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ruhi: neelu, where is my new magazine?

raman throws the magazine at her.

ruhi (thinks): how can i ask permission for the concert, infornt of papa..
ruhi: ishi maa..can i go to the concert..and i will ask sohail to drop me before it’s too late.
raman(in mind): sohail..sohail!!

he gets angry and leaves.

ishita: better ask your papa, i mean..
ruhi: ishi maa please please let me go!
ishita: nahi ruhi ask permission from papa and then you can go..

ruhi also leaves angrily and enters ruhi’s room.

ruhi: i hate my parents, can’t they let me go out? let me ask sohail.

she calls sohail.

sohail: ruhi are you okay?
ruhi: nahi sohail, i’m not okay. see my parents are not letting me come to your concert, you’ve done all preperations!
sohail: it’s okay, you must listen to your parents.
ruhi: i will definetly come sohail..i will for sure!

ruhi ends call.


sohail comes to bhalla house. raman sees him and gets angry.

raman: are you after my daughter? well that won’t happen sohail. she’s not coming to the concert.
sohail: actually, Mr. Raman..i came to talk..
raman: i don’t need to talk with you sohail..
sohail: but.

ishita sees them

ishita: raman just listen to him for once. go on sohail.
sohail: actually yesterday night ruhi called me, she asked if she could come to the concert with your permission..
raman: said okay?
sohail: asked to get your permission and come.. because i know what hurting parents is like..
ishita: how? i never mentioned about your parents..
sohail: actually, my family was very poor..


sohail: why do i have to be poor, i need to study.

but sohail didn’t have enough money to even study. so he started to steal others’ money. soon they found out sohail was the money thief. his parets were furious.

sohail’s maa: we are very dissapointed in you sohail, how could you..
sohail: but mama, i got it for studying, i want to become rich..
sohail’s maa: but..this is not the way to study sohail..

sohail becomes angry and leave out.

sohail: i’m running away, i’ll run away and study and become rich.


sohail: then i ran away from my parents, some people found me. they took me as their servant..but they let me learn..they were very cruel
ishita: oh sohail, we are sorry..
sohail: no..don’t be sorry, it’s my life..i never saw my parents again, but it’s okay i got what i

ishita hugs sohail.

raman: sohail, i didn’t know all of this..

ruhi sees them and cries.

adi and aliya are seen in a cafe.

adi: i’m sorry aliya..for all the misunderstanding..actually it was romi..
aliya: me too, i understand.. mihika..

they laugh and hug.


ruhi: i’m so glad papa let us out..
sohail: ruhi they are very kind, promise me you’ll never let them down.

i promise. they hold hands and smile.

raman: everyone get ready, we are all going out..
simmi: everyone:
raman: yes yes, neelu even you.
neelu: me? am i looking good sir?

they laugh.

ishita: yes yes, it’s not like you are going to hollywood or anything.

they all leave.

the arrive at the park and sees the sunset. everyone smile.

everyone(thinks): yeh hai mohhabatein (this is love)


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