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(This story is in Shivay’s point of view)
Warning!!!: This has a sad ending!!!
My hands were shivering after hearing that Anika borrowed 15 Lakhs for Sahil’s future. I couldn’t believe that I doubted her for no reason. Daksh’s words were ringing in my ears. I couldn’t face myself for that, so I went to seek apologies. I stepped in her room and saw drops of dark red blood, it seemed like as if someone got pushed forcibly. I held still and thought for a moment and I remembered that noone other than Anika was there…

A phone call came in to my phone. It was Daksh. He laughed hysterically and muttered “If you want to save your dear wife, save her, she hasn’t got that much time left”. That moment I felt my whole world had stopped. “Where’s my Anika, tell me Daksh?” I requested. A woman’s voice came down in my ears. “Shivay, I am in old textile’s factory” the woman shouted as loud as possible. I realised it was Anika.

I quickly went outside signalled my driver to get the car. Then I told him to go away and I drove of by myself. I was such in a rush that I didn’t even remember to call the police. Those words of Anika just bothered me so much “Shivay, we destroyed my reputation and you said these indescribable words about my character that hurt me more than having to die”. I just couldn’t forget those words. Phone calls came and went, I couldn’t answer them as I was so ashamed of myself. but for how I could ignore those calls. Dadi kept on calling me on my phone, I answered the call. I noticed that it was Sahil’s voice. “Jiju, where is Anika didi, she promised me that she would read a book to me, I looked everywhere but she was nowhere to be found, I tried calling her on the phone but her phone was shut, also I called you from Rudy bhaiyya’s phone several times but you didn’t answer it” Sahil explained. My face was covered with tears of regret. I didn’t find any words to answer him. “I will find your didi, trust me, I will” I answered him.

Although, I calmed Sahil down, but my mind still had doubts. “What if something goes wrong?” I repeatedly questioned myself. But the question obviously had no answer. Finally, I arrived at my destination, the old textile factory. That factory was rotten old. The building had 20 floors. I ran through the stairs as I heard screams, I followed the scream. My heart was beating fast as a aeroplane. The scream was coming from the terrace. As soon as I reached the terrace’s entrance, I saw Daksh with an extra large hammer. Anika was tied up hard, she was half conscious and half fainted. Her body was facing downwards. Drips of sweat was covering her face. She doesn’t have the strength to face upwards. I tried to proceed closer to her. An electric shock blocked my way, “Surely Daksh planted that to stop me” I said worriedly. “Welcome, Shivay my friend, I was waiting for you” Daksh exclaims. “What are you planning to do Daksh, tell me” I asked him even more worriedly. “Something like a murder, which includes snatching one of your favourite things, you know me Shivay, I am used to snatching your favourite things, but always failed. this is was a golden opportunity so why let it go?” Daksh muttered happily.

He proceeded towards Anika. I kept shouting and crying, asking him not to harm Anika. Shockingly, he untied her, I felt a bit relieved. But why trust Daksh? Daksh took Anika on his arms and dropped her on the ground. He took the extra large hammer, and struck Anika’s head like a cricket bat hitting the ball. The floor got covered with blood. “Anika!!!” I screamed as loud as possible with great regret, that I couldn’t save my well wisher angel. I fell on my knees “Anika, Anika” I continuously screamed and banged my head in the ground. “Yeh to shuruat hai, age age dekho hota hai kya (this is the beginning, wait and watch what happens next)” Daksh mutters joyfully. “Daksh, no, I beg you, don’t harm my Anika” I cried. Daksh picked the body and… and… dropped it from the terrace. “Anika!!!” I shouted again. Daksh then jumped from the terrace. I ran downstairs to see Anika. Her blood covered the ground. While I was proceeding, her blood covered my leather shoes. I immediately called the police and the ambulance. They came and took Anika to the hospital, I informed the family about Anika and Daksh. I drove of following the ambulance. I saw the family also reached the hospital. I hugged them tightly, especially Dadi and sobbed.

“Why are you crying SSO, I mean Jiju?” Sahil kept questioning, but I had no answer. After a while, the doctor came with the reports. “Is Anika alright?” The all asked. “What happened to my Anika didi” Sahil questioned repeatedly. He wanted an answer but no one answered. “I am sorry, Ms Anika is no more!” the doctor said in a low voice. I sobbed and banged my head with the wall repeatedly and punching also. Sahil after hearing the news raced outside, no one noticed it. “Wait, where is Sahil” Om muttered. Om went to check Sahil. Rudra followed him. I thought to calm Sahil as he was going through more than me. I saw OmRu shouting for help, and on their arms was injured Sahil. “What happened?” I cried. “Who, Sahil met an accident on the road” Om answered emotionally.

And from that day Sahil went to Coma. I lost my world that. I couldn’t say sorry also I couldn’t tell her how much I loved her. I wish Daksh never came to our lives. I wish I didn’t say those words to Anika, I wish I could save Anika and also Sahil. I wish…
I don’t have anything except memories of Anika. I can’t talk to Anika but only I have her picture to talk to, to say my apologies…


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    Awesome. I was literally crying in the end.

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    i never like sad ending…
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