A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 15)

Servant : Harish Malik
Shyam : what!!?? He came here !??? Ok don’t tell anyone about this ok..
Servant nod & go
Aman & Lavanya hear it

Aman : Any problem jijaji
Shyam : ( bit tensed ) no nothing..
Lavanya : who was here ?
Shyam : my friend.. I mean my old client…
Aman : but.. ( shyam interrupt )
Shyam : there is a party in a hour I think you both should go there its specially for love birds.
Lavanya : jijaji but..
Shyam : oh come on guys go & enjoy IRS here only on the bank of that river..

Shopping Mall

Kushi : dinner or date jiji ?
Payal : kushi.. Chup ( stop ) ask Arnavji & tell me what color akashji like
Kushi see toward arnav
Arnav : I don’t know
Kushi : ok I’ll message jiji
Payal : do it fast ok..
Kushi cut the call & dial Akash
Akash : hello bhabhi.. how is date I mean trip ( he tease)
Kushi : hello jijaji… what have you planned for date I mean dinner( she tease back )
Akash : what..!!? Bhabhi aap yeh..( he stammer )
Kushi : I understand no need to explain ok tell me your favourite colour now
He tell her & she message the same to payal
Arnav : You too have started learnt teasing
Kushi : how can I spare them they’ve troubled us a lot..
Arnav : yea especially this Akash , aman & your friend Lavanya she is too much sometimes
Kushi : don’t you think there is something cooking between them
Arnav : yes I saw aman getting jealous when lavanya talking to someone else..
Kushi : I remember something from word jealous
Arnav : what??
Kushi : don’t you think something was burning when we were with salmanji
Arnav : oh… Not again
Kushi : kyun..( why)
Arnav : ok I agree I was bit jealous
Kushi : finally
Arnav : won’t you be jealous to see some other girl with me
Kushi clearly nods no
Arnav : let’s see


Lavanya : Who is that Harish Malik
Aman: I’ve heard that name somewhere.. That word malik.. But where??
Lavanya : we should ask jiju directly
Aman : I don’t think so..
Some people drag these two dance floor & they do slow dance close to each other.. They feel some butterflies in the stomach.


Ice cream Parlour

Arshi having ice cream.. & suddenly a girl come

Girl : hello ASR
Arnav : hello have a seat
Girl : long time ASR, how are you
Kushi was getting restless & she was thinking introduce me… I’m here
Arnav : I’m great , how are you Sheetal
Kushi : (to herself) oh her name is Sheetal
Sheetal : got to know you got married..
Kushi : (to herself) finally
Arnav : Yes .. My wife is in front of you Kushi
Sheetal : hello
Kushi : ( with some fake smile ) hii
Arnav : ( to kushi ) she was my classmate in Harvard university while studying MBA
Sheetal : You still have the same ice cream
Arnav nod & they talk for a while..all this time Kushi was fuming.. & after a while..
Sheetal : well I’ll take a leave now bye guys
She give formal hug to arnav but Kushi’s face was worth seeing & Arnav observed it .
Arnav : Kushi mujhe garmi lag raha hai ( I’m feeling heat)
Kushi : why AC is on then
Arnav : I think something is burning ( he teased )
Kushi : you think I’m jealous
Arnav : I don’t think, I’m sure you are jealous
Kushi : you did this purposely right
Arnav smile & she chase him to beat him

Its night
Arshi in helicopter

Kushi : I’m hungry
Arnav : close your eyes
Kushi : then how will I eat.. Will you feed me ??
Arnav : I don’t mind doing that but first close your eyes
Kushi close her eyes & roof top of helicopter gets open & a transparent glass cover its top & all delicious food are kept in front of them especially jelebis are kept.

Kushi : wow arnav you are the best
She kiss him on cheeks
Arnav : when will you learn to kiss
She feel shy Arnav is about say something she put jelibi in his mouth. They have a nice time have dinner there in air & reach Lucknow.

Night 11:50pm

Arshi , Akash payal & Aman lavanya enter the garden of Gupta mansion

Kushi : how the dinner jiji
Payal & Akash blush
Payal : stop it kushi otherwise I’ll hit you
Lavanya : unki chodo tum dono kaa kya hai kal raat se gayab..ah ( leave them what about you both, disappeared since last night ..ah)
Kushi : tu toh aaj rehane de.. ( you stop it today )
Aman : why..why should we leave
Arnav : because we know everything about you both. Valentines party slow dance that too on river bank beta..Aman better you stop teasing us now..
Kushi : and you lavanya wearing blue color gown from when did you start liking that color or your choice changed for someone else
Arnav : ab kya hua lavanya bolti band ah ( what happened now Lavanya why stopped teasing)
Aman : you are getting us wrong
Arshi : ooooh bechare Kuch nahi pata ( poor people u don’t know anything)
Payal : ok let’s get in now its already 11:59

Everyone go to the door & knock
Clock strikes 12;00
Arnav : here you are at your home at 12
Kushi : thank you for this wonderful date..
Arnav : you are welcome baby love you
Kushi : love you too

Akash payal & Aman lavanya
We are here only they shout
Arnav : so what..she is my legally weded wife
Kushi : he is my legally weded husband. You 4 should fear not us
Arshi give hifi & laugh. Akash & payal get in by climbing window .
Door opens Arnav is checking something on phone so stand out for a while

Garima : yeh waqt hai aane kaa( is it a time to come )
Kushi : chachi woh..
Garima : shut up besharam.. Kal raat se ghar se baahar ho uske saath ( shameless.. From yesterday night you are out with him )
She raise the hand as she didn’t notice Arnav standing behind. Lavanya about to defend kushi but arnav hold garima’s hand his eyes all red with full anger. Evil garima’s expression suddenly changes she smile at him

Arnav: how dare you
Kushi : Arnav ..
Arnav : wait kushi.. Mrs Gupta who gave you a permission to raise your hand on her.. How dare you ah..
Garima : no you are getting me wrong.. I thought Kushi was out with someone else.. I didn’t know she was with you ( she lied)
Arnav: stop it . whatever it may be you have no right to slap her mind it.. Otherwise I’ll forget who you are
Kushi : Arnav please..
Garima : I know beta but its parents responsibility to correct children when they are wrong soo..
Arnav : agar woh galat kaam kabhi kare toh uske karne ke baad woh apne aap sahi hojata hai kyunki woh meri biwi hai Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada. Mein uski har galat kaam ko sahi kardoonga, waise bhi woh kabhi galat hoti bhi nahi , is liye aap apne had mein rahiye( even if she does something wrong it automatically becomes right after she does it because she is my wife Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada. I’ll make her every wrong deed right..anyways I know she’ll never be wrong soo you better stay in your limits)

Lavanya & Aman are dancing behind arshi teasing garima. Garima’s anger rose even more seeing them dancing. Arnav take kushi from there.

Precap : Shashi Garima ‘s anniversary
Garima : welcome beta how are you
Sheetal : I’m fine aunty Happy anniversary
Garima : thank you
Sheetal : what a surprise you here Arnav
Shashi Gupta: he is my son in law Kushi’s husband.
Arnav give formal hug to sheetal just to tease Kushi & Kushi fume in anger

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