A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 2)


Raizada Mansion
(Everyone is busy in preparations to welcome someone special..the whole house is decorated & everyone is happy excited to welcome her except one )

Arnav come down fully getting ready to go to office
Anjali: Arre chote yeh kya tum office jaa rahe ho aaj bhi..tumhe pata hai na aaj khon aane wali hai humein laga tum sabse aage rahoge( she said teasingly)[Oh Chote what’s this u r going to office even today.. You remember who’s coming today..I thought you will be first one to welcome her] Arnav: Di its important meeting I have to go. mein shaam ko jaldi aaraha hoon teek hai[I’ll cm early in the evening] Anjali: Accha hoga tum waqt pe aajaho toh warna..[better u come early otherwise..] Arnav look at her in curiosity
Anjali: warna hum unke saamne tumhara khaan kichenge(she laugh seeing his face)[otherwise I’ll pull your ears in front of her] Arnav sighs a leave to office.

AR office

Arnav is in his cabin fully frustrated. Today he is shouting at everyone who enter his cabin. Aman enter the lion’s den ( Aman is ASR ‘s friend cum manager)

Aman: ASR kya hua aaj meeting mein bhi frustrated lag rahe the..mein chaar din chutti pe kya gaya tumne poori office ko sar pe uthaya hai
Itna miss kiya mujhe (teasingly) [What happened ASR u looked frustrated even in meeting…i went to on holiday for 4days & u have turned the whole office upside down. Did u miss me so much] Arnav: Do want to go on permanent holiday.?
Aman: ok leave it..Di has messeged me to reach home at 5pm..chalo chale ab[come let’s go] Arnav: We are not going home aman let’s go to farm house aur di ko Kuch bataane ki zaroorat nahi [there is no need to tell anything to di] Aman: Lekin kyun ASR di ne kaha some special guest is coming hum time pe nahi gaye toh di naraaz ho jayegi [but why ASR di told some special guest is coming..if v don’t go on time she will be angry] Arnav : do u know who that special guest is.. “Kushi kumari Gupta”
Aman: Singh Raizada
Arnav : whatever.. Aaj uska gruha pravesh hai..mere saath aur yeh kabhi nahi hoga. Let her get in alone.

Aman : Par di ka kya arnav [but what about di] She will be hell angry & by doing this everyone will doubt on u both.
Arnav: I don’t care
Aman: Oh really
Arnav give him angry looks
Aman : Tum kab tak farmhouse mein rahoge ghar toh jaana hi hai na then y all this [till when will u stay in farmhouse u have go home right] Arnav : tum aa rahe ho ya mein akela jaav farmhouse [whether u r coming or shall I go alone] Aman give up & both reach farmhouse

A young beautiful girl in bridal lehenga with heavy jewellery reach Raizada mansion (shantivan)& gets out of car all Raizada members welcome her & make her sit in garden

Nani: Anjali bitiya chote kaha hai bahut der hogayi hai abhi[where is chote anjali its already late] Anjali : Nani hum usse hi phone kar rahe hai [Nani I am calling him only] (Anjali try calling both arnav & aman both are not picking the phone)

Akash : welcome bhabhi kaisi ho aap[how are u bhabhi] Kushi : hum teek hai akashji aap kaise ho[I am fine how are u Akash]

Akash :Super lekin aapki behen bhi aati toh aur behatar rehta[super but would have been better if even your sister had also come] Kushi widnen her eyes
Bubbly : I am also here (pouting)
Kushi : oh sorry bubbly yahan aav[come here ] (she make her sit on her lap & starts playing with her)

Anjali,Nani, shyam ,mama ,mami all are tensed as arnav is not picking phone & its already 7pm

Anjali: this is the limit let him come home today
Shyaam: rani sahiba calm down he might be struck some where let me call in his office
Hello Can I speak to ASR
Secretary: Sir he is not here he left the office at 4 itself with Aman Sir.
Anjali : kya hua wahan bhi nahi hai woh[what happened is he not present even there] Shyam nods no

Anjali: Humein in dono ko dekh kar pata nahi aisa kyun lagta hai ki Kuch bhi pehle jaisa nahi hai..aapko yaad hai do saal pehle kaise rehate the yeh dono lekin pata nahi kya hua milna band kardiya sirf phone pe baat karne lage aur ab jab humesha ke liye saath rehne waale hai toh aise kar rage hai..nah chote ka nahi kushi ka chehre pe koyi kushi dikh rahi hai..[by seeing these two don’t know why I feel there is nothing like before.. Do u remember how these two used to be 2years back don’t know what happened all of sudden they stopped meeting used to talk only on phone & now when they are going stay together forever I don’t see any happiness on their faces]

Shyam: Nothing like that rani sahiba don’t u know how much they love each shayad jagda kiya hoga kal phone pe isliye aaj aise kar rahe dono & they stopped meeting because arnav didn’t wanted to affect kushi’s studies due to their romance u know how romantic he is don’t you [may be they might have fought yesterday on phone so they are acting like this today] Anjali: hope what u said turns out to be true


Aman: Come let’s go home ASR its already 10:30 All must be in their bed by now except..
Arnav: Except Di..ready to face her aman
Aman: Mein tumhe sirf gate tak chodunga ASR andar aane ko sochunga bhi nahi..so r u ready[I am leaving you only till gates won’t even think of getting in]

Arnav: You are coming in & tell di any story why we are late got it
Aman : But why me ASR tum kud hi kuch boldo [you only tell something ]She will be hell angry aur mujhe Bali ka bakra nahi banana
Arnav: you know why aman..di meri har jhoot pakad leti hai[di catches my every lie] so you are coming with me that’s final

Arnav & Aman reach shantivan & as soon as they enter the gates they are shocked to see the whole family in the garden.Anjali give some angry looks to both.

Shyam: Don’t get angry now rani sahiba let’s talk about it tomorrow now let’s start the rasam
Anjali agree..
Arnav & Kushi have a eyelock but there is no love in it . Their stance breaks when nani speaks out

Nani : Chaliye bitiya ab rasam shuru kijiye pehle hi bahut der hogayi hai[come let’s start the procedure already its too late] Aman: (to ASR) Tum toh aaj gaye rasam bhi poori karni padegi aur di kaa gussa bhi jhelna padega.[you are gone today you have to complete this procedure & even bear di’s anger also]

Arnav & Kushi start the rasam tilak is applied to both anjali circle the thali & as per Raizada tradition arnav lift kushi & take her in. Both are very uncomfortable & angry at each other.

PRECAP: Arnav & kushi in their bedroom

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Credit to: Anaya

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