My new favourite feeling (part 6) by shinchan

Parineeta pov:
Swara has got to know about me n adarsh ji. I have always considered her as my small sister. She understood me. She understood how much pain I feel everyday. Nobody in this house understood me in these past 6 months of my marriage but swara in just few days realised how sad I was. When she asked me I just couldn’t hold in.
Pari – adarsh ji ne mujhpe ghussa q kiya. Maine toh kuch kiya bhi ni.
Swara – aare ni bhabhi bhai aap pe ghussa ni the
Pari – toh unhone mujhpe shout q kiya
Pari – lekin pata h swara chahe ghussa ke liye hi but unhone kam se kam mujhse baat toh ki varna toh vo mujhse baat bhi ni karte h
Swara – yehi toh main bol rahi hoon bhabhi bhai aapse pyaar karte h
Pari shocked – kya swara, itne months mein unhone mujhse thik se baat bhi ni ki aur tum pyaar ki baat kar rahi ho
Swara – haan bhabhi, bhai aaj aap par ghussa iss liye hue q vo jealous the
Pari – kya swara tum mujhe aacha feel karane ke liye aisa bol rahi ho, mujhe pata h aisa kuch ni h
Swara – ni bhabhi, thik h yaad kariye bhai aap par ghussa q hue
Pari – mujhe ni pata
Swara – jab aap amit ko tea serve kar rahi thi tab bhai sirf aapko hi dekh rahe the
Pari – amit kon amit swara
Swara – bhabhi mera pa
Pari – lekin uss mein kya
Swara – aare bhabhi bhai jealous ho rahe the
Pari – ni swara tumhe misunderstanding ho rahi h aisa kuch ni h
Swara – bhabhi jab aap tea de rahi thi tab maine bhai ko dekha tha, voh apna important call chodh kar sirf aapko dekh rahe the
Pari – ni swara unhe ghussa aaya ho ga kisi aur baat pe, voh jealous ni hosakte
Swara – bhabhi main itne saal se akele reh rahi hoon mujhe pata h voh jealous hi the
Pari – thik h but phir bhi tum yeh kaise bol sakti ho ki voh mujhse pyaar karte h
Swara – because ‘jealousy is a sentiment which is born in love and which is produced by the fear that the loved person prefers someone else’
Pari slightly blushing – tumhe aisa lagta h
Swara – haan bhabhi mujhe yakin h ki bhai aapse pyaar karte h but unhe khudh hi ni pata
Pari – phir hum kya karenge
Swara – unhe unke pyaar ka ehsaas dilayenge.
Pari – kaise swara
Swara – aapko mujhpe bharosa h
Pari – yeh kaisi baat kar rahi ho ofcourse h
Swara – toh hume bhai ko aur jealous karna hoga ki unhe khudh hi ehsaas hojaye ki voh aapse kitna pyaar karte h
Pari – lekin hum ye karenge kaise
Swara – uske liye hume amit ki help lagegi
Pari – but swara usse problem bhi ho sakta h
Swara – ni bhabhi amit mera pa h but mere bhai ki tarah hi h aur vaise bhi voh apni wife se bht pyaar karta h
Pari – voh married h
Swara – haan bhabhi aur swati, amit ki wife, meri aachi dost bhi h. voh zarur hamari help karenge
Pari – mujhe darr lag raha h agar kuch galat ho gaya toh
Swara – ni bhabhi kuch ni hoga aur vaise bhi main hoon na
Pari – thik h phir
Swara – thik h bhabhi phir aap ready ho jaiye hum abhi unse milne chalte h
Pari – thik h
Swara on call – amit tum mujhe abhi swati ke sath xyz cafe mein mil sakte ho
Amit on call – haan hum 30mins mein pahuch rahe h, kya hua kuch zaruri kam tha
Swara – tum milo phir baat karte h, aur swati ko lete aana
Amit – thik h

After this all 4 met at the café n swara explained her plan
(amit call swara by her name bcoz she asked him to as they share bro-sis relation n both r almost of same age but in office they behave professionally)
Pari – but swara mujhe darr lagh raha h
Swara – maine kaha na bhabhi kuch ni hoga
Amit – but main toh aapko iss liye dekh raha tha q ki aap mujhe bilkul meri apni bhabhi ki tarah lagh rahi thi, but ab voh iss duniya mein ni rahi
Swati consoling him – amit
Amit – haan
Pari – kya main tumhari bhabhi ni
Amit – aare ni, aap h na meri bhabhi, mujhe swara mein behen aur aapmein bhabhi mil gayi aur kya chachiye
Swara – chalo ab plan ke baare mein baat kare
Swati – haan
Pari – swati tumhe koi problem toh ni h na
Swati – ni bhabhi iss mein problem kaisa vaise bhi swara ne hi hum dono ko mil waya, aur main uske liye itna ni kar sakti
Amit – lekin, swara agar adars bhai ne kuch galat samajh liya toh
Swara – aisa kuch ni hoga tum sirf humari help karoge aur shayad thodi marr bhi khani padh sakti h
Amit – kya swara tum dara rahi ho mujhe
Swati – kya amit tum itna bhi ni kar sakte
Pari – dekhiye agar aap ko problem h toh..
Amit – aare ni aisa ni h bhabhi but bas mujhe darr lagh raha h, maine suna h adarsh bhai bht ghusse wale person h
Swati – toh thik h na tum itna ni kar sakte, jab tum maar kha ke aaoge toh mein tumhe pyaar se medicine laga dungi.
Amit – thik h main karunga
Swara – toh thik h phir hum apna plan ussi tarah se execute karenge
Pari, amit – thik h

Adarsh pov:
I married parineeta bcoz of dad. I wanted somemore time alone so that I can concentrate on business but dad asked me to marry her n as I can’t deny him, I married. but we never talked. Just infront of family we pretended but inside our room we were totally strangers. But she never demanded anything from me. I never gave her anything. She could have left me n went but for my family she agreed. but today I don’t know what happened to me. Why I shouted on her. She was just serving tea to him but I didn’t liked the way that boy was seeing her. I have never felt like this before. I just couldn’t even work properly. Everytime I started to work only that image of that boy looking at MY parineeta came in my mind and me shouting on her. I should apologize her n with this thought I went home early.

As soon as adarsh came inside the mansion
Adarsh – parineeta parineeta
Ap – kya hua beta tum aaj jaldi aagaye office se
Adarsh – mom apne parineeta ko dekha h
Ap – haan beta voh swara ke sath bahar gayi h
Adarsh – aapko pata h voh kab tak aayegi
Laksh – q bhai intezaar ni ho raha. Itni kya zaruri kaam h bhabhi se ki aap office se jaldi aa gaye
Uttara in a teasing tone – aare laksh bhai hoga unhe kuch personal kam bhabhi se issliye toh pehli baar bhai office se jaldi aaye h
Laksh – haan lagta h kuch zyada hi zaruri kam h issi liye dekho na wait bhi ni ho raha
Adarsh – aisa kuch ni h
Ap – badmash apne bhai ko pareshan kar rahe ho, chalo apna apna kam karo. Beta ruko main tumhare liye coffee le kar aati hoon
Adarsh – ni mom, main apne room mein ja raha hoon. Jab parineeta aayegi tab usse room mein bhej dijiye ga
Ap – thik h beta

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