A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 23)


Recap : Kushi suspicious about Arnav’s coat.


Arnav feeling dizzy bit ignores it & sleep


Kushi : di who arranges Arnav’s clothes in closet

Anjali : I used arrange them but since one month Chote do it himself with help of aman. Why are you asking kushi.

Kushi : di everything is messed up there so I was asking.

Anjali : I’ll arrange them tomorrow then.. Kitni baar kaha hai mein karti hoon lekin nahi humesha di kaam mat karo yehi bolte hai ( how many times I’ve told that I’ll do it but no he’ll be saying di don’t do work )

Kushi : I’ll also help you di

Next day

Arnav : di you I got your reports. Doctor said you have become weak so getting headache.

Shyam : Why don’t you eat properly & take some rest rani sahiba.

Anjali : aap dono bhi naa pehle ek sar dard ke liye test karwaye aur ab upar se rest karne ke liye bol rahe ho.. ( you two are too much.. First you took me to hospital for simple headache & now want me to take rest )

Shyam : you always do this why don’t you listen to us.

Anjali : but..

Arnav : enough di. I don’t want anymore arguments on this . you’re not doing any work that’s it. Why are the workers paid if you do work. ( he said angrily & shyam too was not happy.. Anjali saw both of their faces )

Anjali : ok don’t get angry now .. Tum log bina baat ke mujhe mareez banana chahate ho tho ab mein kya karu.. ( if you both want to make me patient without any problem what can I do )

Arshi’s room

Arnav searching some file & is feeling dizzy. Kushi notices it.

Kushi : aap teek tho ho ( are you ok )
They share a eye lock remembering old times how they used to ask each other are you ok

Arnav feel dizzy & loose control Kushi rush to him & make him sit & give water.

Kushi : didn’t you take sugar tablets

Arnav : I’ve taken

Kushi : don’t lie

Arnav : I’m not a kid to lie

Kushi : wait I’ll call di & doctor..

Arnav : no.. I’m alright no need of doctor & don’t even dare to tell di..

Kushi : but..

Arnav : I said no..

Kushi : ok but on one condition.. You should have food & tablets on time

Arnav : don’t act too much no one is seeing us

Arnav leave for office. Kushi feel bad.


Anjali & kushi go to room & start cleaning the closet. Kushi suspiciously search everything.
Anjali left her phone in her room.. Arnav tired of calling it called at landline.

Hari Prakash: hello

Arnav : di kaha hai ( where is di )

Hari Prakash : bhaiyya woh..

Arnav : did she eat properly on time & took tablets.

Hari Prakash : yes she ate & now cleaning your closet.

Arnav : what.. Give her the phone

HP go up & give Anjali’s mobile & she see Arnav’s miss calls & call her again

Anjali : Chote why you called so many times

Arnav : di stop cleaning my closet & take some rest..

Anjali : ok.. Why are you screaming.. There’s only little left to clean..

Arnav : di I said now.. ( he scream )

Anjali : ok baba I’ll stop it ok


Kushi again start searching & she climb into the closet & just then arnav arrive.

Kushi ( to herself ) hey devi maiyya ine bhi abhi aana tha ( oh god why he came now ) she hide inside it.

Arnav open closet & see Kushi there.

Arnav : what the.. What are you doing inside

Kushi : (stammer) I.. I was cleaning..

Arnav understand she gave Anjali this idea of cleaning. He drag her out.

Arnav : how dare you kushi

Kushi : what.. ( arnav close Kushi’s mouth )

Arnav : don’t act innocent

Kushi struggle to get free..

Arnav : listen carefully don’t drag di into everything if you do it again you will really see my devil got it ( he shout at peak of his voice )

Arnav go out leaving his laptop there

Kushi : ab aise bhi kya hua ki itna chillagaye zaroor daal mein Kuch kaala hai ab toh mein pata karke hi rahoongi. Lekin pehle mujh pe chillane ke liye badla Lena padhega..soch kushi soch.. ( what so big happened that he shouted this much.. Definitely there is something fishy.. Now I’ll surely find out what’s there in that coat but before that I’ve take revenge for shouting at me.. Think Kushi think )

Kushi gets an idea to take revenge for shouting at her
She takes Arnav’s laptop & mail to some loveguru.com


Dear love guru

I don’t know how to speak to my wife .. I always end up shouting at her. I don’t have manners how to speak to ladies. Can you please help me up becoming prince charming from Rakshas for my dearly wife. I’m short tempered person so if i shout at you dont mind. Here’s my contacts

Arnav Singh Raizada ( Laad governor , Rakshas)
Chairman & CEO
AR Group of Companies

Phn no : 98********

Thank you

Kushi : (to herself) ab dekhiye Mr. Raizada aapka kya haal ho tha hai. ( now you see Mr. Raizada what your condition becomes )


Arnav doesn’t eat properly & Kushi, Anjali notices it..
Anjali :what’s this Chote you are not eating properly.. Ate you fine..

Arnav : yes di..

Anjali : did you take tablets

Arnav : yes di.. I’m fine don’t worry

Anjali : ( touching his forehead ) bukaar tho nahi hai lekin tum.. ( there’s no fever but..)

Arnav : di I’m fine why are you getting tensed

Anjali : looking at your face I don’t feel so.. First you’ll go to hospital & get your sugar check up. Are you hiding something were you feeling dizzy ??

Kushi about to say but arnav give her some looks.

Arnav : no di.. I’ll get it checked tomorrow ok

Anjali nod & asks him to take rest

Next day


Arnav gets a call

Person : hello namskar sasriyakaal ji

Arnav : hello ASR speaking

Person : Prem… From love guru.com speaking ji

Arnav : what..?? Who??

Prem : mein ji aapka love guru.. Prem.. Aapki guide for your love life ji..

Precap :

Arshi fighting & mami sees them.

Arnav twist Kushi & hold her tightly

Kushi : leave me..

Arnav : give me the answer first

Kushi : I’m not answering you

Arnav about to shout but see mami & change the topic

Arnav : ( in sweet voice ) but why Kushi when I’ve given you why can’t you give me

Kushi look confused

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