A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 22)

Arshi bedroom

Both are sleeping kushi wake up & see Arnav sleeping covering his face.

Kushi : ( to herself )why is he covering his face ??

She sleep again. Arnav wake up & see Kushi sleeping covering her face.

Arnav : ( to himself ) damn why is she covering her face..

Arnav also sleep again. Both open their quilt a bit and peep if the other is awake or not together. Both see each others eyes peeping out. Both pull the quilt back their face.

Kushi : ( to herself ) Laad governor ko sabse pehle mera chehara dekhna hai.. Dekhti hoon kaise dekhte hai ( so Laad governor wants to see my face first in the morning let me see how he’ll see)

Arnav : achha yeh bhi sabse pehle mera chehara dekhna chahati hai.. Dekhta hoon kaise dekhti hai ( so she also want to see my face first in the morning.. let me see how she’ll see)

Both sleep again waiting for each other to get up first & suddenly they hear a sound. Kushi thinks its Arnav & Arnav think its Kushi. Both get up together & say

Arshi : dekha humne aapko pehle humara chehara dekhne nahi diya

Hari Prakash stand confused holding a coffee. They wanted to see each other first & ended up seeing Hari Prakash ( servant ).

Hari Prakash: Arnav bhaiyya Kushi bhabhi aap dono teek tho ho ( are you both fine )

Kushi : yeh aapne kya kiya.. Mein subah pehle..( what did you do I wanted to se..) She stop realising Arnav is here..

Hari Prakash : bhaiyya aapki coffee.. ( your coffee )

Arnav : get out

Kushi : (to herself ) accha laad governor ko gusse mein hai.. Kyun ki mujhe pehle dekh nahi laate..toh chal Kushi iss baat ka fayda utha the hai ( well laad governor is angry that he couldn’t see my face first come Kushi let’s take advantage of it )

Arnav is going to washroom but kushi stop him & stand between his way.

Arnav : what the

Kushi : wahi him pooch rahe hai what the ( I’m also asking the same what the )

Arnav : what??

Kushi : as if you don’t know anything.. You were peeping out of blanket to see me right ?

Arnav : no way..

Kushi : jhoot.. Humne dekha aap dekh rahe the. Kal tho maanane ke liye tayyar nahi ki him lucky hai par aaj.. ( lie.. I saw you were seeing. Yesterday you were not ready to agree I’m lucky & today.. )

Arnav : hold on .. tum kya kar rahi the.. ( what were you doing..)

Kushi : mein kya kar rahi thi.. mein tho soo rahi thi. ( what was I doing.. I was sleeping )

Arnav : oh stop it kushi.. In sleep you saw me peeping at you..?? Tum bhi mujhe hi dekhne ki koshish kar rahi thi.. Hai na ( you were also trying to see me right )

Kushi : no..

Arnav : accha hua kal tumne pehle mujhe dekh liya warna pata nahi tumhara results ka kya hota. ( it was better you saw me first yesterday otherwise don’t know what would have happened to your results )

Kushi : oh hello Mr.Rai..

Arnav : I don’t have time for all this..

He goes into the bathroom..

Kushi : what the..

Kushi sleep again for a while & open closet to take her clothes but arnav’s coat fall down. She picks it up & find something inside & is about to put her hand in pocket but arnav snatch the coat.

Arnav : don’t dare to touch my things

Kushi : kyun nahi touch kar sakte haan ( why can’t I touch ??)

Arnav : kyun Matlab woh meri cheeze hai iss liye ( why means because they are my things that’s why)

Kushi : accha.. Hmm Kuch chupa tho nahi rahe ho aap haan ( well you are not hiding anything right ?)

Arnav : ( coughing ) what.. What shall I hide..

Kushi : I have my eye on you..

Kushi go to washroom


Aman dialing Lavanya’s number & she’s not picking the phone. Arnav enter the cabin & see him. Kushi call Lavanya but its busy later she pick the call.

Arnav & Kushi : ( to themselves ) again the same

Aman ( to arnav) & Lavanya ( to Kushi on phone ): morning

Arnav ( to aman ) & kushi ( to lavanya ) : how many days will this continue aman.


Aman : I can’t believe you trust your friend so blindly that you don’t even want to hear my side of story

Lavanya : yes I believe Kushi more than anyone because she can never hurt loved ones.

Aman : ASR can also never hurt his loved ones. He is never wrong. I believe in him

Lavanya : what do you mean to say Kushi is wrong then..

Aman : I don’t know what made Kushi bhabhi do that but..

Lavanya : what did kushi do?? everything is done by your ASR…

Aman : what the hell Lavanya stop accusing him ( he shout )

Lavanya : you stop accusing my kushi ( she too shout )

Aman : ok this isn’t gonna work..

Lavanya : let’s part our ways..

Aman : will you be able to move on without me

Lavanya : its very difficult to make me fall in love.. I saw my parents parting & I’ve been seeing Garima cheating I never believed in love but Arshi made me believe in love but today when I see their condition i am broken

Aman : I always saw Kushi bhabhi as a ideal she can never do anything wrong but what happened now I think anyone can change. I too am broken seeing them..

Lavanya :I love you Aman but we can’t be together you broke my trust supporting Arnav

Aman : I too love you Lavanya & I’ll love you till my last breath but you too broke my trust supporting Kushi bhabhi

Lavanya : ok let’s call each other everyday.. You call on Monday, Wednesday & Friday & I’ll call on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. If you realise you were wrong then pick my call & if I realise I was wrong I’ll pick your call.

Aman : ok..

They hug each other

Flashback ends..

Arnav : Aman..

Kushi : Lavanya…

Aman : yea ASR what’s up

Lavanya : yea Kushi what’s up

Arnav ( to aman ) & kushi ( to lavanya ) : I can’t see you like this buddy. I’ll do something..

Aman ( to ASR ) & Lavanya ( to Kushi ) : no you’ve promised not interfere in this. I was not your mistake leave it on me.. I can’t see you standing guilty for me that too when you have not done anything..

Arnav ( to aman ) & kushi ( to lavanya ) : but what about you what about your love.. Because of us..

Aman ( to ASR ) & Lavanya ( to Kushi ) : Sshh..
I believe in love because of you & I know someday we will be together.. So don’t worry. Ok have some work gtg..

Arnav ( to aman ) & kushi ( to lavanya ) : take care of yourself..


Kushi pacing in the room

Kushi ( to herself ) : what was in his coat that he was trying to hide

Arnav enter the room & go to washroom to change keeping his coat & laptop bag on recliner.

Kushi ( to herself ) : shall I check .. No what if he comes to know… ( she move forward & stop ) no no kushi he will eat you up..( she move backward & stop ) why am I fearing him he can’t do anything let’s check.

She take his coat & is about to check & Arnav come & snatch it.

Kushi : give me your coat now

Arnav : what the

Kushi : what are you hiding in it I need to see give..
She start jumping & try to snatch it from arnav but he doesn’t give..

Arnav : itni interest kyun? dar rahi ho kahi kisi girlfriend ka photo naa ho ( why so much interested.. Are you afraid it might be any of my girlfriend photo )

Kushi : koyi bewakoof hi aapki gf banegi ( only fool can become your gf )

Arnav : someone is jealous ah..??

Kushi : jealous in your dreams beware Mr. Raizada I know how to check your coat I’ll find out soon

Arnav : let’s see

Precap :

Arnav : how dare you kushi

Kushi : what.. ( arms close Kushi’s mouth )

Arnav : listen carefully don’t drag di into everything if you do it again you will really see my devil got it ( he shout at peak of his voice )

Arnav go out leaving his laptop there & Kushi gets an idea to take revenge for shouting at her

Guess the Kushi’s idea guys its very funny

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