My new favourite feeling (part 7) by shinchan

Parineeta started behaving differently with adarsh. Adarsh was hell confused.
Infront of others they were like before but inside there room something changed n he just can’t point out what.
Earlier they used to reach there room, would do there own work n later sleep with a pillow wall in between. Now also same but the difference was he wanted to talk to her. He have never talked to her before n then directly asking parineeta about amit would seen something else. So he tried to start talking in some other topic but parineeta would just give him one word answer or very brief answer.

He have never felt like this before. Now He started noticing her. How beautiful she is. How she take care of his every family member. How she take care of his every need. How his clothes are always on bed when he come out from washroom. How his files are at there right place. How he would get coffee when ever he wanted.

As per the plan amit would visit the house almost daily n mingle with pari when adarsh was around, n he didn’t liked it even a bit. He would try every possible method to distance them but nothing worked. He can’t even stop amit from coming as he was swara’s pa.
Once adarsh n sanskar were sitting on the sofa n doing there work while swara n amit were sitting at the dinning table. Swara was doing something n amit was looking at the kitchen. Parineeta was there inside. But our Swara was actually eyeing adarsh. N adarsh was looking at amit. (poor amit)
Swara – amit u wait I will just come from my room
Amit – ok swara u go
Swara – bhabhi can u please sit with him till I come from my room.
Pari – haan swara u go I will sit with him.
Adarsh – swara u go I will sit with him. (amit gulped)
Swara – no bhai u do your work bhabhi will sit with him
Pari quickly – haan adarsh ji u do your work, I will sit with him
At the end adarsh couldn’t do much n went n sat beside sanskar

Sanskar – bhai see this ………………….(something about there work)
But adarsh was not at all listening to him. He was only seeing pari n amit n wondering why swara is taking so much of time.
Amit slowly – bhabhi see how adarsh sir is eyeing me. I think he will kill me today only.
Pari – I know amit even I am scared but I think that our plan is working.
Amit – yes bhabhi bas I stay alive till the end.
Pari blushing – aare nothing will happen to you
Amit – ok bhabhi see how much adarsh sir loves u. soon u both will be together. How possessive he is for u
Pari still blushing – don’t tease me
Amit – ok bhabhi but see bhabhi, sir is looking like a devil with a red face n 2 horns on his head who will anytime kill me for talking to his wife
Pari started laughing. She was laughing whole heartedly imagining adarsh as devil with 2 horns on his head. indeed adarsh was looking like a red face devil minus the horns.

Adarsh was totally bowled out seeing parineeta laughing. For the first time he saw her laughing n was totally mesmerised with her but too much angry knowing that he was not the one who made her laugh. He stood up to go towards them.
Swara was seeing all this from stairs n smiling seeing adarsh’s angry face n when she saw him going towards them she knew that this was the time when she should go down else amit would be no more.
Sanskar was seeing all the antics that was happening. How amit was talking to bhabhi. How bhabhi was laughing. How adarsh was hell angry. But the arrogant man that he is declared that in this case swara was at fault. She should have not bring amit to there house. He thought that Because of her only problems are starting between his bhai n bhabhi. He was hell annoyed with her.

Like this days were passing. Adarsh’s emotion were all mixed up. He couldn’t understand why he was getting angry, sad, confused, annoyed. He just couldn’t understand anything.
But the thing he didn’t knew was that he was jealous. Sanskar used to see all this n was angry on swara. Now he just wanted to throw her out for creating distance between adarsh n parineeta.

One day swara knocked in dp’s study room
Dp – come in
Swara – uncle
Dp – aare swara beta, come inside. Do u want something
Swara – yes uncle I want to talk to you about something
Dp – have a sit
Swara – voh uncle actually
Dp – say swara what u want to say don’t hesitate
Swara – don’t take me wrong uncle but I want to do a make over of ap maa ( I hate the look that ap used to have in the serial.)
Dp – what
Swara – haan uncle I have seen maa she wanted to do something like that
Dp – but she never said me anything
Swara – actually she thought that u wont like it so she never asked
Dp – she said u
Swara – no uncle but I saw in her eyes when we both were watching tv together and an advertisment came up.
Dp – but swara
( in these days dp’s doesn’t get angry on small things. He instead listen everything n is trying to be lenient)
Swara – I promise this will be only in between us n then it will be your wish
Dp – ok swara
Swara – so uncle your marriage anniversary is in two days so the party should be in this house n no outsiders will be there. Only us. N that day maa will come. Please uncle
Dp – ok swara

Sakshi n mica from now on I will surely write in english. if u want me to convert previous episodes in english then please say me.

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