A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 17 and 18)

Precap : Shashi & Garima ‘s anniversary party, Sheetal’s entry with hidden motives.


Arnav : then with whom shall I be, my wife is all busy in attending guests , no worries for husband.

Kushi : kisne kaha?? Mein humesha aapke baare mein hi sochti hoon pata hai(Who said so?? I do worry & always I think of you )

Arnav : jhoot (liar)

Kushi : I can prove that I always think of you

Arnav : then prove

Kushi : aap yehi rahiye hum aate hai abhi ( you stay here I’ll be back )


Garima : how was the journey beta

Sheetal : fine

Garima : how are you?

Sheetal : fine

Garima : talk to me properly why are you doing this to us.. Do you know how upset your papa is.. Why are you like this

Sheetal : you both know it better why I am like this.. You both made me like this. (she got hyper)

Garima : Baby calm down whatever we did was for your bright future only right

Sheetal : what about my present Maa. You & papa are never together & neither can I even call you Maa do you know how much it hurts to call you Mrs. Gupta

Garima : we will make everything fine baby please don’t be upset

Sheetal : I don’t understand what you both will get doing all this

Garima : you go & take rest


Kushi come to arnav & give him a gift box

Kushi : open it

Arnav open & find a couple watch

Kushi : do you know when ever you press this button a voice of me plays saying ‘I love you Arnav’ & in my watch a voice of you ‘I love you Kushi’ & when you press this button a music start playing on both watches simultaneously . how are they..

Arnav : cute..

Kushi : watch or me..

Arnav : watch is super & you are cute

Kushi hug Arnav & Sheetal see this scene


Lavanya : do you got to know anything about that Harish malik

Aman : no di took my phone so I couldn’t contact anyone. I’ll search his details some how you don’t worry

Lavanya : we should hurry up

2 days later

Since 2 days Sheetal observing Arshi being all romantic having fun with each other. Nothing was wrong between them as garima told.. Their relationship was not on basis of MAJBOORI ( invetible one )

Sheetal : how dare you lie to me Maa

Garima : I didn’t lie baby they are acting in front of you..

Sheetal : stop it I’m not a kid to brainwash my mind. I clearly can see their relationship purely stands on love immeasurable pure eternal love. I can read my ASR .. I mean Arnav’s eyes he love Kushi his eyes can’t lie to me & Kushi’s innocent smile & blush when she is with arnav it can’t be fake. ( she have tears in eyes)

Garima : but what about your smile your love..

Sheetal : I loved him & I love him but he never loved me I’m his friend & will remain a friend I understood his heart is filled with Kushi & I don’t have any space in it.

Garima : how can you let him go when you love him soo much

Sheetal : pyaar karti hoon isliye jaane de rahi hoon agar zid hoti toh aasil karti par aap nahi samjhegi ( I love him so letting him go if he was my obsession I would have achieved him but you won’t understand)

Garima : but.. I won’t ..

Sheetal : stop it Maa anyways I’m going back today there is nothing I can do here

Garima : what are you saying ?? You’ll go back but why its only been week & who will do that work

Sheetal : maa I said I’m not doing anything against my ethics didn’t I

Garima : God what shall I do with this girl.. Here me & your papa her taking so many risks for you & you … wait I’ll call him you talk with him only

A man comes on video call

Man : sweety listen you have to do this to get your love . you can achieve nothing easily you’ve to snatch it from other so kick that Kushi out of his life &..

Sheetal : They’re in love don’t you understand.. What the hell is wrong with you both. How can you even think like that das

Man : but sweety…( Sheetal interrupt)

Sheetal : but what dad you want me to become one more Shashi Gupta.. A miserable man who is kept in dark whole life.. Ah??

Garima : Sheetal you are crossing your limits ( she scream in anger)

Sheetal : why Maa am I wrong you married him invetibly but were you able to forget dad you keep shashi uncle cheating everyday, you didn’t forget your love even after marriage.. What you expect from arnav then..? he too can cheat me for kushi if I marry him forcefully. Tell me dad what you both expect me to do ??? Maa ?? You both are not even my legal parents only biological parents.. Your relationship is illegal Maa dad you both are cheaters.. I’m a..

Garima slap hard on Sheetal’s cheeks . Sheetal go from there

Man : you should not have slapped her

Garima : but Harish she is talking in that tune & you..

Harish : but she is not wrong

Garima : then what you want to say.. You want me to spare those Raizadas who spoilt my whole life you’ll let go everything

Harish : never… I can never spare them I just want to keep our daughter out of this that’s it

Garima : what to do now..? Sheetal failed all our plan

Harish : you go & console her & send her back to Mumbai I’ll think of another plan..

Garima : ok bye love you

Harish : love you too take care

Garima come & console Sheetal & ask her to return back to Mumbai

Sheetal : Maa shall I ask you something

Garima : yes baby ask..?

Sheetal : why do you hate Raizadas so much ?

Garima lost in her thoughts

Flashback start :
(flashback in flashback don’t get confused guys)

26 years back

Sheesh Mahal

Garima : I’m pregnant Harish do something

Harish : I’m trying my best garima but bhaiyya not agreeing for our marraige

Garima : but why?? What have I done to him

Harish : Gayatri bhabhi’s Maa has told something you had an affair with some man & you are pregnant with his child & I don’t have courage to tell bhaiyya that I’m that man

Garima : but how her Maa know me? she haven’t even seen me

Harish : she have not seen you but her friend has told her all this

Garima : now what ? I can’t abort this child its dangerous to my health .. Let’s run away & get married please..

Harish : if we run away I won’t get any property

Garima : so you’ll leave me !!?.

Harish : never ..I can’t imagine my life without you .. I’ll hide you from this world let’s marry secretly & you give birth to this baby it will only turn our fate

6 months later

Harish had made plan to make all the property in his name but was caught by Manohar Raizada ( Akash’s papa, Arnav’s mamaji)

Manohar Raizada : how can you cheat your own brother like this I won’t let this happen I’ll reveal this to everyone

Harish plead for apology & manohar let him go but Devyaani Raizada ( Arnav’s nani ) tell her damaad Raj Malik ( Arnav ‘s father) to get his brother Harish get married to make him responsible . So Harish gets married to lady called aasha but never gave her the right of being his wife. Garima was his wife. Aasha was just a puppet.

Sheetal born after a month

Raj search Garima as he too liked her , this is a really reason why he refused Garima’s marriage with Harish. He find out about her whereabouts but he didn’t know anything about Sheetal so he started forcing her to have an affair with him his tortures were increasing day by day Harish & Garima were helpless.

One day Raj forcefully wanted to marry Garima but in process of escaping from him she hid in Shashi Gupta’s marriage ceremony . Bride had ran away so Shashi married Garima to save his family respect.

Knowing the truth Gayatri committed suicide while Raj was accused of this sin my Raizadas.
Harish had succeeded in getting all property transfered to his name & he killed Raj malik & portrayed it as a accident. But Raizadas had doubt on him & Aasha blackmailed that if he leave her then she’ll reveal the truth . so Garima & Harish never got united in front of society but maintained their relationship secretly. Harish threw young Arnav & Anjali out of home & Raizadas took care of them in Delhi.

Flash back ends

Sheetal : Maa are you listening tell me na..

Garima : yes.. They separated me & your dad so..

Sheetal : Do you really love dad so much.. Maa

Garima : yes I love him more than my life

Sheetal : Then payal..? Whose daughter is she & Anshu, Kavya ( Harish’s children)

Garima : don’t even think I had any relation with that shashi Gupta. Payal is a test tube baby. shashi wanted a baby so.. At least I could do that much to him. Anshu & Kavya are mine & Harish’s children Aasha is their surrogate mother.

Sheetal leave to Mumbai

A week pass Arshi enjoy a lot, everyday outing shopping, movies, long drives, romantic dinners

Arshi bedroom

Kushi : You will go back tomorrow??

Arnav : yes kushi I’ve to go

Kushi : but.. Hmm ( she make sad face )

Arnav : oh come on baby don’t make that face. Ok I’ll stay for a week more happy

Kushi : wow very happy love you

Next day morning
Guptas came to know Arnav will stay for a week more but garima was not happy

Garima : Don’t know what magic had this kushi made on him

Harish : we can’t take risk Arnav should go back to workout our plan

Garima : but how??

Harish : I have a idea..

Garima : what will you do? He won’t listen to any one

Harish : Who said he won’t listen to anyone , he agree to every words of his di.. She is his world

Garima : but why will she call him back to Mumbai. She is hell bent in making them spend time together.

Harish : you are an idiot

Garima: wait if anything happens to her he’ll run back to her well that’s nice

Harish : do you think it’s possible to touch her Arnav has left no flaws in safeguarding his family.

Garima : then?

Harish : I’ll call her to my home. I know she will come then see what arnav does ??


Anjali come to Lucknow

Anjali : surprise surprise

Kushi : wow di.. She hug her

Anjali : was missing you both a lot so came here

Kushi : come di you get freshen up let’s have dinner together

Dining table

Arnav : di bubbly’s exams are going on & you here

Anjali : I was missing you

Arnav : really only that much.. ( he asked suspiciously)

Anjali : haan ( yes) what else

Arnav : I know why you are here

Anjali : what are you saying Chote what you know ( she stammered )

Arnav : you’ve kept some stupid fast again or any mannat so you are here to go to temple right

Kushi : kal toh badi aarti hai devi maiyya ki mandir mein aur iss din shaadi shuda ladkiyo ko bula ke shagun diya jaata hai mayke ke taraf se ( tomorrow there is big Pooja in temple & married women are given gifts by their parents)

Arnav : di listen I don’t have any objections if you go to temple offer Pooja & all but no fasting

Anjali : ok baba I won’t fast kush ( happy)

Next day morning

Arnav : I’ll drop you di

Anjali : no Chote ( she replied suddenly) I mean it will take long there & I want to meet my friend so I’ll take the driver.

Anjali offer Pooja in temple & Harish malik is waiting for her

Harish : Anjali bitiya how are you

Anjali : why have you called me now

Harish : give me a chance to repent beti. I’m here to fulfill duty of father.

Anjali : itne saal toh hum aapko yaad nahi the ab kyun ?? ( you didn’t remember us all these years why now)

Harish : let’s go home & talk beta

Anjali : Mein aapke saath kahi nahi aa rahi ( I’m not coming anywhere with you)

Harish : sheesh mahal bhi nahi, wahi ghar jahan tumhara bachpan beeta tha , wahi jahan bhaiyya bhabhi ki der saare yaade hai ( not even sheesh mahal, the same house where you spent your childhood, the same house where there are lots of memories of your parents)

Anjali have tears in eyes
Anjali : what you want ??

Harish : I want forgiveness sorry I threw you both out of house sorry please come with me & let me do my duty.

he plead by folding hands.. Innocent anjali fall in his trap & agrees to go with him.
They reach sheesh mahal Anjali is in tears all are childhood memories are back in front of her eyes . They are welcomed Aasha do aarti for Anjali & welcome her in.

Anshu & Kavya come & greet Anjali

Harish : my children anshu & Kavya..

Anjali just smile

Harish : take her blessings she is your elder sister Anjali

They have a chat with her & Pooja is done & shagun( gift )is given to Anjali . Anshu & Kavya are innocent they are unaware of their parents deeds they genuinely are happy meeting anjali

Driver informs Arnav that anjali is in sheesh mahal & he gets furious.

Anshu : Di Arnav bhai won’t come ??

Kavya : we wanted to meet him too

Anjali : he is very angry.. ( Anjali gets a call from arnav )

Arnav : Di.. Where are you

Anjali : humari saheli ke ghar.. Der hogi Chote hum dinner yehi karenge ( in my friend’s home.. I’ll be late Chote will have dinner here itself)

Arnav : di out of that house right now

Anjali : Chote…

Arnav : I know where you are I’m on my way but you don’t stay there for a second more

Anjali : chachaji ( uncle ) has changed you come here let’s talk

Arnav : I know what to do

Arnav cut the call in frustration & drive to sheesh mahal. He storm into the mahal & search for anjali

Harish : Chote

Arnav hold his collar

Arnav : I’m not your Chote.. where is my di ??

Harish : listen..

Arnav : I asked where is my dii ( he screamed)

Aasha: in your parents room

In room

Anshu : Bhai ko bahut gussa aata hai? ( will brother get very angry )

Kavya : will he shout at you ?

Anjali : he loves me a lot even if he gets angry I’ll make him understand you both don’t worry

Arnav storm into a room

Arnav : dii…..

Anshu & Kavya get scared looking at his anger

Anjali : Chote come here..

Arnav : what are you doing here di come let’s go..

He hold her hand drag her out.. Anshu & Kavya follow them.

Anjali : Chote chodo kya kar rahe ho ( Chote leave what are you doing )

Anshu : bhai…

Arnav stop

Arnav : I’m not your not your bhai

Kavya : lekin di..( but di )

Arnav : she is not your di ( he screamed in his highest voice)

Anjali : Chote stop..

Arnav : stay away from my di she is my di

Harish & aasha come there ..

Harish : Chote..

Arnav leave Anjali & come forward

Arnav : how dare you?? You’ll have to face the consequences.. You kidnapped my di

Anjali : Chote listen I came here he didn’t kidnap..

Arnav : you don’t know him di I know him very well he is a gold digger who just need money

Harish : you are getting me wrong I just want your forgiveness beta

Arnav hold his collar

Arnav : forgiveness my foot.. You..

Anjali : Chote..

She make Arnav leave his collar

Arnav : di he is a devil.. I know how to teach him a lesson you stay out of it. And you stay away from my di

Harish : I’ll wait for your forgiveness & I can no more stay away from you both till my last breath

Arnav : then I’ll take away your last breath today itself

Anjali : Chote ( she scream & raise her hand but doesn’t slap him )

She goes to Harish & aasha take their blessing & hug anshu & Kavya. She hold Arnav & take him out of the sheesh mahal.

In car both doesn’t talk he directly drive the car to Delhi. Driver inform guptas that arnav had urgent work so went to Delhi.


Raizada mansion – Delhi

Arnav storm into house his eyes are all red & Anjali still have tears in her eyes. Shyam & all raizadaa know what happened in Lucknow through driver. Both go to their respective rooms

Shyam : rani sahiba are you okay

Anjali hug him & start crying

Anjali : aapko pata hai Chote ne kis tarah baat ki unse.. Chachaji toh sirf maafi maang rahe the ( do you know how rudely Chote talked to them. Uncle was only asking sorry )

Shyam : have you forgot what they did to you both after your parents death. How can you trust that man again.

Anjali : log badalte hai aur badale hai ( people change & he has changed)

Shyam : give some time rani sahiba I’ll find out whether he had really changed or not but till then please stay away from them.

Anjali : lekin ( but)

Shyam : bharosa hai mujh pe ( do you have trust on me)
Anjali nod yes
Shyam : then leave everything on me
Anjali hug him & is relieved a bit

Shyam informs this to arnav & Arnav is relieved that at least for some days his di will stay a way & in that time he knows how to fix everything

Everyone is having dinner . anjali is sitting opposite to arnav but is not seeing him. Arnav knew she was very angry on him.

After dinner in Anjali’s room

Shyam : why are you not talking to arnav

Anjali : he is spoilt because me

Shyam : well that’s true ( he teased she gave him one angry look)

Shyam : what?? Is it not true?? Jokes apart.. He just is protective towards you even I didn’t like you going there without informing us. It was obivious Arnav reacting that way

Anjali : lekin itna gussa. Is baar nahi chalega( but this much anger won’t work this time )

Shyam : he was..

Anjali : you don’t take his side. Agar sirf gussa karne ki baat hoti tho teek hai lekin iss tarah beizzati karna unki.. ( if he was only angry on them then it is explained but humiliating them like this )

Arnat enter the room & Anjali stop talking

Shyam : aayiye saale Saab iss baar aapko bahut mehanat karni hogi aapki di ko manane mein ( come Arnav this time you have to do lot of hard work to console your di )

Arnav : di I’m sorry that I hurted you I didn’t mean to hurt you di I’m really sorry.

Anjali : shyam tell him I don’t wanna talk to him ask him to go & sleep its already late

Shyam : he is asking sorry na forgive him

Anjali : sorry what hurting me he not only hurted me but..( Arnav interrupt)

Arnav : di whatever I did with them I’m not sorry for that they deserved it

Anjali : dekha aapne ( see how is he talking)

Shyam : he will ask sorry for that once they are proved innocent ok

Shyam sign arnav to agree

Arnav : ok di let’s see then.. now please talk to me he make innocent face & hug anjali.

Anjali : you both know how to console me naa..

Precap :

Arshi ‘s first anniversary

Arnav : I need my gift now
Kushi : I need mine first
Arnav : ok ask what you want
Kushi whisper something in his ears & Arnav is shocked.

Guess the gift guys. Flash back ends in tomorrow’s update .

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