A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 10)

Arnav: di poori pagal hogayi hai pata nahi jijaji kaise handle karte hai ( di has become full mad , don’t know how jijaji handles her)
Aman : ok leave all this come let’s have dinner
Everyone on dinning table
Lavanya: impressive aman you have ordered everyone’s favourite & nice arrangements
Aman : at least now you identity my talent..
Suddenly Akash gestures them to see Arshi.

Kushi is serving parathas to arnav both are having a eyelock & lost in each other. Kushi has already placed 10 parathas in his plate.

Lavanya clear her throat & their eyelock breaks
Lavanya : issi duniya mein ho tum dono ? ( are you both in this world only)
Kushi feel shy & those 4 start laughing
Arnav : shut up guys , I need some peace at least while having food
Aman : that’s true , after all you have to eat 10 parathas, you continue we won’t disturb
Arshi the plate & get embarrassed. Kushi removes extra parathas & all start eating .

Next day morning

All are in hall
Akash : how will we go to Delhi now
Lavanya : sab Kuch plan kiya tha tho yeh bhi plan kiya hi hoga ( looking at aman)( when planned everything this must also be planned bt him)
Aman : of course the car is ready
Arnav : let’s leave then

All reach hospital in 3hrs & they come to the ward where shashi Gupta & nani are kept. Kushi have full tears in her eyes as soon as she her babuji , she run to him hug him tightly & start crying. Arnav take nani’s blessings & then hug her.

Shashi: kushi beta stop crying see I’m all fine now, nothing has happened.
He pull back from the hug & wipe her tears & kiss her on her forehead.
Shashi : You are my strong girl na don’t cry
He see payal ,she too is in tears he hug her too .
Shashi : kya hogaya meri dono sherniyo ko aaj (what happened to both of my lionesses )
He pulls them towards him & say
Shashi: kahi mere absence mein tumhari Maa ne parishaan toh nahi kiya, kiya hai toh bol do ( did your Maa trouble you in my absence , if did tell me) everyone laughed at it thinking its a joke, garima frowned but only Guptas knew it was not joke.
Kushi took nani’s blessings & hugged her , even Arnav did the same to shashi Gupta.
Aman come inside
Aman: ASR formalities are done we can take them home now

All reach Raizada mansion, everyone go to their rooms. Kushi comes to arnav’s room & likes it.
Arnav is expecting her to say something but she is just scanning the room. She loved the room but thought it would be nice if room was more colourful but didn’t say anything as Akash had told her that Arnav doesnt like colourfull interior designing and he had also informed he doesn’t make any changes for anyone.
Arnav : did you like it?
Kushi : yes very nice
Arnav : if you want we can make some changes as per your likes
Kushi was surprised & was just staring him
Arnav : what?
Kushi : you’ll change its interior for me ( she asked astonishment)
Arnav: why not its your room too
Kushi : no need to change anything , I’m happy to know you value my likes too that’s enough
Arnav : are you sure?
Kushi nod yes
Arnav : I will always value your likes .
Both have a eyelock rabba ve song is playing in the background.
Anjali, shyam , La,payal, Akash, & aman are hearing this standing outside the room.
Shyam : rani sahiba hum keha rahe hai suniye waapas chalte hai( rani sahiba listen I’m telling you let’s go back)
Akash : yes di what if bhai comes to know
Anjali : come let’s go in
Shyam : what..??
Akash : I need some rest
Shyam : I have to meet some client
Aman : I have to go to office
Payal : I think amma is calling me
Lavanya :I’ll see off aman ( it was slip of tongue, everyone stare her)
Anjali : you all are cowards. I’ll go alone I’m more than enough to handle my chote ( she go in )
Arshi break their eyelock
Arnav : what the..
Anjali : yeh hamara question hona chahiye chote what the…( its should be our question chote what the..she ask teasingly)
Arnav : di please stop it

Anjali : aise kaise chod de chote after all my my brother is becoming romantic at least now. How can I stop myself from pulling your leg .
Arnav : dii..
Anjali : ok woh sab chodo dinner ki baat kya hai ( ok leave it, what’s the matter of dinner)
Kushi : di by mistake I served 10 parathas nothing else
Anjali : oh..I forgot there are 2 dinner stories naa.. One is silent romantic dinner & the other is filmy date. Its ok kushi this is common when you are in love
Arnav : di there is nothing like that
Anjali : what you don’t love her
Arnav: I didn’t say that ( he replied instantly)
Anjali : so you love her ( she teased)

Kushi was all red like kashmiri apple & Arnav was tongue tied by his di’s teases
Anjali : its ok chote tumhe Kuch kehane ki zaroorat nahi yeh tumhari aankhe hai na inhone hume sab bata diya ( you don’t need to say anything , your eyes told me everything) ( saying this she pull his cheeks)
Anjali : now hold your romance for some time & come down nani & uncle want to talk to you both.

Garima fume in anger who hears all this .

Arshi come down

Anjali : lijiye dono aagaye dono ( here they come)
Arshi sit on couch

Nani : we got to know in what situations you both got married it was because of us .
Shashi Gupta: we know that arnav you were not ready for marriage & kushi is still in college.. So..
Nani : hum yeh poochna chahate hai ki yeh MAJBOORIYAAN ne tum logo ko baandke rakha hai , tum dono kush ho iss rishte se yaa sirf majboori hai ( we wanted to ask that helpless invertible situations bonded you both together, so are you happy with this relationship or is it just a helplessness)

Arnav : its true that our relationship was invetinle when we got married but these 3months changed everything I genuinely respect this relation & Kushi & want to handle it my whole life
Kushi : naniji , babuji, hum dono iss rishte se kush hai , ab yeh rishta majboori nahi yeh.. ( we both are happy with this knot now it’s not our helplessness its..)
Anjali : pyaar na kushi (love right kushi )

Kushi blush & all are happy except garima she go out & call someone.

Precap : Arshi enter their bedroom & stunned to see the decorations

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