My new favourite feeling (part 4) by shinchan

Swara – mumma aapke baare mein kitna baat karti thi
Ap – tum sumi ki beti ho
Swara – haan.
Ap hugged her tight n was continously talking to her.
Ap – tum akele kaise rehti ho
Swara – ab aadat ho gayi
All were watching them very keenly. The maheshwari’s have never seen ap so happy before. The spark in her eyes told everything.
Swara asked the permission to go as it was late but ap asked her to stay for the night. Reluctantly she agreed n as she was sleepy she went to room for rest.

Dp pov:
I have never seen ap so happy before. She never talked anything about herself to me. After marriage I was busy with work that I never had time to talk with her or listen her n then later childrens responsibility came. Today I realised that we actually never spend time with each other even after 32 yrs of marriage. I realised that she was the one who stabilised everything in my life but I didn’t even noticed her n she never complained. She never asked anything from me. I know i could never express my love towards them but Am I that much hard too talk to. I was thinking all this when she came in the room. She wanted to ask something but was hesitating. I could see that.
Ap (hesitating) – ji
Dp – haan
Ap – ji voh
Dp – bolo
Ap – main bol rahi thi ki swara akeli rehti h. aaj kal ki duniya ko toh aap jante hi h. kya swara humare sath iss ghar mein reh sakti h

Even though she was hesitating but I could see the spark that was there. That day was the first when she asked me something for herself n I just couldn’t deny.
Dp – thik h voh reh sakti h humare sath. Maine suna h ki voh dil se bahut aachi h. apna kam karti h lekin sabki respect bhi karti h.
Ap – shukriya ji

Then she started saying that how she n swara’s mom used to play in there childhood. How swara’s nani (maternal grandmother) used to treat her as her own daughter. How she used to stay at there house whole day. How she(swara’s nani) used to care for her. N now after her frnd’s death she wants to take care of her(sumi) daughter.
This was the first time ever she have spoken to me n I listened to her. This was a whole new shade of her that I saw today or might be I have never noticed before but seeing her like this that too for the first time I felt so happy.

Next day swara was ready to go but ap persuaded her to stay with them. She denied but after lots of persuasion n seeing the love that she actually craved for, she accepted.
All were happy but for sanskar it was nothing. He had no problem with her staying at his home till his mother was happy. He was thankful to her for saving her mother n thought letting her stay is a way to pay back but little did he know that saving a life can never be paid back n that now his life is going to take a 360 degree change.

Later at night they celebrated naraka chaturdashi (day before diwali).

Swara pov:
I sat there when they did puja. It made me feel like I m a family member. I have longed this from past 3 yrs. After mom dad’s death I used to celebrate all functions alone but today Its like I m having a family. Uttara is so sweet. She is just like a younger sister to me. Laksh he became my best friend in just one day. Parineeta bhabhi is also sweet n adarsh bhai considers me as his small sister but this mr. sanskar is so arrogant. He didn’t even talked once. I wonder how come he is ap maa’s son.
Ap maa is so sweet but got angry when I called her aunty. She asked me to call her maa as I used to call my own mother n I am just like a daughter to her. In just 2 days I got such a loving family with one khaduss.

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