A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 21)


Flash back ends

Recap of present : Kushi’s griha pravesh & arshi fight for bed & both recalling their past

Arshi hear a door knock & get up realising its morning.
Kushi pull her quilt up covering her face & sleep. Hariprakash get in & serve coffee & leave. Kushi slowly get up closing her eyes & walk to the bathroom carefully. Kushi get freshen & come out still closing her eyes she bump into arnav she is about to fall but arnav hold her .

Arnav : what the !! Can’t you open your eyes & walk .

Kushi still closing her eyes
Kushi : noo

Arnav : what?

Kushi : I can’t see your face first in the morning.. this whole day will be spoilt nothing good will happen with me so until I see someone else I won’t open my eyes

Arnav : what the hell ..

Kushi : you are right its hell & you are the demon

Arnav : don’t mess with me ( he pin her to the wall & move closer to her face Kushi gets scared & open her eyes

Kushi : leave me arnav what are you doing

He move even closer Kushi close her eyes arnav whisper in her ears

Arnav : open your eyes Kushi you’ve already seen me..

Kushi open her eyes about to scream but see Anjali standing behind Arnav

Kushi : ( soft voice) leave me Arnav I’ve work

Arnav get confused why she is talking so sweetly

Kushi : ok I’ll give the gift afterwards happy leave me..

Arnav : gift?? I ..

Kushi : haan gift abhi di dekh rahi hai chodiye.. ( yes gift di is seeing leave me )

Arnav leave kushi & see anjali

Arnav : di woh..

Anjali : Guess I came at wrong time.. Kushi today is your rasoi rasam jaldi aana par itni bhi jaldi nahi hai tum gift dekar hi aajav ok ( rasoi rasam is there so come soon but you give your gift & come)

Kushi fake blush

Anjali : aur arnav neeche aane se pehle lipstick mark mitake aana ( arnav wipe lipstick marka before coming down ok )

Anjali go from there arnav see angrily at kushi & she smile naughtily. Arnav come closer.

Arnav : you will give me a gift ah.. Come let me show you..

Kushi : what are you doing ..

Arnav : gift dene ka bahoot shauk hai na .. Toh mera gift le raha hoon ( you wanted to give me gift right so I’m taking it )

Kushi : ( scream intentionally ) leave Arnav I can give only one gift for now..

Arnav suddenly move behind
Arnav : kushi stop screaming.. Shh..

Kushi : kyun dar gaye ( why got scared ? )

Arnav : mujhe aur dar ( me and scared)

Kushi : ( again screaming ) chodiye Arnav koyi aajayega kya kar rahe hai aap ( leave me arnav someone will come what are you doing )

Arnav close Kushi’s mouth : stop it kushi . stop acting what will they think. Zyada drama mat karo ( don’t drama )

Kushi : ( pushing him behind ) ab drama hi karna padega na .. Asliyat mein bacha hi kya hai une dikha ne ke liye ( now should drama only.. There is nothing left in reality to show them )

Arnav : I should be careful today.. I saw your face in the morning..

Kushi : what?? You are lucky you saw my face first the whole day you’ll get only good news

Arnav : you are lucky you saw me first your day will go good.

Kushi : well then let’s see. We shall judge it at night whose day went nice & whose bad..

Arnav go to take bath & kushi go to kitchen


Anjali & mami are standing..

Mami : Hello hi Kushi bitiya come come hum kabse tumraha hi waiting kar rahe the (we were waiting for you only )

Kushi : woh maaf kijiye mami todi der hogayi ( sorry mami got bit late )

Anjali : waise Kushi aap gift dekar hi aayi hai na ( you gave gift & then only came right )

Kushi just pretend to blush…

Mami : waisan meethe mein kaa banavat ho rasam ke liye.. matlab arnav bitwa ke liye ( well what sweet are you preparing today for ritual I mean for arnav ) she teased

Kushi : ( to herself ) man tho Karele ka halwa banane kaa hai lekin kya kare majboori hai ( feeling like preparing bitter gourd dish but what do )

Anjali : Kushi are you here or in someone’s dreams..

Kushi : di.. Ok tell me what shall I prepare

Anjali : kheer Chote likes it very much & I’ll prepare jelibeis for you

Kushi : ok done but I’ll prepare jelibis too

Anjali : but..

Kushi : di I’ll prepare pls…

Anjali : ok baba you call me if need any help ok

Kushi prepared kheer & now making jelibis.. She has applied some batter on her face unknowingly & is looking very cute. Arnav passing there see kushi & stand lost in her beauty.. Rabba ve… Plays

He come back to senses when his phone ring & Kushi notices him he receive a call.

Arnav : yes Aman

Aman : we got that London’s deal congratulations..

Arnav : congratulations to you too

Aman : ok I’ll see you in a office

Kushi : dekha mili na good news sab meri vajah se ( see you got good news because of me )

Arnav : don’t live in dreams. We got it because of my hardwork

Arnav day went all good today he finalised 2 more deals. Kushi got her exam results she had topped the college & was very happy. They indeed were very lucky for each other

Dinner table

Kushi served kheer & jelibis to everyone. Arnav took a first bite & every were eagerly waiting for his reply so stared at him

Arnav : what?

Manorama : hello hi Arnav bitwa don’t act innocent

Arnav : ( looks confused ) mami ..

Kushi gesture about kheer & jelibis

Anjali : how is kheer Chote do you like it.. Kushi had made it specially for you.

Arnav : acchi hai ( nice )

Anjali : jaldi se Kushi ko kilaav ( now feed it to kushi )

Arnav Kushi stare each other.. But kushi lean forward gesturing to feed. Arnav feed it they remembered their old days.. How they used to feed each other. Now Kushi too feeds him one spoon.

Akash : how is it bhai. I think it became sweeter as fed you didn’t it ?? ( he teased )

Arshi room

Arnav : no day was worser than this..

Kushi : my day was more worse than yours..

Arnav : as in you know everything..

Kushi : yea I know everything I asked Aman. Today it was very good day for you & you got 3 big deals today. Don’t lie

Arnav : Even I asked di.. Your day was happiest today. You got your results & you topped college. Pata nahi kis bewakoof ne evaluation kiya tha ( don’t know which fool evaluated your paper)

Kushi : excuse me what do you mean

Arnav : I mean your day went good because you saw me first in morning

Kushi : And your day went good because you saw me first in morning

Both sleep on bed & think

Both : ( to themselves ) kya sach mein woh mere liye lucky hai…… no.. Never its just coincidence

Precap :

Kushi : give me your coat now

Arnav : what the

Kushi : what are you hiding in it I need to see give..
She start jumping & try to snatch it from arnav but he doesn’t give..

Arnav : itni interest kyun dar rahi ho kahi kisi girlfriend ka photo naa ho ( why so much interested.. Are you afraid it might be any of my girlfriend photo )

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Wow wow wow wow wow Anaya…. That’s sooooo awesome… ArShi’s fighting with each other was just awesome… Seriously it was very interesting to read… Liked is sooooooooooooo much… The episode was fantastic… Nice….
    Please post it everyday cause now I can’t wait yaar,,, please….

  2. karela ka halwa… lol

  3. awesome

  4. Karela maza aa gaya
    Please post it daily

  5. Just Amazing eppisode..Plz unit Arshi plz.But I also like Arshi’s fight.And now I want to see Arshi’s Romance,Aman and Lavaniya’s cute fight.

    1. Thanks shanaz. There will be romance in between their fights. Lavanya & payal will be back in one or two episodes.

  6. Arshi was awesome

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