new competition| STORY FOR ISHQBAAZ (2)


Recap ;

Shivay getting known daksh plotting against anika and something flashes his mind


Shivay : Soumya on that y did u told servant to send coffee for anika in daksh room how did u know that

anika was in daksh room

Somu : Are bade bhaiya I would only known that when she was with me

Shivay : Matlab

Soumya : Bhaiya on that I was scared because I thought someone is stalking me and I told to daksh

bhaiya and he called anika di for me and me and anika didi slept in daksh bahiya room and daksh bhaiya

in my room

Shivay : Is s ka matlab mein ghalat tha

Soumya : kyu kya huva bade bhaiya’

Shivya : ( without listening to her words ) run from there calling anika name every where in searching for

her but he finds now where

Listening to his voice all comes to room hall shinky, tejanvi , omru, dadi priso shail

Dadi : puttar kya huava ( wht happen )

Omru : ah bhaiya wht happen

Shivay : Did u all see anika anywhere

All nods in no

Pinky : I think she went to trap someone ( u all known y she is saying like this )

Dadi,omru,shivay : enough

Shivay : mom don’t say such things to anika she is not like that

Pinky : I known what she is daksh told me everything

Before she completes

Shivay : he was a liar he was blo*dy cheaper and narrates whole story to everyone

Everyone are shocked to listen this

Now scene shifts to old mill

Anika is seen tied to chair and daksh smilingly and smrinking at her

Anika : daksh y r u doing this pls leave

Daksh : y ur asking me anika u don’t known y I am doing this y did u cheat me anika y ur my fiancé right

our enagement was also done na then how did u married shivay y he always do this to me in college also

and now also u loved me right then y did u do that what and all I did for getting u I stalked u and did

everything to get I always tried keep u far from shivay and created misunderstanding also between u

both but then also u married him y anika y he shouts and throws everything from there

Anika : No daksh I didn’t loved u forced me to expect u pls leave me

Daksh : no daksh hearing wht anika said he becames more mad and starts slaping anika continulsy

Due which anika faints

Oberoi mansion

All were tensed for anika

Pinky : oh my mata wht I did I always that poor soul when she did everything to our family how I can do


Jhanvi : I told u pinky not believe in daksh words u will regert for that

Omru : bahiya how could u think like abt babhi how shivay

Shail : apne aisa kyu kiya

Shivay : pls believe me firstly I didn’t believe tht but what ever I saw and that suition was like that and

starts crying y y I didn’t believe my anika

In old mill

Daksh splashes water on anika

Anika comes to conscious and sees daksh

Anika : pls leave me daksh I brother will be worried for me pls

Daksh : no anika now u cant go to him because ur going to die now

Anika : No daksh pls don’t do this to me u known na my brother is handicapped accept me he don’t have

anyone pls don’t this and cries vigorously

Daksh : u should have thought this before betraying me now u should die dear before dying don’t u

want see ur whole family

Oberoi mansion

Shivay I will go and see anika I will search her every where before he continue khanna comes

Khanna : we got this video ( and plays video whole family shocked see the video daksh how kidnapped

anika )

Shivay in anger hits his fist to near by table and its starts bleeding I will not leave this daksh omru we will

also come with u shivay no I will handle this omru no shivay we are one for all all for one shivay gets

emotional and starts crying om don’t cry shivay nothing will happen to anika before he starts leaving he

gets video call from daksh

Daksh : hello shivay how r u by seeing u I don’t think ur fine anyways by now u got to known I kidnapped

anika so u want see ur anika for last time because she is going to die in few minutes

All family are shocked to listen this

Shivay : shouts dhaksh don’t u dare to touch anika

Dhaksh : don’t shout bhaiya see ur anika last time

And turns camera towards her all are shocked see anika in that state tears roll from everyone eyes

Shivay : anika tume kuch nayi hoga anika mein huna

Anika : shivay pls save me muje bahut dar laga rahahe

Shivay : Until shivay singh oberoi is alive ntg will happen to my anika did u hear that because shivay

singh oberoi will not die so easily

Anika & shivay looks at each other with teary eyes and keeps they hand on camera

Shivay : anika where r u

Anika shouts old mill shivay and call ends

Shivay omru leave the place

Daksh puts anika in big glass container and leaves water in that anika starts shouting in car omru shivay

are coming

Shivay omru enters the place like heroes and see anika with teary eye anika also sees shivomru with

teary eyes and shouts shivay

Shiv stars heading towards anika ( I don’t want to drag this so much so as we seen in real ib same

happens ) only one thing is change that is shivomru beat daksh balck and blue

At oberoi mansion

Anika is still unconscious all are tensed anika slowly opens are eyes shivay is happy to see her anika

sees are and smiles lightly

Omru ; anika are u k ah babhi kaise ho apa

Anika : I am fine omru All ask are how is she she nodes in positively shiv ask how is she now but our

anika is anika she ignores him this hurts shivay very much all understands the situation and leaves the

place silently omru shivay we dont anything do anything and make anika like before and leaves the place

Anika starts leaving room shiv ani I what to talk with u anika I don’t want to talk anything tht to with u

and leaves the place without the blanket shiv sees this is always mad she left blanket and takes the

blanket and goes to anika and covers her with the blanket and tells I will make u talk with mrs anika

shivay singh oberoi and leaves the place with smile

Morning in shiv room ( oops I am I forget now its shivika room )

Anika is getting ready for her work and talks over the phone about some contract

Shiv hears her ask is she going somewhere

Ani avoids him and try to leave but shiv comes in front her pls speak to me anika if I will not speak wht u

will do I will do let u to leave this room understand

Anika smiles lightly and goes and takes a glass of and splash on shivay face bechara shivay pani pani

hogaya and leaves from the place

Omru : giggles seeing shivay state

Rudy hare shivay bhaiya ye kya haltha hogaya apka

Om o rudra u don’t after marriage husbands become speechless both omru starts laughing

Shivay enough guys I am leaving I have work and leaves from there embrassed

Outside the house

Anika starts leave before that shivay comes in front of her in car and stops

Anika remove the car from here

Shivay what if I said no

Anika I told u to remove the car I am have work I am already late

Shivay k come I will leave u

Anika no I will go by mtself

Shivay I told u I leave and that’s final

Anika I am asking u last time will u leave place her not

Shivay no

Anika k and goes from there and comes with bat and with attitude boom breaks car wind screen and

goes from there with full attitude and turns back and sees shivay smiling at her

Khanna comes mam can u pls go back I want to take some close up anika what shivay khanna he kya

chal raha hey sir vo mein apa dona ka video bana rata kyu o one minute vo shaadi ka video u only did

right and gave to omru s sir khanna tume tho mein before he completes he sees khanna left from there

hey khanna kha gaya

Anika he left he also now talking with u useless

Shivay he exposed in front of my family and ur supporting him

Anika he only supported the truth that’s it anyways leave its waste to talk with u and starts leave

Shivay holds her from back and says I will not leave u to go before talking with me

Anika so wht u will do u pick me up stop me or else wht u will do before she continues shivay lifts her in

arm and stars to leave anika shivay leave me what ur doing I told u not challenge me see now wht

happened anything u will do for challenge if I tell to jump in well u will do that also s I will do shivay

leave me

Omrusompirnku bhaiya wht is this shivika she sees whole family seeing them and smiling

Anika shivay leave me shivay leaves her in hurry and anika falls on ground and starts breathing heavily

Omru giggles and whole family starts smiling at them

Shivay wo my file is there and leaves from there

Anika tries to get up but fails and somu helps her in stand up and ask her u her also searching for file


Anika s vo maga rahe the aur mein de nayi rahi thi tho

All giggles tun de nayi de rayi thi

Anika leaves from embrassed and goes to room and locks the door and sees shivay holding file and both

starts laughing like mads after sometime she stops laughing and ask shivay y are u laughing

Shivay u were also laughing na

S I was laughing because ur looking like a joker

Shivay me aur joker

Anika wo kya hena apa phele kabhi nayi hasi na iss liya apa ajeeb laga rahevo

Shivay whatever u started talking with me and gives bat to her and says every break all glasses in the

house but pls don’t stop talking with me how much water u want throw on me throw but pls talk to me

in between shivay gets call in angry he throws the phone in angry pls anika I now I cant ever tell sorry

but I am telling not one time hundred times sorry anika pls muje maaf kardo anika gets treary eyes by

listening this shivay before she continue pinky comes and informs about tia ( and same drama and fake

story of pregnancy and tia fake tears ) but one change all family doesn’t believe this because they know

their shivay cant do this Same dna test drama but one thing changed tia get exposed in this because

dna test reports comes negative ( one thing I want to make it clear the doctor for whom tia gave money

he is so much loyal to oberoi family so he decides to not betray them ) so now tia is out shivay baby life

so bye bey tia

Rudy acha juva oh lady baba expose hogye varna kya otha hamare shivay bhaiya tho praya dhan o jatha


All starts to laugh on rudy antics and sceen freezes on happy family.

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