A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 20)


Recap : Arshi anniversary party Arnav asking for his gift

Arnav : I need my gift now

Kushi : I need mine first

Arnav : ok ask what you want

Kushi come closer hug Arnav

Kushi : thank you soo much for coming into my life you are the best person I could get thank you soo soo much love you arnav

Arnav : love you too you too are the best wife. OK now tell me what you want as a gift.

Kushi lean to his ears & whisper “Honeymoon”

Arnav get shocked & about to say something but kushi kiss on his lips stopping him from talking. They have lip lock. Arnav surprised Kushi pull back & run downstairs. Arnav stand stunned for some time & recall what she said

Arnav : Honeymoon not bad my wife is becoming intelligent day by day

Arnav come down stairs looking for kushi but doesn’t find her anywhere.. He observe some girls seeing him & laughing & some ladies gossiping seeing him.

Arnav : what the

Aman , Akash, lavanya, payal standing their come to him & start laughing

Lavanya : not bad Kushi finally got some brains

Payal : my Kushi was always intelligent just bit shy

Akash : sab bhai kaa sangat ka asar hai ( its all duty to brother’s company)

Aman : ASR tumne toh humari seedhi saadhi bhabhi ko bigaad diya ( ASR you spoilt our innocent Kushi )

Kushi come there & ask kisne bigaada mujhe ( who spoilt me)

Anjali shyam come there

Shyam : kya baate ho rahi hai kahi phirse saale Saab ko pareshaan toh nahi kar rahe ho ( what’s up? What are you guys talking.. Are you teasing Arnav again)

Lavanya : Kushi what were you doing in room

Kushi : I was giving a gift to him

Payal : now we got to know why arnav was so desperate to get the gift

Akash : what beautiful gift bhabhi

Bubbly : mamu why have you applied lipstick

Anjali shyam see arnav & arshi get alerted. There is lipstick mark on his lips.

Arshi go from there towards guests. Cake is cut guests are attended & some dance performances are given. Everyone enjoyed the party but Arshi couldn’t get to talk to each other.

Arshi’s room

Arnav come & hug kushi from behind

Arnav : where shall we go then Switzerland, Moracious , Paris..

Kushi : no.. I wanna go on a island where we are all alone no one to disturb us..

Arnav : done someone’s getting too romantic these days ah..

Kushi : aakir biwi kiski hoon ( after all whose’s wife I’m she said proudly)

Arshi were all happy but there was storm to come in there life. Garima & Harish had planned to separate them at any cost.

A week passed Arnav was all busy in some work he wanted finish it before going on honeymoon. Kushi couldn’t spend much time with him but garima had started filling Kushi’s ears against Arnav but kushi never believed them. Arnav saw Kushi spending time with Garima & he didn’t like it much..

Anjali’s room

Anjali : Chote how can you do this

Arnav : they deserved it di

Anjali : where will they go Chote you snatched there house how can you??

Arnav : its was our house di sheesh mahal humara hai & I’ve restored it.

Garima’s room

Garima : your papa lost contract because of arnav

Kushi : no there is some misunderstanding Arnav can’t do this

Garima : I’m telling you he doesn’t like us he only want you not your family

Kushi : but..

Garima : I’ve heard from my own ears Kushi he can do anything for his business. Come let me show you

She take her near Anjali’s room & they stand outside

Anjali : lekin chachaji ka kya. He had to incurr such great loss what will he do ( what about uncle )

Arnav : he is not my chachaji so I don’t give a damn to it .. Let him do whatever he want

Anjali : Chote do you have any value for relations why are you doing this

Arnav : di I’m doing business that’s it & no mercy in business whatever I did was purely business no relation count here.

Anjali & Arnav are talking about their chachaji Harish Malik but kushi misunderstood it has her chachaji Shashi Gupta. Kushi go from there in tears Garima fill Kushi’s ears & she believes it.

Nani & shashi Gupta returning from temple meet with an accident which planned by Harish malik. Kushi sees this while returning from temple & take both to hospital. Even hospital staff is also bribed they lie to Kushi & make her fall in their trap.

Kushi : doctor are they fine

Doctor : don’t worry about nani she is fine but shashi Gupta’s life in danger.

Kushi gets shocked
Kushi : do something doctor.

Arnav get to know about this but kushi doesn’t pick his call so call on hospital & the poen intentionally make arnav hear wrong statements

Kushi : do something doctor please.. Save my babuji ( father )

Doctor : we have shortage of staff someone need to be there for nani too so can’t operate your father.

Kushi : don’t worry about nani you first operate my father please..

Arnav is shocked to hear this as he doesn’t know nani has no major injuries & she is safe..

Doctor : but..

Kushi : save my father first then do whatever you want I don’t care I want him fit & fine now ( she scream )

Doctor nod ok & ask her to complete formalities.
Garima come there & phone is still on. Garima pretends like talking with kushi..

Garima : how can you do this Kushi she is your nani too don’t be this selfish. Kushi listen where are you going.. Kushi….

Poen cut the call Arnav is all furious over kushi

Shashi is shifted to another hitech hospital & nani is resting here only in old hospital ( as she doesn’t have any major injuries)

Raizadas & Guptas reach hospital. Arnav gets more furious when he learns Kushi left nani her alone. kushi left nani with garima but Garima say she was not told anything by Kushi

2days passed they they were busy in hospital & didn’t talk. Today both nani & shashi was discharged they reach home. Arshi in their room after 2days. They get a envelope & it is their honeymoon tickets which arnav booked. They look furiously at each other & Kushi recall what she heard near Anjali’s room & Arnav recall what he heard in the hospital & both tear the tickets.

Arnav : I hate you Mrs. Kushi Singh Raizada

Kushi : I hate you too Mr.Raizada

Flashback ends…

Recap of present : Kushi’s griha pravesh & arshi fight for bed & both recalling their past

Arshi hear a door knock & get up realising its morning.

Precap :

Arnav : what the !! Can’t you open your eyes & walk .

Kushi still closing her eyes
Kushi : noo

Arnav : what?

Kushi : I can’t see your face first in the morning if I do how can I tolerate this whole day so until I see someone else I won’t open my eyes

Arnav : what the hell ..

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Ha ha ha so nice na

  2. So sad that b*t*h garima sepereted arshi
    Clear their misunderstanding soon
    Waiting to see them together soon

  3. Anaya Plz Yaar try to be regular.You khow what I’m a big of you’r ff.That’s why I can’t wait much longer time.Can’t you update it regular?Plz don’t mind if I hurt u But It’s true that It is tough for me to wait for next eppisodes..Luv U

    1. Sorry yaar I’ll upload regularly from now on

  4. Yes, plz do clear their misunderstandings…! Rest the episode was good, finally got to know the reason.. update soon

  5. Hey, Anaya I have commented for ur b
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    1. Ok sure. Sorry for making you wait for long

  6. Misunderstandings will be cleared but before that there will be some cute fights guys. Hope you enjoy them

    1. Yeah!! Right.. I also want some cute fights between my ArShi.. But u promise…. Please ArShi ki bich or koi goons nehi lana aur koi misunderstanding mat create karna.. Is misunderstanding ko dhire dhire mitak unko pherse ek kar do..

      1. There will be no more misunderstanding.I’ll post a promo today .. It will explain everything..

  7. Thanks swara, hayathi, shanaz,kushi,kajal, tanvesha.

  8. Hi Anaya.. I am a silent reader of ur ff.. It’s really nice.. Keep going yaar…

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