A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 19)


Recap : Arnav Anjali return to Delhi

3 Months later

Anjali 🙁 on phone ) ok bye take care

Shyam : aap teek nahi kar rahi agar saale Saab ko pata chala toh ( you are not doing right if Arnav comes to know)

Arnav come there

Arnav : what are you both planning to hide from me

Anjali : nothing

Arnav : I know what it is..

Anjali : ( bit nervous ) what you know

Arnav : you are keeping some fast again right..

Anjali get relieved but shyam is bit upset

Shyam : You never know what your di is upto better we both should be careful ( he said sarcastically)

Anjali gave him cold stare while arnav understand they were quarrelling but doesn’t interfere

Arnav : I guess I came at wrong time.. ( he is about to go)

Shyam : Arnav is packing done when are we leaving for Lucknow.

Arnav : yes jijaji tomorrow morning we shall start Gud night

Arnav’s room

Arshi on video call

Arnav : can’t wait till tomorrow

Kushi : itni bechaini.. Zara sabar kijiye sabar ka phal meetha hota hai ( so much restlessness.. Wait a bit .. If you keep patience you’ll get good results)

Arnav : well what gift have you planned for me

Kushi : whatever you want

Arnav : I need a kiss

Kushi : what??

Arnav : ab itni sabar kiya hai toh kuch toh meetha milna chahiye naa ( when I have waited for so long so I should get something sweet right)

Kushi : dekh the hai ( let’s see)

Arnav : what you need?

Kushi : I’ll ask on our anniversary day itself

Anjali’s room

Anjali : why are you not talking properly with me

Shyam is busy with some files but listening to Anjali also

Anjali : mein aapi se baat kar rahi hoon sun rahe ho aap ( I’m talking to you only. Are you listening) she snatch his file

Shyam : what you expect me to talk.. Will you even obey any of my words or will you listen at least to your Chote ? No then what’s the use in talking.. Aapko toh sirf hum dono ko nachana aata hai lekin humaari koyi baat nahi maanani ( you only know to make both of us dance to your tune.. Never listen to our words )

Anjali : ( making sad face ) sorry

Shyam sit beside her

Shyam : rani sahiba aap hi sochiye agar Arnav ko pata chala aap un logo ke saath koyi bhi rishta rakh rahi hai toh… Humne poochtaach karke bataya tha na aapko woh Harish malik accha insaan nahi hai aaj bhi wahi matlabi hai toh firse kyun.. ( anjali you think yourself if arnav gets to know that you are keeping any relation with those people then… After enquiry didn’t I tell you that Harish malik is still the same selfish man then why again.. )

Anjali : hume unse koyi rishta nahi rakhna lekin un dono bachho ka kya galati ( I don’t want to keep any relation with them but what’s the mistake of those two children)

Shyam : pehli baat tho woh bacche nahi hai shaadi ki umra hai Kavya ki aur un dono ki fikar karne ke liye unke Maa papa hai tho aap ki koyi zaroorat nahi waha ( the first thing is they are not children its marriage age for Kavya & to care for them they’ve their parents you don’t need to worry..)

Anjali : lekin ( but )

Shyam : aap sirf saale Saab aur bubbly pe dhyaan dijiye. Pata hai aapko dono din bhar din bigad rahe hai. Bubbly ke results dekhe aapne ( you give attention to arnav & bubbly. Do you know both getting spoilt day by day. Have you seen bubbly’s results )

Anjali : she will improve but what did Chote do ?? You are complaining about him??!! Then something big might have happened

Shyam : nothing I’ve talked with him you don’t worry.


Its 11:55pm
Kushi’s room

Kushi is not sleepy & fiddling her dupatta as she is very excited for tomorrow & is missing Arnav. So gets up & take the watch & press a button it plays ” I love you Kushi ” in Arnav’s voice she blush

Kushi : I love you too arnav. I can leave the whole world for you . missing you so much when it will be morning can’t wait to see you.

She press another button & song start playing.. But she hear double voice

Kushi about to turn but Arnav come & hug her from behind .

Kushi: Arnav you were supposed to come to tomorrow right then..

Arnav : surprise

Clock strikes 12

Arnav : happy anniversary kushi

Kushi : happy anniversary love you

Arnav : mera gift ( my gift )

Kushi : nahi milega ( you won’t get )

Arnav : what .. Why

Kushi : humne kaha tha sabar ka phal meetha hota hai aapne sabar kiya hi nahi ( I said you will get sweet result if you wait but you didn’t wait itself )

Arnav : sabar tho tumse nahi ho raha tha accha hua mein time pe aagaya ( you couldn’t wait you were being restless I came on time )

Kushi : then wait now I need some time

Arnav : ok take all your time but I need it today


Arshi offers Pooja in temple & take blessings of elders . Raizadas have arrived . no one is leaving a chance to tease them.

Buaji : Arnav babua aap raat ko hi aa gaye itna bhi sabar nahi hua ( you came night itself couldn’t even wait that much )

Lavanya : intezaar kaise hota itni pyaar Jo karte hai ek doosre se ( how could he wait as they love each other so much)

Payal : entry from window how romantic

Akash : I think we should change their name into Romeo & Juliet

Arnav give him angry look

Akash : kyun bhai pasand nahi aaya koyi baat nahi we have options like heer raanjha, salim anarkali etc.. You can select among them

Anjali : stop it no one will my Chote & Kushi .

Arshi get relieved at least anjali is understanding but no she is on other track

Anjali : why will they change their name.. They’ll become another beautiful memorable pair “The Arnav & Kushi” other people will change their names to arshi.

Nani : come let’s have breakfast now

All having breakfast

Arnav holding Kushi’s right hand below the table

Kushi : leave me they’ll see

Arnav : give me the sweet I want first

Bubbly hears this

Bubbly : mamu here is the sweet have it ( she give it to him )

She see Arnav didn’t leave Kushi’s hand

Bubbly : leave mami’s hand mamu how will she eat
Arnav leave hand & everyone stare them with naughty smile.

All day Arnav is troubling Kushi to give him his gift but she is not ready

Anjali : she’ll give it why so desperate Chote

Lavanya : may be she has not brought or still preparing.. Right Kushi

Arnav : she have a gift but she is not giving

Kushi gesture him to stop

Aman : what gift what’s so special that arnav is so desperate..

Anjali : pyaar mein aisa hi hota hai ( in love all this happens )

Arshi ‘ room

Arnav all ready in blue suit & Kushi wearing red saree still getting ready for a party ( have not applied lipstick )

Arnav : come on Kushi hurry up party starts now

Kushi : almost done

Arni : where’s my gift

Kushi get up & kiss on Arnav cheeks

Arnav : not this

Kushi do touch up & apply lipstick

Kushi : I’m already let’s go down

Arnav grab her

Arnav : I need my gift now

Kushi : I need mine first

Arnav : ok ask what you want

Kushi whisper something Arnav get shocked

Precap :
Arnav : I hate you Mrs. Kushi
Kushi : I hate you too Mr.Raizada

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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. nice one.
    Interesting precap.

  2. nice pls update soon

  3. Oh!!! Finally!!!! U post it.. I was eagerly waiting… Hey, Anaya, the episode was fantastic… Awesome.. Arshi scenes were sooooooooo nice… Liked the episode very much?? but became very shocked for the precap??.. What happened to my Arshi.. Hey I knew it from the beginning that Arshi is separated.. But now it will be very difficult for me to see my Arshi separating….. But I know that I have to see them separating….
    And please please please post the next episode early.. I can’t wait…

    1. I have already posted part 20. Telly updates will upload it soon I think.. So no waiting..

  4. Thanks moni, swara & Kushi..
    Part 20 is already available on fb page. You can check out there

  5. I have just finished my reading of 20th episode of ur ff.. I was a little bit shocked.. But now it’s ok.. Keuki ab aur bhi accha lagega yea ff parneme.. Keuki ab Arshi ke bich mein pyaar or nafrat dono hein.. But I request, please yaar, ArShi ke bich or koi goons mat lana… Please… Aur jaldi se sab kuch reveal kark ArShi ko phir se ek kar do with some twist.. But don’t make it like other daily soaps… Please….

    1. They’ll be together don’t worry I won’t make it like other daily soaps..

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