A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 11)

Kushi : naniji , babuji, hum dono iss rishte se kush hai , ab yeh rishta majboori nahi yeh.. ( we both are happy with this knot now it’s not our helplessness its..)
Anjali : pyaar na kushi (love right kushi )

Kushi blush & all are happy except garima she go out & call someone.

Garima : hello honey , whatever you said was right…they’re way to ahead
Man : I’m always right but you are just nothing more than stupid.
Garima : what did I do now?
Man: that’s the problem you are doing nothing .. Day by day kushi is getting closer to arnav how will we get Sheetal married to him without separating them, do something
Garima : I know what to do you don’t worry.

Everyone had their dinner & all elders went to their rooms . Arshi were about to go but anjali stopped them.

Anjali: Chote, rukho…( stop)
Arnav : why di
Anjali : itni jaldi bhi kya hai ( she teased)
Arnav : di pls I’m tired
Anjali: ok wait for 10mins & then go to room ok
Kushi : but why di
Anjali: please..
Arshi : ok

Garima call kushi. She show some fake love & start buttering her

Garima : I know kushi you are very much hurt & confused by this marriage. Abhi tumhari umar hi kya hai abhi abhi clg join kiya tha aur shaadi hogayi ( you are still young , you joined college sometime back only & now you are married)
Kushi : no chachi I’m happy that babuji is alright now I can do anything for you both
Garima : such a sweet girl you are but what about your life
Kushi : I’m fine..

Garima : divorce him kushi
Kushi : what..!!!!??
Garima : yes divorce him, now shashi is alright so you are free now
Kushi : no chachi , I can’t do this marriage is not a game & priest told we should be married to save babuji I can’t divorce him
Garima : you can kushi I asked priest ( she lied)
Kushi : even if I can I won’t..( she said firmly)
Garima : what.. But why ( she was loosing her patience now)
Kushi : because I lo..( Kushi stop realising what she was about to say)
Garima : because you
Kushi : nothing
Garima : ooho now I get it you want to spend night with him right ..I know you very well
Kushi : (in tears) chachi..
Garima : don’t do this drama in front of me

Aman & Lavanya heard all this & came to kushi’s defend
Aman : Aunty soch tho lijiye bol ne se pehle, kushi ne itna bada sacrifice uncle ke liye aspke pati ke liye kiya hai aur aap usse iss Tara..(aunty at least think before you talk kushi has done so much sacrifice for uncle, your husband & your talking this way..)
Garima : you don’t know her..she is..( lavanya interrupt)
Lavanya : Do you think everyone is like you.. Having affairs with..( kushi interrupt)
Kushi : stop it lavanya she is my mom
Lavanya: not your mom kushi she is your chachi
Kushi : please lavanya..
Lavanya go from their aman look on in confusion what just happened & kushi compose herself & go to arnav.

Arshi are go to their room & are stunned to see the decorations. Its been decorated with all red roses scented candles..for their first night.

Arnav : what the
Anjali come from behind
Anjali : how is it
Arnav : di aap..
Anjali : ok no more teasing , give me your phone
Arnav : why?
Anjali snatched phone & took laptop from him & pushed both inside
Anjali : so that no one can disturb you bye
Kushi about to stop her but Anjali locked the door & went off
Kushi is uncomfortable & arnav notices it

Arnav : do you want to say something
Kushi: actually woh..
Arnav make her sit on recliner & sit beside her
Arnav : look kushi I understand all this happened suddenly that none of us are prepared for it..so..
Kushi look in curiosity
Arnav : so what you suggest
Kushi : can we think about it once I’m complete my graduation..I mean after 3 years….
Arnav : I too was thinking the same..
Kushi: . So let’s be as just friends till then
Arnav: just friends..?( he asked teasingly)
Kushi looked in confusion

Arnav : we are best buddies kushi
Kushi smiled..her mood was off due to that evil garima.
Kushi: but here we have only one bed how will we sleep ?
Arnav : its big enough for us two I think
Kushi: but..friends don’t sleep together .
Arnav: oh its a problem now

Aman entered their bedroom with a bang as he didn’t know all this was arranged here

Aman : ASR you know ( he stopped seeing decoration) I’m sorry wrong time . you guys carry on ( he said teasingly)
Arnav : shut up aman we’ve a problem come here.
Aman : how can I solve problems of your first night ASR ( he said teasingly feeling shy)
Arnav : idiot I’ll kill you just listen to me
Arnav explains the situation

Aman: itni si baat,(only this much) come on Kushi who said friends don’t sleep on same bed
Me & ASR have slept so many times together.
Arnav : what the aman
Aman : I mean slept on same bed.
Kushi : its k I’ll sleep on recliner you both don’t worry
Arnav: no kushi .. Your back will break..I’ll sleep on recliner
Kushi : BO Arnav what about your back then..I’ll sleep there
Arnav: no

They start fighting & aman watch their cute fight.
Aman : ooho abhi se itna pyaar ( so much love from now only)
Arshi stop their argument & stare aman
Aman: I mean abhi se itni friendship( he teased)
Arnav : if you don’t have solution then get out. We will do something ourself
Aman : ok guys listen.. Bed is very big after all its ASR’s bed so you both sleep on it comfortably.
Arshi hesitate
Aman : kushi I know ASR bahut kadoos , gusse wala aur laad governor jaisa shakal hai uski lekin woh Rakshas nahi hai jo tumhe khaale

Kushi laugh out loud arnav admire her

Aman : ok stop admiring her know ASR, I know kushi have a long hair , beautiful eyes with bit mood swings & know she have secrets with her that doesn’t mean she is some witch who will bite you at night.

Kushi open her mouth wide & both arshi chase him to beat him

Precap : Lavanya reveals Garima’s secret to Aman .

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