A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 24)


Recap : Kushi suspicious about arnav’s coat.. Arnav is bit ill & Kushi send mail to loveguru.com in the name of Arnav.


Arnav gets a call

Person : hello namskar sasriyakaal ji

Arnav : hello ASR speaking

Person : Prem… From love guru.com speaking ji

Arnav : what..?? Who??

Prem : mein ji aapka love guru.. Prem.. Aapki guide for your love life ji..

Arnav : what rubbish.. Arnav cuts the call

Love guru : kaat diya koyi baat nahi.. Mein ideas message kar deta hoon ( he cut the call its ok I’ll message him the ideas )

Arnav receives a message

There are some rules to be followed to get a happy marriage.

The main principle is “Wife is always right ”

Rule no 1 : never ever argue with her

Rule no 2 : treat them like a queen

Arnav stop reading & call that love guru

Love guru : kaise lageji mere idea ( how are my ideas )

Arnav : dont even dare to call me once again I’ll..

Love guru : oh.. Tand rakh bhai tand rakh tabhi biwi manegi.. Aise chillaoge toh koyi chudail bhi paas nahi aayegi ( keep calm man.. If you keep calm then only wife will listen to you otherwise even witch won’t come to you )

Arnav : don’t you understand I don’t need any damn idea to console my wife.

Love guru : do you have drinks

Arnav : what the

Love guru : toh bhool ne ki bimaari hai kya ( are you amnestic )

Arnav : what the hell.. ( he scream )

Love guru : oh I think you are angry now let’s talk later.

Arnav about to shout but he cut the call.

Arshi’s room

Kushi pacing in the room

Kushi : what’s hidden in his coat..?? I’ve to find out..

Anjali enter the room

Anjali : kushi shall we go

Kushi : but where di

Arnav : hospital to collect chote’s reports

Kushi & anjali waiting in hospital’s lobby & they hear doctor talking to some lady

Lady : Doctor why all this happened I never thought my husband would do this.. He never had such habits.

Doctor : stop crying he will be fine but you need to take care of him.. Due to lot of stress people find these alternate ways to get relief but end up getting sick.

Lady : you are right doctor I won’t trouble him for silly matters he’ll be already stressed & I make it worse

Doctor : don’t worry slowly he will stop smoking by our guidance but your supported is needed.

Lady leave & anjali kushi go in

Doctor : what surprise anjali yourself came to collect report

Anjali : yes I was bit worried for his health he won’t tell full truth regarding this so..

Doctor : its good you came if he had come then he would warn the whole staff not to tell anything to you

Anjali : what do reports say doc.. Anything serious..

Doctor : nothing serious but..

Kushi : but..

Doctor : I think he is not following proper diet.. His sugar level is not balanced lot of fluctuations.. Isn’t he taking tablets on time.

Anjali : he takes on time.. But now a days not eating properly

Kushi : may be due to work pressure

Doctor : well I understand but he should not ignore his health being diabetic he must follow the diet. Hope you understand.

Anjali : yea. We two will make him follow the diet

Kushi : thank you doctor..

Arnav’s office

Arnav again gets a call

Arnav : ASR here

Love guru : ji mein ji aapka love guru ( me your love guide )

Arnav : not again.
Arnav shout at him & threatens that he’ll be behind bars if call again

Love guru : pehle khud hi mail beja madad maang kar aur ab khud hi gussa kar rahe ho.. Pehle tho shak tha magar ab yakeen hogaya tum paagal ho ( you only sent me a mail seeking help & now getting angry at first I had a doubt but now got confirmed you are mad)

Arnav : what the.. I sent you mail!!??

Love guru : check your self

Arnav checks his sent box & find the mail sent by kushi & recalls leaving his laptop in room & gets furious.

Raizada mansion

Anjali & kushi sitting in living room

Kushi : di let’s add this karele ( bitter gourd ) juice also.. Its good for diabetes

Anjali : but kushi karele ( bitter gourd ) juice??

Kushi : yes di..

Anjali : how can we give him that it tastes too bad & I can’t make him drink it.. Bechare Chote

Kushi : ( to herself ) bechare aur woh laad governor !!

Arnav come home & see these two

Arnav : did you have your food on time

Anjali : humara chodiye aapne kaaya yeh bataav ( leave mine did you have )

Arnav : yes..

Anjali Kushi stare him angrily

Arnav : what..??

Kushi : why don’t you eat properly.. Who eats pasta for lunch..

Arnav : you spy on me..

Anjali : we got your reports today & according to it you’ve irregular diet & your sugar level is also imbalanced

Arnav : di why you went to collect to report I would’ve collected

Kushi : and you would’ve hidded them too from us right

Arnav : what ..

Anjali : enough Chote from tomorrow me & kushi will take care of you.

Arnav : di.. I’m not a kid don’t treat me like one

Anjali : if you act like kid we’ve to treat you like that only right

Arnav : whatever.. Kushi come to room I need something

Arshi ‘s room

Kushi : ( teasingly ) how was your day.??

Arnav : how dare you.. Do that..

Kushi : what did I do..

Arnav : don’t act.. You sent email from my Id ah..?

Kushi : what mail which id I don’t know..

mami passing by corridor sees them.

Arnav : so you don’t know wait let me remind you

Arnav twist Kushi & hold her tightly

Kushi : leave me..

Arnav : give me the answer first

Kushi : I’m not answering you

Arnav about to shout but see mami & change the topic

Arnav : ( in sweet voice ) but why Kushi when I’ve given you why can’t you give me

Kushi look confused

Arnav : give me back my gift

Kushi : (confused) what gift..???

Mami look suspiciously at him

Arnav : ok if he won’t give I’ll give you another one..

Kushi realise he is talking about what gift ( kiss )

Kushi : what..?? ( shocked )

Arnav move closer towards her lips & she get a smell of cigarette from his mouth & she is blank smelling it. Mami see it & go giving them privacy & arnav move back but kushi stand numb & stare him.

Arnav : what..?? You expected a gift really.. Mami was seeing that’s why..

Kushi : I want to ask you something

Arnav : answer me first

Kushi : yes I sent that mail ( she is all dull now )

Arnav about to shout but seeing her face he doesn’t

Kushi : now answer me.. What’s in your coat..

Arnav : its none of your business

Precap :

Kushi is crying bitterly near poolside. Arnav see her & go to her.

Arnav : Kushi..

She turn back & hug him tightly..

Kushi : sorry.. I’m sorry arnav

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Credit to: Anaya

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