As soon as Shivay’s mind processed word of his father and plus paper in that file and he come to conclusion that Daksh is lying to him that day and scenes from that day started going like a film in his mind and from Daksh’s word and suddenly Saumya’s order to chef to send Anika’s tea in Daksh’s room clicked and suddenly his mind started working on pace and next second he rush to Saumya and in one breath he speak

Shivay: Saumya I need to talk to you now.

And next second Saumya nod her head and Shivay shoot his questionary and soon Saumya answered all his questions one by one and soon Shivay come to know the fact that on that night Saumya is with Anika and now Shivay is feeling angry on Daksh as well as he is dreaming in guilty pool but before that he heard someone’s shouting from downstairs and he rush there and there he saw Daksh is blaming Anika’s character in front of his mother and Badi ma and seeing Daksh Shivay’s blood boiled remembering his dirty games and his anger went to another level and Shivay grab Daksh by his collar and punching his face in rage he drag him outside mean while he is speaking

Shivay: How dare you speak a word against my wife’s character and that too baseless blame, I’ll kill you for defaming her and blaming her.

Pinky and Jahnavi who are following them are stunned hearing Shivay and seeing him in rage and soon they stop him holding his hand and taking benefit of situation Daksh run away from there and soon Pinky and Jahnavi calm Shivay’s anger and Shivay informed them how Daksh plan everything and both are shocked hearing him and soon Shivay left from there in search of Anika.

Scene shift to Kapoor’s bungalow

Fuming Daksh entered inside shouting Tia’s name soon meet to Mrs.Kapoor and after having conversation with Mrs.Kapoor Daksh come to know about Dushyant’s death and instantly Daksh decided his plan and he move to Tia’s room ans first he console her and later he informed his plan and Tia agree for that as she wanted to throw Anika out from Shivay’s life and Daksh is determined to apart Shivay and Anika from each other and soon they started working on their plan.

Scene shift to Oberoi Mansion

All are sitting at dining table for lunch but no one is talking with each other, OmRu and Prinku and Saumya are playing with food in plate with spoons and elders are silently chewing there food and Anika is yet nowhere to seen but grabbing all there attention Reyan enter with shouting Saumya’s name and followed by Rumi and soon confused Saumya and angry Rudra stood and come to them and next second Reyan speak

Reyan: So, both you husband wife are now shadow of each other right???? Seems like you’ve taken nuptial vows seriously which you both have taken.

Listening this Oberoi’s are shocked beyond limit and all looked at RuMya and finally Rudra collecting all his courage blurt out everything to family member and all are stunned hearing him and soon Rumi speak up

Rumi: Rudra dev, for such a normal girl you’ve left goddess but now I’ll curse you that you and your family will never be happy and soon you and your so called wife will be away from each other. And Saumya you tried to snatch goddess’s husband/love from her but our destiny have bring us together and we are husband and wife and I’ll sue you for marrying married man. And….

Saumya loose her anger listening drama of Rumi and she speak angrily

Saumya: Just stop it Rumi, you are not a goddess and Rudra don’t even love you are just trying to force yourself on him and when he refused you’ve kidnapped him and tortured him to accept you and wait I’ve something for you.

And soon some cop entered inside and inquire about Saumya and Saumya come in front and informed everything yo cop and even she transferred vedio send by Rumi where her hired man are torturing Rudra and soon cop arrested Rumi for Fraud with public and attempt of murder and kidnapping and Rumi started cursing more and more to RuMya but she dragged out by cop and here each ad every Oberoi members excluding RuMya and Om shocked with revelation of one more thing but before they can inquire anything to them Reyan forcefully hold Saumya by her hand but Saumya is getting hurt by his grip so she speak

Saumya: Leave me Reyan I am getting hurt there.

Instead of leaving tighten her grip and he speak

Reyan: What about my pain and hurt which is due to your actions???? Saumya I thought you are a simple girl but you are playing game with my emotions and you married to Rudra while you are claiming to love me how you can do this??? actually its my fault that I trusted you, My mom is right middle class girl like you don’t have any class and character you can…

But Rudra who is still a silent spector can’t hear a word about Saumya’s character and before Reyan can continue his blame game he is landed on land with a hard punch of Rudra and next second Rudra speak

Rudra: Not a word on her character, Before speaking a word more try to remember that you’ve ditched her in past for a girl and remember one more thing now she is Rudra Singh Oberoi’s wife so don’t you dare raise your finger on her character this time it’s just a punch next time I’ll make your condition in which you won’t even able to regret for your words and now leave from here else I’ll throw you out from here and fuming Rudra caressing his cheek left form there and next second Rudra turn and look at different expression of his family members, Om and Dadi are smiling, TeNvi are angry plus happy and Sanky are shocked,confused and Shivay’s expression are worth watching he is confused, proud, happy,shocked, surprised and his face is looking adorable due to his lips which are curved into ‘O’ shape and Anika who just entered is shocked too soon Rudra plead to everyone and ask for forgiveness and soon family members forgive them and soon Dadi ask about whether they want to continue this marriage or not and before Saumya can speak anything Rudra kneel down on his knees and taking Saumya’s hand in his hand with full delicacy he speak

Rudra: Sumo I don’t know when,how and why but I started liking you and though I don’t know what love actually is I can say that it must be most wonderful feeling of world and I love you my sumo according to me you are the most beautiful girl of world and I want to be with you for the rest of my life so will you plz give chance to me, to us????

Saumya is happily surprised with this confession and happy tears are rolling from her eyes and she nod her head in approval and Rudra get up and he wipe her tears and kissing her forehead he hugged her and all together speak

Oberois: Stop now Rudra we are here.

Rudra: WO I am just hugging her.

And Saumya’s face colour turn to baby pink making her more adorable and finally they decide to have lunch with this sudden happiness visit them unknown of the shock thunder is entering inside they take their place and Shivay hold Anika’s hand and speak

Shivay: Anika I need to talk to you.

But before Anika can answer him Om tease them

Om: Control love birds you are in living hall.

And Shivay leave Anika’s hand and Anika’s cheek are turn red and all smiled looking at them but soon their smile vanished seeing ACP Ranveer Randhawa and Shivay is angry seeing him and OmPri are tensed seeing him and seeing them all Ranveer smirk and he speak

Ranveer: Won’t you all welcome me???( I love this dialogue from Daband so I added here)

Shivay: Come to the point ACP.

Ranveer: Ohkz as you wish. I am here to arrest Omkar Singh Oberoi and Priyanka Singh Oberoi and their arrest warrant are with me.

Shivay (Angrily): What’s nonsense and what crime they did so you are here with is nonsense shit of paper???

Ranveer: (Looking at OmPri) Haven’t you informed that you both are murderer???

All are stunned and shocked beyond limit hearing this.

Shivay: (Angrily) What rubbish???

Ranveer: That’s the fact Mr.Oberoi.

Shivay: Om,Prinku say me that he is blaming and defaming you both.

But both they are looking at him in fact their head are down and Shivay rush to them and holding Om he speak

Shivay: Om look into my eyes and answer me.

But Om didn’t utter a single word. And ACP too come there and speak

Ranveer: Mr.Oberoi they don’t have words to confess their crime so let me do honour of inform you that before two years both of them have hit a girl by their car and then they run away from ther.

Prinku: Om bhiya is not at fault that day I was driving car and suddenly that girl I mean your sister appeared in front of car from no where I tried to control car but I can’t and later we tried to search her but she was nowhere and Om bhiya is not guilty for that so you can arrest me for my crime and I already had confesses this to you before.(All this while she is stammering)

Ranveer is broken hearing name of his sister and same is with Oberoi brothers they too are feeling broken devastated with the mere thought of their brother is going behind bars and soon Omkara speak

Omkara: Prinku is lying to save me but that night I was driving car so you can arrest me but don’t you dare think arresting her.

Ranveer soon composing himself speak

Ranveer: This were not the actual arrest warrant but and I am here to warned you all that soon I am opening that case because due to you people my sister living life lime a dead people and I’ll make sure that you’ll be punished for that.

And he turned to leave but Anika coming to action mode speak

Anika: Mr.Ranveer listen me once your sister won’t get happy life with OmPri being punished and even you’ll not get anything in that but we’ll like to help you in getting your sister cured with best doctor of world and we’ll bring back to normal life.

Shivay: (Supporting his wife) She is right we’ll like to support your sister and by arresting nothing positive will happen.

TeNavi: we are sorry hearing about your sister but plz don’t arrest our children. (In pleading tone)

Dadi: (Joining her hand with pleading tone) Don’t arrest my children they are did a mistake and even they too suffered due to that in this two years and even they are suffering plz give them chance to mend their mistake betaji.

Ranveer’s heart melt with this but somewhere rage in his mind is overpowering his heart so he speak

Ranveer: Fine, I am giving them chance to mend their mistake but all the while they have to be near my sister do they can actually know what it feels to be around such person.

And before anyone can reply OmPri agreed and Ranveer is about to turn to leave and Oberoi’s are about take breath of relief but before this Tia enter followed by media people and she come near to Shivay and cling to him and pressing her body with his body Shivay flinch lil and look at Anika who is uncomfortable too with their condition.And looking at them Rudra murmur in Om’s ear

Rudra: Om, today Shivay bhaiya’s pride is at stkae lady Baba’s intentions are not good I am feeling like she’ll womanhandle Shivay bhiya…(And he laughs)

Om: Shut up Rudra is not situation for your your stupid jokes.

Tia is looking at Anika with attitude and arrogance and if look is enough to kill someone then Tia and Anika will be turn into ash by now but media soon started throwing their questions

Media questions: So Tia Kapoor Oberoi is it true that you are pregnant??? Madam when you will deliver your baby??? Madam your marriage is proponed due to your pregnancy???

Oberois get biggest shock of their life and Anika felt like land beneath her is disappeared and she’ll be fall flat soon and her eyes are giving warning to open tap of tears and controlling and composing herself she run away from there and Tia smiled looking at her running away and she turn to media people she speak

Tia: Yes I am pregnant. Me and Shivay baby is expecting our first baby and we are in cloud nine with this news but as of now we want privacy to enjoy our happiness with family so plz leave now.

Listening this Rudra one more time murmurs in Om’s ears

Rudra: Om, Shivay bhiya is pregnant too??? Since when boys started being pregnant this lady baba don’t have any knowledge…

But soon Om’s glare silent him.

Media: One more question madam.

Tia: No more questions plz. You people are stressing me plz leave now.

And soon media people leave and before Oberois can confront Tia they heard loud voice of breaking something from Shivay’s room catching everyone’s attention and all Oberoi rush to room and soon all started worrying for Anika and Shivay bang door to open but it didn’t so he shout

Shivay: Anika, Open the door plz Anika. (But hearing no reply from her side) he continue Anika I’ll count till three then I’ll break the door and he started his counting end of counting of three too she didn’t opened he door so Shivay with the help of OmRu break the door and he entered inside but he didn’t find Anika anywhere and he rush to bathroom to check but she is not there too and OmRu checked but she is nowhere and they are panicking more and more but soon Shivay’s phone ring and he take out phone wand seeing caller Daksh his blood boiled and he pick up call with rage and shout

Shivay: Daksh how dare you call me???

Daksh: Chill Shivay I call you to inform that your beloved wife is with me see fight with me to stay with you so I’ve to hit her head but don’t worry I won’t kill her I’ll keep her with me happily ever after.

Shivay’s anger went to another level and angrily he speak

Shivay: Daksh don’t you dare touch her.

But before he can speak further call get disconnected from another side and soon Shivay called Khanna to trace location but Khana told that person who is doing all this on leave and getting another will take time and Shivay angrily disconnect call but Ranveer who is yet there told him that he’ll help him and in all this chaos Oberoi fail to notice happy Ta depart from there long back and soon Ranveer get information regarding location of that place and along with OmRu and Ranveer Shivay left from there to save Anika and driving like a maniac they reach location and entering inside their breath get hitched seeing scenario Anika is locked in Water tank and Daksh is enjoying her struggle blike a pshyco and yet he didn’t noticed his guest and he is laughing at Anika’s struggle soon Ranveer ans Shivay attacked him and OmRu are trying to move tank away from water source so water level don’t increased more but with great difficulties they able to moved an inch and here ShiVeer is beating black and blue out of Daksh and soon Daksh loosing his mind blurt out how along with Tia he planned everything and how Tia helped him. Oberoi brother are stunned hearing this news and Daksh is about to hit Shivay by bullet taking benefit of this but before that Ranveer hit him by bullet in self defense and he shake Shivay rush to water tank and soon boys break tank with iron rod but seems like it is quite late as Anika is not responding to their words and Shivay is now totally broken and hugging her close to his heart he speak

Shivay: Anika open the your damn eyes you can’t leave me just like that you’ve to stand by my side in journey of life I need you Anika plz come back to me ,fight with me ,shout on me ,irritate me but don’t be quite I can’t handle your silence plz talk to me Anika call me SSO, Billu, Kanji aankho wala Baghdad billa whatever you want but talk to me. (All this while crying)

OmRu are broken too seeing their brother in vulnerable condition AMD Anika’s situation but Ranveer check Anika’s pulse they are working still and his hands freeze for a moment listening to Anika’s murmur but soon he informed this to Shivay and soon they rush too hospital with proper treatment on time Anika is now out of danger and sson she is shifted to another ward from ICU and there OmRu are handling Oberoi women and Shakti and Tej are handling media who is questioning to them and Shivay left to canteen to get soup for Aanika and Ranveer enter in Anika’s room and he caressed Anika’s hair and Anika open her eyes and look at him and controlling his tear who are about to roll down he asked her about why she is murmuring Chuttki o mat le jao like sentence and soon whole unsaid story till now come out from Ranveer’s mouth which end up Anika and Ranveer end up their search of their lost sibling after so many years and this was heard by Shivay who is entering with bowl of soup for Anika and he went near to crying Anika and he hugged her and suck her tears and kiss her there and but Anika try to push him away and Ranveer informed Anika about Shivay’s state when she was unconscious though it melt her heart but she don’t want to go close to him and something clicked in Shivay’s mind and he asked Anika whether she is sending him away due to Tia’s pregnancy Anika crying nod her head in yes and soon Shivay speak informing her

Shivay: Anika, trust me I don’t have such sort of relation with Tia ever I don’t know why she is doing this all… But just trust me once please. Anika if whole world is against me then too I’ll be all right but trust me Anika when you have an ounce doubt on me I feel broken I won’t be able to stand Anika I need you by my side to fight with world will you????

Anika find honesty feeling for her and everything in his eyes which her heart is searching for her and even she don’t want to drag things between them and soon she hugged him and Shivay embrace her in his arms more tightly and soon they come up with their plan to expose Tia.

Same day Anika is discharge from hospital and OmPri and Ranveer take Radhika to London where her treatment will be done. And here family member welcome Anika and Shivay but Tia is making fuss over small small thing to grab attention but none of her plan is working so angrily she tries to make Anika trip who is coming out of kitchen but on time Shivay hold her and speak

Shivay: Anika, be careful now you are not alone.

Pinky: Means Anika too is pregnant???

ShivIka nod their head and Tia is shocked beyond limit as her own bitter medicine is given back to her with more bitterness but she don’t want to lose so easily so controlling her anger she asked Anika with loud voice

Tia: What rubbish??? How you can be mother of his child???

Anika: Should I explain you procedure??? Wait I feel shy in explaining all this but yeah let me tell you on pool party night we flow with our emotions and everything happened and now…

But Tia angrily cut her between and speaks angrily

Tia: Just shut up in three year of our relationship he never touched me then how it is possible that he’ll slept with you???? So stop your rubbish drama.

Anika: Same applied to you Tia by your own you confess that he never touched you then tumne media k samne us din raita kyu felaya tha???? And don’t dare lie now coz tumare muh se nikla tumara sach recorded hai, so it will be better for you if you stop lying and yeah we’ve even done DNA report and that report is also denying fact which you are speaking.

And all Oberois excluding Shivay once again shocked but this time happily and later in front of media Tia release her statements and Oberoi filled case for fraud and defaming them and she sent behind bar.

After four month

Things are now normal in Oberoi’s life. Ranveer, Radhika and Om Pri are now back from London and OmPri have bring Radhika to OM so she can recover soon in lively atmosphere and inall this while Ranveer is touched with Priyanka’s behavior and Om is slowly falling for Radhika And ShivIka are falling in love with each other more and more with every passing day. And after Tia’s fiasco they were sent for honeymoon by Oberois to Paris and after returning from there Anika’s face is glowing more and more with passing of day. Meanwhile one day when Priyanka went to Ranveer’s home to bring some stuff of Radhika she get something which surprised her and she is happy seeing that and soon it come in Anika and Radhika’s knowledge and they decided something. And on next day while all (Including Rnaveer) are enjoying breakfast but suddenly Anika and Radhika grabbing every one’s attention

Anika&Radhika: Actually today we want to say you all that our beloved brother is in love with Priyanka and she knows that so she wants to say something to you all and Bhai she want to ask something to you.

Prinku nod and she come in front of Ranveer and she knees down on her one knee and sepak

Prinku: I know in past you had some feeling for me but while you are searching for me you come to know that I am behind your sister’s past condition so you were in condition where neither you can love me nor you can hate me but now everything is ok so can we have a fresh start??? (Looking at confuse face of Ranveer she continue further) I got to know this all from your dairy. (Yeah Prinku get Ranveer’s dairy where he’ve confessed everything)(And looking at her family member she is about to ask something but all together nod their head in approval and Prinku turn and look at Ranveer waiting for his answer)

But before his answer Om come forward and he hold Radhika’s hand and speak

Om: Radhika in this all time I just started adoring you and slowly I am being addicted you and now I want my each day to start with you and each night end with you and I am not seeing this out of sympathy but I really loves you a lot and I do want to have beautiful life with you ahead. So will you marry me????

Both Radhika and Ranveer nod their head in approval and happy Anika is rushing towards kitchen but she fell in midway and she became unconscious worriedly all rush to her and Shivay took her to room and they call Dr. And after checkup Dr. informed that she is 15 week pregnant and all become happy and same day PriVeer and OmIka get engaged and their marriage is decided to happen on 4.5 month and preparation for their wedding is going on and soon Anika’s baby shower is planned a day after their marriage.

In this 4.5 months Anika being pampered by each and every family member they are not allowing her to work and move from her bed and Shivay have set his office in his room so he can be with his wife whenever she need and even Shivay have fulfilled her every mood swing wish too with full enthusiasm and soon marriage day arrived and in media’s presence everything went well and next day in evening Anika’s baby shower is going on Shivay is on her side in spite of restrictions put by ladies and OmRuVeer taking benefit of this also come there and keep romancing with their lady love but before baby shower can be completed Anika winced due to pain and soon she started crying and worried Oberoi rush to hospital as her due date is after month. But soon Dr. informed that her water bag is broken and with difficulties Anika give birth to twins’ babies.

And all family members are happy with addition of one more happiness in their life in form of these bundles of joy whom ShivIka named Anay (ANika+ShivAY) and Anshi (ANika+SHIvay).

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