My new favourite feeling (part 5) by shinchan

Like this days were passing. Swara used to stay at maheshwari mansion.
Ap pov:
The day when swara helped me in the temple I wanted her for sanskar. In that one meet I knew she was best for him. But when I came to know that she is sumi’s daughter I wanted her to stay with us. How could I let her stay alone even after knowing her identity. But I didn’t knew if dp ji would allow. Hesitately I told him n for the surprise he allowed her to stay. He never let anyone else stay in the house. That day I don’t know what happened but I told him all about my childhood, mine and sumi’s friendship n he listened. I was very happy.

Letting her stay was indeed a right decision. She created a deep bond with everyone except sanskar. With him only business talk. With her bubbliness she changed the atmosphere of this house. Swara changed everybody. Our uttara who used to be very shy was now slowly becoming confident. Even dp ji changed. I always knew that he loved us very much but could never show but now He started showing his love towards others. He also started going office less.

Swara pov:
I was happy to get a family. Before no one was there for me so i used to work late but now i would always leave early. I was very happy to have a family. But I noticed that adarsh bhai n parineeta bhabhi had some problems and one day I saw them sleeping with a pillow wall in between. They would always act infront of us of being a lovely couple. Adarsh bhai was always busy in his office n had no time for bhabhi n bhabhi used to plaster a smile on her face but I knew the fakeness behind them. Being in this business world n staying alone for 3 yrs I learned reading others face n bhabhi’s face always showed how much she craved for bhai. At first I thought that bhai didn’t want bhabhi in his life n might have another girl but when amit, my pa came for some work n bhabhi served him tea, bhai was continuosly watching them n then From uttara I came to know that they had an arrange marriage n bhai was not willing to marry but for dp uncle he married. After amit went, bhai was totally frustated n took that out on bhabhi. She was very sad as she didn’t understand his sudden anger n went away to her room. I went to talk with bhabhi n she told me everything about there relation. Now I knew that bhai have started loving bhabhi but is unknown about his feelings n in his jealousy he lashed out on bhabhi but now I have to make everything perfect.

Sanskar pov:
Sunday used to be peaceful day in my life. I used to stay at home n work alone without any disturbance but after miss gadodia came this house have turned into a fish market. Now all of us go out for dinner as per miss gadodia wants. she said that she always used to have dinner with her family in some resturant on Sunday nights n how she misses her family. then dad decided that from then on all of us will also go out. She changed everybody.
But I was happy for uttara. She always used to be shy but now she is opening up. She started going out with her friends. Might be bcoz miss gadodia was a girl n she could talk easily with her rather than me or her other brothers. I always tried that for her bcoz I didn’t want my sister to be scared of anything. She should live her life to the fullest n I m there to take care of her at every step.
After her coming, lucky got his partner in crime. Now they both started doing pranks.
But today bcoz of miss gadodia’s pa bhai shouted on bhabhi. Bhai n bhabhi both considers her as there sister but see bcoz of her they had a fight.

My next semester is starting from tomorrow n my college timings are 9:45 – 5:15. it takes 1 hr to reach there so I might be very irregular in posting my story. So I m really sorry but whenever I will get time I will post.

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