A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 14)

Recap : Arshi say I love you to each other

Hotel room
Kushi get up & see Arnav in front of her with a trolley of break fast . she give him a hug

Arnav : Gud mrng
Kushi : Gud mrng , yeh sab kya hai aur aap kyun yeh sab, room service tha na ( what’s all this why arer you doing this, there was room service)
Arnav : room service wala itne pyaar se nahi khilatana iss liye mein laya( room service boy would not have fed with this much love so I brought it)
Kushi : humne aapko unromantic kya bol diya aap toh seedha Romeo bangaye ( I called you unromantic & today you’ve become Romeo)
Arnav : toh tum jaldi se Juliet ban jaav ( then you become Juliet)

Gupta mansion
All Raizada’s are here to celebrate Shashi Gupta & Garima’s 25th anniversary which is after 2 days it is Akash & Aman ‘s plan to go 2 days prior but their intentions are not known to others except payal & lavanya that they are here to celebrate valentines day not anniversary.

In garden

Aman : Hi..
Lavanya : Hi..
Aman hesitatingly
Aman : Happy Va..
Lavanya looks at him ..& he get nervous
Aman : Happy Sunday
Lavanya smile
Aman : Did you find anything about that man who meets garima aunty

Lavanya : No. I couldn’t get any details about him. Just got to know he is some rich man. That Kareli is way to intelligent in hiding all this.
Aman : So what now??
Lavanya : she is not in home since yesterday night & I heard her phone conversation she is meeting that man today & I’ve address let’s catch her today
Aman: done

Afternoon 2 pm

Kushi : Where are we ?
Arnav : Mumbai
Kushi : what..!! Mumbai
Arnav nod yes..
Kushi : But why are we here

Arnav : its a surprise come with me..

They go into some dark room she couldn’t see anything & he make her stand .

Kushi : where are we I can’t take the suspense anymore
Lights get on & Salman khan is in front of her smiling at her

Salman khan : Hello Kushi
Kushi : Arnavji pinch me..
Arnav : what
Kushi : pinch me , mujhe salmanji dikh rahe hai ( I’m seeing salman here)
Salman khan : kyunki him yehi hai aapke saamne ( because I’m here in front of you )
Kushi couldn’t believe her eyes her favourite actor was in front of her & she always wanted to meet him & today he is in front of her. she wanted hug him but stop & hug Arnav.

Kushi : you are the best

Arnav : your smile is the best
Kushi : can I hug him
Arnav blink & Kushi see towards salman khan as if asking his permission to hug him & he open his arms indicating her to hug & she give him a big hug . then Arshi have a lunch with Salman khan & all the time she is praising his movies & him. Arnav is just lost in her innocence.
Then kushi dance with salman khan & arnay just looks on those three watch a movie together .

In car
Anjali : Where are we going
Shyam : remember that bungalow you liked , where we sent Arnav & Kushi
Anjali : yep
Shyam : I have made some special arrangements there for dinner just for us two

Anjali give him a side hug & car stops
Anjali :what happened
Shyam : don’t know let me check

In car
Lavanya is in blue gown looking gorgeous & aman in black suit.
Aman : you are looking very beautiful today
Lavanya : you too
Aman : what beautiful?!!
Lavanya : no handsome
Aman : well thank you miss beautiful
Lavanya : well still how lonh Mr handsome
Aman : ( in low voice) kaash yeh safar katam hi naa ho ( hope this journey never ends)
Lavanya : meine suna.. ( I heard it)

On road
Shyam : we should take lift rani sahiba
Anjali : can’t it be repaired here
Shyam nod no
Shyam : I’m sorry aaj ke din aapko iss tara.. ( I’m sorry this day if you’ve to..)anjali interrupt
Anjali : hab aap saath ho tho mujhe koyi parishaani nahi , jab aap mere paas hai tho valentine tho yaha bhi mana sakte hai jagah ka kya ( when you are here I don’t need anything else, when you are with me we can celebrate valentine here also what’s there in place)

They see a car coming towards them & wave hands for lift

Aman : They are looking like Anjali di & Shyam jiju
Lavanya ; not looking like they are di & jiju

They stop the car
Anjali give some looks to aman as if she is teasing him
Shyam : accha hua aap mil gaye warna humara valentine day sadak par hota ( its better you both came here otherwise we had celebrate valentine day on road )
Lavanya : hmm..come let’s go then
They get in
Anjali : nice dress lavanya & nice suit too
Shyam : but what were you doing
Anjali : what question are you asking shyam.. Don’t you know what couples I mean friends do on this day ( she teased)
Shyam then realised
Shyam : oh then we disturbed them
Aman : no jijaji nothing like that..
Aman : Jhoote kal meine poocha toh kya kaha hum sirf dost hai..ab bolo khonse dost valentines day saath celebrate karte hai ( liar, when I asked yesterday you said we are just friends, now tell me which friends celebrate valentines day together)
She pull his ears
Aman : diii its hurting
Anjali : then tell me the truth..
Aman : nothing like that di we just came to sp.. ( lavanya interrupt)
Lavanya : shut up aman stop lieng to her now..
Aman : What I’m ..( lavanya gestures him to stop & then he realise what he was going to tell)

Anjali : bolo bolo…( tell tell )
Aman : di…woh..hum..woh..( di that..we..)
They reached that bungalow
Aman : here we reached
Lavanya : here?
Shyam : yes this is same bungalow which you guys assumed to be ghost one & freaked out.. While returning from Lucknow.. Remember
Lavanya nod & look at aman
Aman : but here there is some car is parked who else is here
Anjali : hope Chote is not here
Aman : no di.. ASR is in Mum..( he stop ) I mean why will he be here.
Shyam : let’s check in watchman might know
Aman : but jijaji how can he allow strangers into your home
Shyam : let’s check

Anjali shyam go inside the compound & aman was about to go lavanya pull him
Aman : what happened..oh we have to search your Kareli right come tell me the address
Lavanya : this that address
Aman : what
Lavanya : yes its the address of this bungalow
Aman : you mean that car ?? It means ..
They are about rush in but see garima coming out with a man..they click their pictures.
Lavanya : now see how I’m gonna play with that evil Kareli..

Shopping Mall

Arshi are shopping

Kushi :aapko bura toh nahi laga( did you feel bad)
Arnav : kyun ( why)
Kushi : I mean I danced with him soo.. You know what I mean..
Arnav : oh come on kushi I trust you & he is just your favourite actor I understand …
Kushi’s phone rings
Kushi : hello jiji
Payal : Kushi where are you I need your help in selecting what dress to where today
Kushi : to where are you going
Payal : Akash is taking me out for dinner.. I’m so confused what to where.. Soo…
Kushi : dinner or date..??( she teased)

Lucknow outskirts

Anjali gets inside shyam walks to house keeper

Shyam : who was it ??
Servant: sir..
Shyam : aise kaise aap kisiko aane dete hai aap yaha yehi kyaal rakh rahe ho ( what is this … how can you let anyone come here is this a way to look after)
Servant : no sir woh..aapke rishtedaar ( they were your relatives)
Shyam : rishtedaar?? Koun tha ( relatives ?? Who was it )
Servant : Harish Malik
Shyam : what!!?? He came here !??? Ok don’t tell anyone about this ok..
Servant nod & go
Aman & Lavanya hear it

Precap : Garima : yeh waqt hai aane kaa( is it a time to come )
Kushi : chachi woh..
Garima : shut up besharam.. Kal raat se ghar se baahar ho uske saath ( shameless.. From yesterday night you are out with him )
She raise the hand as she didn’t notice Arnav standing behind

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