But are they drinking juice..?? No they drinking wine which are served for that old couple.. Now slowly losing control.. & are totally out of control.. Arnav take the mike & stop the song..

Arnav : Kushi.. Kushi.. Where are you I can’t see you( drunken state )

Drunk man : who is kushi..

Kushi : me.. I’m Kushi

Drunk lady : but your Juliet..

Kushi : yes I’m Juliet

Drunk man : who is kushi..

Arnav : she is my Kushi.. ( pointing at Kushi)

Drunk man : who is Juliet..

Kushi : I’m Juliet of my Romeo.. Arnav

Drunk lady : oh.. Romeo Juliet… Romeo come here take your Juliet.. She is here..( Kushi raise her hand )

Arshi go to corner & lie on a big semi couch.. Both are drunk & are taking their heart out…
Kushi : why you searched me

Arnav : I wanted to say you something

Kushi : what.?

Arnav : actually want to tell you many things

Kushi : ok tell .. Wait.. Wait what if I forget let me note down(She take a book & pen ) ok tell now

Arnav : no you don’t write, bar tender will record it & gift us on our next anniversary ok..

Bartender start recording

Kushi : I love you arnav

Arnav : how much you love me

Kushi 🙁 think like a child & answer ) I love you from earth to sky..

Arnav : I too love you from earth to sky

Kushi : I hate you too..

Arnav : even i too hate you..but I missed you soo much these 3 years Kushi..

Kushi : I too missed you very much.. I always wanted to come back to you.. But…

Arnav : but.. What?

Kushi : why you did that..

Arnav : what I did

Kushi tell everything what she heard outside that day about business which caused misunderstanding..

Arnav : no .. Kushi I didn’t do anything.. He say the truth that he was talking about Harish malik & not about shashi Gupta..

Kushi : arre wah mein tho bekaar mein gussa thi aapne Kuch kiya hi nahi.. So I don’t hate you now I only love you.. From sky to earth.. ( she innocently say like a kid & kiss on his cheeks )

Arnav : but I hate you.. ( he said like angry stubborn kid )

Kushi : why.. ( ask making sad face )

Arnav explain what he heard in hospital.. & Kushi give him explanation & clarify everything.. Arnav just see her.. Angrily…

Kushi : what happened don’t you trust me.. promise.. What I said is true.. ( she act like kid )

Arnav : I trust you but I’m angry on your chachi.. She is soo bad..

Kushi : yes she is bad girl.. Do you know what Lavanya call her

Arnav : what?

Kushi : Kareli ( bitter gourd)

Both start laughing loudly holding stomach… & suddenly Arnav stop laughing & see Kushi…

Arnav : if di gets to know I smoke then she’ll make me eat karela..( bitter gourd)

Kushi : ha ha now you eat it.. I’ll eat jelibi.. Rasgulle.. Kheer..

Arnav : I’ll destroy all bitter gourds in town & di won’t get them anywhere.. ( he say with winning smile )

Kushi : but..

Arnav : but what..

Kushi : what if di make dish of Garima chachi as she is kareli ( bitter gourd )& feed you. She is the bitterest bitter gourd..

Arnav : I’ll kidnap her

Kushi : good idea.. Even I don’t like Kareli ( Garima ) I only like my sweet dish

Arnav : who is sweet dish

Kushi : babuji..

Arnav : Kushi shall I ask you one thing..

Kushi : ask..

Arnav : now misunderstanding is clear can we be friends..

Kushi nod no…

Arnav v: why..??

Kushi : we won’t be friends we will be that all old cute romantic couple

Arnav : wow ok..then give me the gift..

Arshi kiss each other & go to dance floor..

Subah hone naa de..
sham khone na de..
Ek doosre ko hum jaane na de… plays..

Both dance & come & sleep on couch…

Precap :
Anjali , Shyam & Akash arrive back fixing the marriage date of Akash payal.. Their wedding in 15 days..

Anjali : what did Chote do that all of you are so angry on him..

Nani : he himself will answer you.. Tell your di Chote..

Anjali : now you all are scaring me..

I tried to make 25th episode special so added this drunk romance segment.. Tell me how it was guys..??

I can’t upload till Saturday guys.. I’ve internals..& there is a lot to study.. Hope you guys understand I’ll try to post in between but not sure.. I’ll surely post regularly from Saturday.. Sorry

Credit to: Anaya

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    now clear the misunderstanding and please show some happy, cute and romantic moments.

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  6. Thank you jo, hayathi ,kajal.. I’ve got holiday tomorrow so will upload one more update tomorrow..

  7. Nice actually Ian a big fan of ur ff….i love ur ff to the core….

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