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Hey this article is of yhm’s happy ending..
Ruhi thinks how to ask permission to perform for sohail’s company
She gets a call

She talks nd then

She cuts the call

Nd gets a plan
Ruhi-yes ..I need to do this,I will have to go against Ishimaa and papa,sohail helped me so much so I can do this much for him
Next day
At dining table
Everyone is seated in the dining table

Ruhi-papa,I decided I will not talk to sohail I will not even see his face, I realized I was wrong nd I’ll obey u

Raman gets happy nd hugs her

Raman-i knew u would realize he is a wrong person,he is trying to get close to u nd humiliate u against us

Ruhi(mind)-no papa ,sohail is not wrong, this time u r wrong

Ishita comes and hugs ruhi

Ishita-rooh , now u understood papa was right , he cares for u baby

Ruhi nods

Suddenly her phone rings

And the caller is sohail

Ruhi(mind)-oh no , sohail’s call, now what to do

Raman sees the caller name and looks at ruhi

Ruhi picks the call and because of her plan . she had to shout on him

Ruhi-sohail, please just stop calling me, what u think of urself huh,u want to humiliate me against my parents ,now I came to know about your plan so just don’t ever try to show me ur face

Ishra smile seeing ruhi

Ruhi cuts the call nd gives a faint smile at ishra

Ruhi-ishima papa my friend is calling me for night stay today can i please go ..if u dont believe me u can talk to her wait i will dial the number

Raman-no ruhi..we trust u , u can go

Ruhi-Thnk u papa

She hugs ishra

Nd goes to her room and closes the door

A lone tear falls from her eyes

Ruhi-i talked to sohail so badly , i even didnt let him talk,he would be feeling so bad..i will call him

She calls him but does not picks the phone

Sohail’s house

He is throwing things

Sohail-now my company will suffer a great loss…why cant i understand parents love..why ..why cant i understand ruhi’s situation

He sees ruhi’s call

He rejects

She again calls him

But again he rejects

She keeps on calling him

At last ,he picks the phone


Ruhi-sohail ,im so sorry

She starts crying

Sohail gets confused

Sohail-ruhi ..r u fine

Ruhi-sohail,im sorry i talked to u like that,listen to me , i will perform ….this is my plan

**fb starts**

Ruhi-what to do …i need to go

She gets a call

Ruhi picks the call


Tanvi-hi ruhi..this is Tanvi, actually today our group decided to keep a night stay at my house

Ruhi-sorry I can’t come

Tanvi-no please ruhi , don’t say no please we all will enjoy a lot please

Ruhi-ok ok I’ll try

Tanvi-ok Thnk u ,,bye

She cuts the call

She gets an idea

Ruhi-if I will behave like I don’t like sohail now nd I also think he is wrong then papa Ishima will be happy ,,then I’ll talk about night stay if they will suspect me then I will make them ask Tanvi nd then they will say yes nd instead I’ll go to sohail’s concert,,yes this I right

**fb ends**

Sohail-but ruhi how can u go against ur parents…no ruhi u should not be doing this

Rubi-no sohail,,I will perform, nd I want to perform please don’t say no I want to do this much for u


Ruhi-no but wut I will perform

She cuts the call

Sohail-no I can’t let this happen


Ruhi is leaving

Ishra r telling her take care

She happily nods nd leaves

She goes to sohail’s house

Sohail comes down

Ruhi-sohail , I have brought my costume,,can I change here


He says with a smile

She comes after changing

Ruhi-how am I looking


He moves closer to her

Ruhi moves backwards

He moves forwards

Ruhi sticks to the wall

Sohail moves closer

Nd takes out her wig

Ruhi-so…sohail…what r u doing

Sohail-nothing ,just admiring ur beauty

He moves the strand of her hair at the back of her ear

Ruhi-sohail…what has happened to u

Sohail-nothing baby

He says in a whisper

Ruhi feels uncomfortable

She moves from there

Sohail holds her hand nd pecks it lightly

Ruhi-sohail leave me

She shouts

Ruhi-or else I’ll call papa

Sohail-what will u say..that u said lie to them…they will feel so bad

He pulls her closer

She pushing him nd starts crying badly

Nd starts running from there

He runs behind her passing comments nd asking her to stop

She moves down nd runs towards the door

Suddenly she bumps with two people MD falls on the floor

Ruhi-please please save me from him

She says without looking at the persons standing in front of her

She turns her head to look at them nd gets shocked seeing raman and Ishita

Ruhi’sips start quivering


Ishima-yes …we

Sohail-yes ruhi ..They

Ruhi turns nd sees sohail standing there

Raman-if sohail would have not told us about u…u would have done the concert…nd would have came back home …betraying us


Ishita-yes…ruhi..we trusted u so much nd u broke our trust on u

Ruhi-papa…Ishima …u don’t know ..this sohail ..he …he is not a gud person

Raman-no ruhi…he is a very gud person…I realised my mistake nd I’m sorry sohail

Sohail-no need to say sorry uncle ..

Raman hugs him

Ruhi-whats going on..papa why r u hugging him…I don’t know what u r doing

Ishita-ill tell u

**fb starts**

sohail calls raman

Raman’s blood boils seeing his name

Raman-what the hell…why r calling me…ruhi told u na,she doesnot want to me u

Sohail-sir, please listen to me

Raman-what should I listen

Just then ishita comes

Ishita-why r u shouting

Raman-This sohail…

Ishita takes the phone


Sohail-hello ma’am.. Plz once listen too me

Ishita-ok say

He tells her about the incident

Ishita-have u lost ur senses …u know what r u saying

Sohail-wait’am u don’t believe me, ok I will send u the recording of our call

He cuts the call nd sends the recording

They listen to the recording

They call sohail


Sohail-ma’am listen to my plan

He tells the plan

Raman-but nothing should go wrong with my daughter

Sohail-sure sir

**fb ends**

Ruhi starts sobbing

Ruhi-ishima…papa I’m so sorry ..plz forgive me plz

Ishita-hmmm…ok only on one thing that..

Raman-that u will never say lie to us nd u will never break friendship with sohail

Sohail smiles

Ruhi nods happily

Nd no need to mention




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