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After planning for a while, we have finally released new design for Telly Updates. Many of you may not even have noticed it because we have kept same feeling and more or less same layout (except homepage) in order to make this transfer as smooth as possible. There may be some issues, but all will be sorted out in coming days. If you notice any issue or have any suggestion, please post it in comments.

How to view old-style homepage?
+Above slider, there is an option for “Modern Home” or “Classic Home”. By default, modern home will come. You can change it to classic to get old-style homepage. Refer to image below:

Why new design?

+The main reason for re-designing was to make site more friendly for mobile devices.
+With increasing number of registered members and article submissions to us, we wanted to promote those submissions on our homepage.
+New design will make it possible for us to add more cool features.

What features are coming in future?
+Allow formatting and ability to add images when submitting articles.
+Instant approval of submitted articles (for selected users).
+Like/Dislike system for articles.
+Ability to edit comments.
+Allow authors to share their social network pages (if they wish) and readers can follow them on their pages.

Known issues:
+Recent posts missing on mobile devices. Added now.
+Search button not visible on mobile devices. (It is actually at the end of Menu, but we will move it beside site logo).
+Avatar, etc missing in recent comments.
+It doesn’t log in with login popup, sends to login page again.

-TU Team

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  1. Thanks for adding this article, that will allow users to give their feedback. The added features are all great, but for me the biggest drawback is the loss pf the direct link to the various shows.

    I follow one or two shows, so before I’ll click on the link for my show and there I’ll find everything related to it. Now to find the ff or the written episodes update, I have to browse through a long list. I know I can still use the old homepage and I still do, but I know that without enough complaints you’ll soon get rid of it. So please if possible, provide links to shows like before.

    1. Administrator

      You can browse articles by serial like previous homepage.

      How to view old-style homepage?
      +Above slider, there is an option for “Modern Home” or “Classic Home”. By default, modern home will come. You can change it to classic to get old-style homepage. Refer to image below:

      1. Hi,

        I am facing the same issue and using classic home page for that.

        So will you be adding link to serials in modern home page or will the classic version will always be available to us in future

      2. Administrator

        It will always be there.

  2. Riana

    Superbbbbbbb….I love it…Happy that its not any more in BETA stage…Now its stable…Very much excited for New Features…comment editing and like/dislike option are my favourite….??????????????????…Soon i will pen down my suggestions…

    RiaNa ❤️

  3. Nivika

    Upcoming features are really cool..i mean submitting image’s in our ff…it will give real touch..many people r finding difficult to use this new tu page..but they will be habitual to this page also…like nd dislike option is also superb..

    1. Riana

      Hi Snehal….??…Yah its a fabulous updt…specially the new features and blue color scheme thanx to our choti Manya ??

      1. Please I want my Telly updates back

  4. LuvIBN

    Difficult to find yourself

  5. I think “recent posts” in the mobile version is easier, it becomes easier to catch up the stuff. So plz Add “recent posts” in the mobile version

    1. Administrator

      It’s added now.

      1. Riana

        Btw i have a suggestion…its very useful to have NIGHT MODE / DARK MODE…Its useful when there is dark…and it also works as a battery saver…

  6. There are no links to various shows in the new design page. So the old design is better and should be kept. For people like me who only want to read daily updates of various serials the new design page is practically of no use.

    1. True I agree. Recent posts missing and hard to find

  7. Samreen246

    Thanks guysssss
    seems coool

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is cool and looking good

  9. Hello,
    I am a daily user of this forum. I am used to the old design, but anyways the new one is ok. I am facing problem. I am using classic home page. I don’t want to switch between modern and classic home pages always, so I request you to add ‘recent posts’ in classic also. Since, it’s only in modern, I find it difficult to know whether my show updates have been posted or not. Coz I use only classic ,after all, I am interested only in serial updates, which is only present in classic and modern have only fan fictions.

    1. Administrator

      Recent posts option is added on mobile devices now. You can find it at the end of page. It lists 10 recent posts only. To browse articles by shows, you can change to “Classic” home.

      1. Thanks for replying, but I didn’t get “recent posts” anywhere on mobile. Please could you help me. and I want the “recent posts” to be present in the classic page as well, not only in modern. and the slider does not move, may I know how to move it.

      2. Administrator

        Assuming you and I mean same thing by recent posts, it should be at the bottom of all pages, including classic homepage.

        There are no issues with slider as far as we know. It might be your browser. Please use Contact Us page to message us, we will try to help you fix that.

      3. I still can’t find “recent posts” anywhere. A the bottom of the page only ‘like us on facebook’ and ‘recent comments’ is there. Please do help me.

      4. Administrator

        Are you browsing site in mobile or tablet? For some tablets, it may not be available.

      5. I am browsing through my mobile phone
        Please help me out

    2. Administrator

      Please message us through ‘Contact Us‘ page and send us snapshot of what you see at the end of page.

  10. Zaveesha

    I find it good… I have not faced any problem yet… excited for other features too….

  11. I am a reader and I am missing my recent searches and I miss them now I don’t remember the names of many. And the other thing is the recent searches ain’t getting saved anymore ?

    1. That’s my problem too, Shara….

  12. “Instant approval of submitted articles ( for selected users)….I’d like to know the criteria which will be used to determine who the selected users are and why is it being employed for this bonus?? I’m sure you all will use “registered ” viewers to get this priveldge but even though I’m not registered on telly updates, that doesn’t mean that my comments should have less importance than those who are. I’m waiting to see who fills this category… Wasn’t too pleased to see the new page greeting me but I was able to navigate and use it satisfactorily. I’m not a fan of FF, so I’m not bothered by its lack of it in the classic version, in fact I’m only using the classic page. I miss the old version but as with change, it’s always hard getting used to new things..i only read updates and comments which comes with it so you all behind telly updates can improve and enhance your creativity as long as you all don’t interrupt my regular perusal of daily entertainment…

    1. Administrator

      Articles and comments are different things. Articles are FF / Episodic Analysis. Those will be instantly approved for some users. All comments, by registered members or guests, will still be moderated.

      1. Thank you, for clearing up my concern and for your prompt reply,I didn’t expect it….much gratitude!

  13. DevaSena

    Awesome & Superb….I love it ???

  14. DevaSena

    But It Is so Difficult To Find Various Shows

  15. Mica

    waaa,, it’s superb.. i LOve it.. even you added “share” option, as sometime i feel really guilty to copied your written update (even though i put credit on it ) ..but be frank, i always use classic homepage one as for modern update, you mixed everything on 1 page, and it’s hard for me as i only fans of certain serial…
    btw, ALL THE BEST FOR TELLY UPDATE.. love you all !!!

  16. TUFriendsForever

    I have some suggesions I am a registered member we people share a great bond there we want some group chatting thing it will be fun for us we r forced to go to some other website to do that were we r not comfortable if u can kindly do something for group chatting now in wall we have everyone private n only registered members so can u add mutual option like we allow only the people we want to see our posts n they can only post in ours n if others try to we get notification n for others it shows mutual account I hope u understand my comment n if possible make these things n this new one is superbbbbbb awesome idea of like n dislike keep going TU teammmm

    1. Administrator

      Thank you for suggestion. We have not planned anything like that, but will keep that in mind for future.

  17. In the Opera Mini Version of My Phone, It can’t see the episode montages, Help me to fix the problem

    1. Administrator

      If you have ‘data savings’ enabled, then that may cause the issue. You can try turning it off or you can try Google Chrome.

      1. But to disable data savings mode?
        Using in Opera Mini is Easy, but the pictures of montages are missing

  18. Riana



    I have one suggestion…It will be very interesting for many ff writers like me and my other friends and all…CAN U PEOPLE PLS ADD A COLOUR FONT OPTION for the articles…AND ALSO FONT CHANGE OPTION…Its upto you to add or not actually its my wish for a long time that whenever TU will get a New Design i will pen down this suggestion…I mean it will be a bit interesting to read the Shocking lines…Funny lines…or sad or happy words…like this…Like Blue colour font for the rest article and pink/purple font for precap…you understood naa what i am saying…Then pls give a reply…


    1. Administrator

      Yes, by formatting, that’s what we meant. Basic formatting such as font size, color, style, etc.

      1. Riana

        Oh sorry i didnt understood ??…Thankyou for reply…????

  19. i have a queation that from where tha written updates will come. As in the old one, there was a tab of written updates at the bottom of the written episode. I want that tab button. Thanks

    1. Administrator

      I am not sure which option you mean. Please send us a message through Contact Us page with more details.

  20. Kitkat

    how to like or dislike any post?????? i didn’t found any such option……

    1. Administrator

      It’s not added yet. Next weekend we plan to add it.

  21. Aarti32

    I, being my curious self, navigate through each n every option on d page to find anything I there’s not much problem in dat..d upcoming features hv got me super excited.

    By formatting, do u mean we’ll be able to edit our articles after posting it. Coz u know, many a times, we realise some errors after posting.

    1. Administrator

      No, by formatting it means to make text bold, italic, change text color, etc..

      We will try and see whether it’s possible to allow edit option once submitted. For now, if you want to make any changes after submission is done, you can always message us using ‘Contact Us’ form.

  22. Pnap

    Actually i’m a registered member
    Nd evy one hav many friends here
    If we r in online we dont know whether the otherone is also in online r not
    So try to solve that issue

  23. Pnap

    Another thing is that while reading ff of a particular serial we wont read all ffs
    Only the selected ones
    So if the part of the ff we used to read hav been updated we really dont know abt it till we scroll nd find it out
    So plz add sth to get notifications of the pafticular article we read as soon as it has been updated

    1. Administrator

      We have re-designing in mind for FF section, but that will take good amount of time to implement. Can’t give you any estimate for it.

      Displaying which members are online is not possible at the moment.

  24. Sagarikaa

    The like/dislike one is very good and add it soon as we authors can know that how many people are actually liking our works as many are silent readers who don’t like to comment. and it is good that it is becoming mobile friendly with time.

  25. Sagarikaa

    What are yhr criteria on which an author can get his/her articles instantly approved?

    1. Administrator

      We will make that clear when we have that feature live. Maybe 3-6 weeks for it.

  26. Riana

    @Administrator…I am eager for the Format option…can you pls tell me when its going to get live ???

  27. Like the new logo, but when will you roll out the rest of the new features?

  28. In the Opera Mini Version in my phone, I can’t see the images(montages)
    I am not using Chrome. can you tell me how to fix the problem?how to disable the data saving mode I don’t know the process can you elaborate?Waiting for a quick reply

  29. Riya_Mitra

    I am posting my ffs from my mobile through the google chrome. Then is there any option by which I can save my ff there and then copy paste it in ‘submit your article’ page? Pleaseee reply me.. It takes a lot of time of mine to type the ff and then post it.. So plzzz help me out..

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