A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 16)

I’m really sorry guys I couldn’t upload last week as my aunt was hospitalised sorry.

Arshi room

Kushi is angry..
Arnav : kushi give my night dress
Kushi : its on table ( without seeing at him)
Kushi go into washroom arnav about to say something but she close the door
Arnav : what the
Kushi come out changing
Arnav : pass me the towel
She gives him
Arnav : ( to himself )what’s wrong with her
Arnav change to his night suit
Kushi is adjusting the bed

Arnav : Kushi.. Listen to me
Kushi : what ( still not seeing at him)
Arnav : Kushi look at me when I’m talking
Kushi look at him angrily
Arnav : what? Wait are you angry on me
Kushi remain silent
Arnav : kushi.. ( he shout )
Kushi : yes..I’m angry & you know the reason
Arnav : for whom ? That..
Kushi : stop it Arnav she is my chachi
Arnav : toh woh Kuch bhi .. ( so.. She can..)
Kushi : toh une poora haq hai hum pe unki beti hoon mein ( so she have full rights on me I’m her daughter)

Arnav : No one has right to slap you ok whoever it may be.. And what you want to say what she did was right
Kushi : I know she was not right but she is elder so.. I would have handled the situation but you…
Arnav : handling situation and you ? You were about to cry.. Leave it kushi you don’t need to worry about all this when I’m here I know how to handle such people.
Kushi : but.. ( arnav interrupt )
Arnav : its already late sleep..

Next day Evening

Kushi : party starts in an hour & decorations are not yet done do it fast..
Servant : its almost complete mam

Kushi see arnav coming down the stairs & go to Anjali’s room.

Arnav : what the
Aman : dont you think she is angry
Arnav : I know aman . she is avoiding me since morning..
Aman : what did you do..( he teased)
Arnav : because of that Mrs Gupta
Aman : ( bit serious ) I’ve to tell you something serious about her. She is having an affair
Arnav : what!! Are you sure
Aman: yes I mean not completely but..
He explain everything what Lavanya & her dadi told & what they saw in bungalow.
Arnav : what’s his name & show me their photo
Aman is about to show the photo but Anjali come there & interrupt. She hold ears of Arnav & Aman.
Anjali : Chote haven’t I warned you both not to do any work here.
Arnav: di what are you doing leave me
Anjali : give me your phones first
Arnav: not again I’m not giving
Aman : di important calls..
Anjali pull them harder
Both : ouch di..
Aman : ol take it di ( he give his phone & anjali leave his ears)
Anjali : aur tumhara Chote ( and yours Chote)
Arnav : di leave my ear I’m not a kid
Anjali forward her one hand asking for phone & other hand still pulling his ears.
Arnav : ok di fine take it
Anjali: Aman is already spoilt being with you lekin Akash se door hi rehana tum dono, usse bhi apni taraha kaam kaam ka jaap mat karwana ( but stay away from Akash you both , don’t make even him to chant work always )
Aman : he chant something else..( indicating about payal )

Anjali : and you.. ( she teased indicating about lavanya)
Anjali go from there
Aman : abhi Delhi jaane tak di phone nahi degi ( di won’t give phone till we go to Delhi)
Arnav : Damn but promised her that we don’t do any work here. I didn’t say anything.
Aman : actually me & Akash… ok bye someone is calling me.
Arnav 🙁 to himself) if di is here then Kushi is alone in room.

He goes to room & see kushi selecting saree to wear for party . He doesn’t see Anjali, mami,nani, payal, lavanya & buaji standing at the other side near mirror.. Seeing her alone he come & hug from behind Kushi gets shocked. Arnav is facing back towards them so he didn’t see them. Kushi turns towards him & notice all are seeing them.

Kushi : arnav chodiye ( arnav leave)
Arnav : chodne ke liye todi na pakdi hai ( I have not held to leave you )
Kushi : woh.. ( that. )
Arnav pull her even closer
Arnav : Wear the red one it looks good on you
Kushi : nahi woh .. Aap peeche ( no.. . behind ..)
He place hand on her mouth
Arnav : come on Kushi you still angry on me
Kushi nod no..she try to open her mouth
Arnav : stop biting my hand..ok listen I’ll give you a gift by which all your anger will vanish.
Saying that he kiss on her cheeks she close her eyes in embrassement.

Buaji : hayee re nandakishore ( oh God)
Arnav suddenly leave Kushi & turn
Mami : Arnav bitwa office ka kaam bye bye aur bharpoor romance hello hi ( arnav office work bye bye & full time romance hello hi)
Lavanya : kya tareekha hai gussa piglaane kaa waah ( what a way to mellow down anger wow)
Everyone teased
Anjali : stop it everyone don’t tease my Chote anymore.
Payal: di don’t worry they won’t get embarrassed after all they are legally weded husband & wife hai na Kushi ( right Kushi)

Lavanya : yea di they were doing even more in front of us that valentines night
Kushi : stop it Lavanya
Arnav : I have some work ( he is about to go but Lavanya interrupt )
Lavanya : you are forgetting something here

Lavanya gave naughty smile to kushi & Kushi understood what she is saying.
Arnav : what
Kushi : nothing.. Arnav you go
Lavanya : an said you always say love you when
you leave how can you forget ( she teased)
Arnav about to go
Anjali : don’t worry Chote we won’t listen see we are closing are ears now.
Arnav go from there & Kushi also run away.
Everyone get happy but garima fume in anger & go out to call someone

Girl : hello
Garima : hello where are you come soon
Girl : what so hurry Mrs Gupta
Garima : can’t you call me Maa atleast when none are around.. Leave it come fast
Girl : I’ve clearly told you the conditions for doing that work, if anything is against my ethics I’m not doing it
Garima : I know I know how many times will you remind
Girl : ok bye
Garima : take care baby

Party starts

Arnav is standing with aman & Akash . They see their 3ladies coming down in beautiful saree’s. Kushi, payal & La come to them.

Akash : wow payal you are looking very beautiful
Aman :Lavanya tum pari lag rahi ho ( Lavanya you are looking like an angel)
Arnav : aur tum pariyo ki rani Kushi ( and you are queen of angels)

All 3 ladies blush & Kushi about to go but arnav hold her hand

Arnav: kyun kamrw mein Jo gift diya kaafi nahi tha kya..ek aur soon abhi yehi ( why kushi the gift I gave you in room is it less shall I give one more here in front of everyone)
He moved close to her

Kushi : no.. What are you doing everyone are seeing
Arnav : so what.. We are..
Anjali : legally weded husband & wife right Chote.
Arnav go from there

Shashi & Garima come down everyone busy wishing them & managing guests ,but garima’s eyes are waiting for someone, cake is cut & then payal & kusy give a performance dedicating it to their shashi & garima

Song ..
Yeh tho sach hai ki bhagwan hai..

Everyone appreciate them shashi became teary eyed while garima fake some smile & notice some girl coming

Garima : welcome beta how are you
Sheetal : I’m fine aunty Happy anniversary
Garima : thank you
Sheetal : what a surprise you here Arnav
Shashi Gupta: he is my son in law Kushi’s husband.
Arnav give formal hug to sheetal just to tease Kushi & Kushi fume in anger. Kushi come to Sheetal & say hi but Sheetal is lost in her own thoughts, she felt bad seeing Arshi here but managed to say hi
Sheetal : your performance was very nice.. But do you believe that song is true I mean parents are like God & all..( she said sarcastically looking at garima)
Kushi : yes I do believe they are.. ( Kushi see arnav staring Sheetal & get angry)
Kushi cough to get his attention & when he looks at her she give him some dangerous looks
Kushi : Arnav di was searching you come..
She drag him from there& take him to kitchen

Arnav : I think something is burning kushi ( he teased)
Kushi : I’ll make you sit on this stove & burn you
Arnav : what the
Kushi : not what the if you don’t stop flirting see I’ll do that .. First that Seema, then Sasha then aasha & now Sheetal !!
Arnav : ASR never flirt , those girls were drooling over me & Sheetal is my college friend I’m just being friendly not flirting.
Kushi : dikh raha tha
Arnav : accha bura laga ( well you felt jealous)
Kushi : whatever I don’t want you to be with them that’s it
Arnav : then with whom shall I be, my wife is all busy in attending guests , no worries for husband.

Precap :

Garima : what are you saying ?? You’ll go back but why its only been week & who will do that work
Sheetal : maa I said I’m not doing anything against my ethics didn’t I
Garima : God what shall I do with this girl.. Here me & your papa her taking so many risks for you & you … wait I’ll call him you talk with him only

FLASHBACK ends in next to updates there is a huge twist awaiting.

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