new competition| SHIVAY AUR ANIKA KI ISHQBAAZI (story on ishqbaaz)

Story for Ishqbaaz,
Title:- Shivaay aur Anika ki Ishqbaazi!

(Note for the readers, the story is a bit different from the episode which aired on December 19 but I’ll be explaining to you all as the story proceeds. The story is completely based on Shivaay-Anika and there will be no focus towards the other pairings or story!)

Shivaay is shocked to know the actual truth from Saumya. He recalls, Daksh’s accusations over Anika, and how he accused Anika, Anika trying to justify herself, and how she said, “Aap ne mujhe jeete jee mar diya!” He closes his eyes remembering all the incidents and closes his fist out of anger. He leaves from Saumya’s room, in a hustle.

He reaches his room and angrily hits his fist over the wall and shouts, “How can I even do this. I believed Daksh, without even listening to Anika’s perspective. How did…I hate myself for this!” And he angrily throws a glass vase on the floor, which breakes into pieces. Omkara steps inside the room, the very moment and witnesses all the scene and utters, “Shivaay!”

Shivaay looks on. Omkara comes near to him and asks, “What’s wrong Shivaay? Everything okay?” “Nothing is okay Om..” exclaims Shivaay. “Nothing!” Omkara places a hand on Shivaay’s shoulder and asks, “What happened?”

Shivaay narrates everything to Omkara, who’s baffaled over listening to the truth. “How can you do this Shivaay. I can’t believe you thought so low about that girl. First you broke her pride by forcing her to marry you and then this…” says Omkara. Shivaay speaks, “I did a really big mistake Om, and I’m seriously repenting over it!” Om exclaims, “By saying nothing will happen. Go to Anika, and ask for forgiveness!” Shivaay says, “You’re right, saara raita mai ne phela ya hai, mai hi samentoo ga!” (I’ve spoiled everything and I’ll mend it only!”

The very moment Shivaay’s phone rings, grabbing the attention of OmShiv. Shivaay fumes seeing the dialer’s name ‘Daksh’

He angrily picks it up and yells, “Daksh!” Daksh nastily says, “Oh! So you remembered me, not bad! By the way, Shivaay do you know where my fiancee, I mean Anika is?” Shivaay’s anger boils, listening Anika’s name from Daksh’s mouth and shouts, “Don’t you dare say her name from your dirty mouth!” Daksh continues, “Fine, I won’t take her name but when she’s near me I can touch her, right Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi?”

It is revealed that Anika is in Daksh’s custody and he has kidnapped her. Shivaay screams, “Daksh…how dare you think of touching Anika, my wife. MRS.ANIKA SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI!!” Daksh says, “Oh My God! That much of Love…Not bad. Well, I’m not that cruel. You can talk to your wife, in her life’s last minutes.

He hands the phone to Anika. Anika who’ve been crying vigorously grabs the phone and mutters, “Shivaay” Shivaay is touched listening Anika’s voice and he murmurs, “Anika!” Both of them cry, as ‘Nazdeek hai dil ke…’ plays in the BG. Shivaay continues, “Anika, are you okay. Tell me, did Daksh try to cause any type of harm to you or did he misbehave with you? Tell me Anika.” Anika says, “Shivaay, I don’t have time, he’ll kill me please save me Shivaay, please save me!” Shivaay tells, “Calm down Anika, Calm down! Tell me where are you?”
Anika speaks, “Old Tex…”

But, Daksh disconnects the call stating, “Time is over! Say Bye to Shivaay as well as your life!” He shows the glass cage, leaving Anika shocked.

On the otherside, Shivaay and Omkara, try to guess what Anika was saying. Shivaays says, “What was shd saying? What could be, Old Tex…” “Old Textile Mill!” Omkara comes up with it. Shivaay says, “Yeah, Old Textile Mill. It’s an isolated place, far from the city but it nears Oberoi Mansion and also the mill was owned by Daksh’s father! Yes, it could possibly be. Come Om!”

The duo rushes to search for Anika, as Shivaay drivea rashly to save Anika. While, Daksh places Anika in the glass box/cage, and as a psyco enjoys as she pleads for her life.

Shivaay stops the car as they reach at the mill. He kicks the door shouting, “Anika!” Anika and Daksh look at Shivaay. Anika is in gay whereas Daksh fumes, but he exclaims, “Welcome, Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Welcome! Look, your wife is dying in front of your eyes but unfortunately you can’t do anything! Poor you!”

“Daksh!!” Shivaay shouts and punches him hard over his face, and beats him blue and black accompanied by Om.

“Shivaay!” Shouts Anika, grabbing Shivaay’s attention. Shivaay looks back too see a drowning Anika. He rushes to her shouting, “Anika!”

Daksh stands up and says, “Sorry Shivaay but as you betrayed me I’ll betray you. This remote, which contorls this glass machine is now gone!” And after stating this he breaks the remote by stepping over it. Shivaay, Anika and Om are shocked.

Shivaay rushes here and there in search of some way out, and finally finds a metal rod. He runs towards the glass cage and with full force breaks the glass. The water flushes out and so does Anika with a flow and falls in Shivaay’s arm as the duo shares an eye-lock! O jaana…

Daksh was about to proceed towards Shivika when Omkara holds him and says, “What’s the hurry Daksh? I’ve got some gift for you!” And he shows the cops entering. The cops arrest Daksh, and Omkara goes out of the mill to complete some procedures, leaving Shivika alone.

Anika who’s in Shivaay’s lap is breathing heavily, or one should say breathing her last breaths (may be) she says, “Shivaay…” Shivaay holds on her hand tightly and exclaims, “Anika, I won’t let anything happen to you!” Anika passes a faint smile and says, “It’s too late Shivaay!” Shivaay shouts, “No! It’s not late. I won’t let you loose so easily. You’re my sherni (tigeress) you’ve to live. You’ve to live for me!” Anika exclaims, “I’m leaving Shivaay, forever. But before dying, I want to say something. You’ve always shouted over me on everything I never felt bad but when you pointed over my character you broken me into pieces. But when I came across Daksh’s evil side, I relaised that you weren’t wrong! I forgive you Shivaay..I forgive you!” Shivaay murmurs, “Anika, please I’m sorry. I know you’re annoyed over me. Fight with me, slap me, even be annoyed from me but please don’t leave me Anika…Please don’t leave me!” Anika questions, “I’ve to leave Shivaay. And why are you crying you should be happy I’m going away from your life, now you will not feel michmichi as I won’t eat you up with my bakwas! Also even if I leave why does it matters to you!”

Shivaay exclaims, “It matters to me Anika…It really matters to me because..(Shivaay pauses and finally says) Because I love you!” O jaana….

Suddenly, Anika’s condition starts yo worsen, she breaths heavily. Shivaay also panics and without having any other option he leans close to Anika. And pulls her closer to himself and places his mouth over hers and gives her “Mouth to Mouth respiration” as O jaan continues to play in the BG……

(Scene shifts to OM where Anika is been checked by the doctor)

The doctor checks her and takes Shivaay out of the room for a discussion and tells Shivaay that Anika’s condition is now stable and she’ll gain conciousness soon. Saying this he leaves. Shivaay who’s about to enter the room is stopped by OmRu.

Om and Rudra come over either of his sides.
Rudra – “Shivaay bhaiya, at least today confess that you love Anika Bhabhi!”

(Shivaay re-minces his confession which he made)

Om – “Yes Shivaay, now you can’t deny the fact that you love Anika!”
Shivaay – “Actually, you giys are right. I should confess to her that I love her. Thanks!”
Rudra – “So why to delay go and say to her that you love her!”
Shivaay – “Right now?”
Om – “Yes, Now!”

Shivaay is a bit hesitant but OmRu push him inside the room.

By this time, Anika had gained conciousness and was by the window, enjoying the cold breeze, which was hitting her.

Shivaay enters the room and is a bit hesitant but slowly proceeds towards Anika. He utters, “Anika…” Anika feels a shiver down her spine as she remembers Shivaay’s confession. Shivaay comes closer to Anika and says, “Anika..” Anika is a bit hesitant as of what to speak and without turning murmurs, “Hmmmm…” Shivaay says, “I want to say something..” Anika replies, “Say!”

Shivaay continues, ” Arz kia hai,
Meri dil ki har dhadkan tumhare liye,
Meri har dua tumhari muskurahat ke liye,
Tumhari har adaa dil ko churane ke liye,
Ab toh meri zindagi tumhare intezaar ke liye!

Anika…I didn’t know what love is until you came in my life, you came as a storm in my life and as storm changes everything, you changed my life. I was an ‘Akdu Kanji aankhon wala bagad billa’ but you made me ‘Ishqbaaz’! Dadi always used to say that I’ll be Ishqbaaz the day when I’ll get my love, my true love. And now when today my true love is in front of me I don’t feel any shame in accepting my love. Yes I love yoh Aniak to death and back!! I love you!”

There’s silence -pin drop silence- in the atmosphere. Anika stand as a statue as Shivaay confesses his love for Anika. She don’t know what to answer back, she’s all amused.

Shivaay comes close to her, making her nervous and whispers, “I’m waiting…” she questions with a choking voice, “For what?” He turns her and pulls her close to her making her agitated and asks, “For your reply!” She’s dumbstruck as what to reply. She says, “I don’t know!” He pulls her more closer to her increasing her trepidation and moves his hand over her handa and asks, “What’s your reply, Anika?” Anika nods in a ‘No’ He pulls her more closer and cups her face and ask, “Reply, Anika!” She still stays silent. He proceeds to her as she back steps and he finally pins her to the wall and leaning closer to her asks, “I love you Anika!” He cups her face and leans more closer to her and was about to capture her lips when she says, “I love you Shivaay!!”

Shivaay smiles, viciously and asks, “I heard something, did you say something!” Anika replies softly, “I love you!” Shivaay teases her by saying, “Can it be a bit more louder!” Anika gets irritated and says, “Zyada tadi marne ki zaroorat nahi hai, zyada tadi maari toh mai apni baat se palat jaoun gi!” (No need to show off! If you show more attitude, I’ll change my statement!)

Shivaay lifts Anika in his arms, and says, “Dare you think of it Mrs.Shvaay Singh Oberoi! You’re only mine and mine!” The duo shares an intense eye-lock as Shivaay proceeds towards the bed, and makes her lay down and finally they become ‘ONE’ as stars and moon become the witness of their perpetual love!

(Next morning…)

Shivaay and Anika come out of their room, hand in hand, with a bright smile on their face but are left shocked to find Tia there with media reporters. Tia acts as crying and says, “Look, Shivaay Singh Oberoi betrayed me and is spending nights with other girls! I’m his wife and pregnant with his child and still…” and she acts of crying while everyone is shocked over her statement, specially Shivaay and Anika.

Shivaay says, “What the wuck?!” Tia says, “Shivaay baby, how can you do this to me. After marrying me and impregnating me you’ve betrayed me. This is the result you’ve given to me of my love!” Anika shouts, “Shut up Tia!” Tia says, “Oh, so now your (Shivaay) mistress will make me quiet!” Anika exclaims, “Mistress ho gi tu, mein nahi. Mein Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki biwi hoon, tumhari tarha jaali nahi! Aur kitni badi cheapdi ho tum. Kisi aur ka bach mere pati ke sar kyoun thop rahi ho? Ye bacha tumhare ex-husband Robin, ya phir yun kahun Dushyant ka hai!” (You’d be the mistress not me. I’m Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife, not like you, fake wife. And what a big shameless girl you are! You’re naming someone else’s child over my husband. This child is of Robin or I should I say Dushyant!) Everyone is shocked at Anika’s revelation!

Tia exclaims, “What rubbish?” Anika continues, “Rubbish nahi, haqeeqat! Tumhe kia laga social media se pictures delete kar ne ke baad tumhara sach chup jaye ga? Tia tum shayad bhul rahi hoon ke jhoot ke pair nahi hote, ek na ek din woh lar khada hi jaata hai! Tumhare ek crazy follower se mujhe tumhari or tumhare pati ki shaadi ki photograph mili jo khush qismati se us ke paas saved thi aur tumhara raaz fash ho saka!” (It’s not Rubbish, it’s the truth! What did you think, that by deleting pics from social media your reality will hide. I guess Tia, you’re forgetting that lie had no feet and a day or another it comes out. By the help of your crazy follower I got the pic of your wedding by which I’ll expose you!)

And she shows the picture of Tia-Dushyant’s marriage, which shocks everyone. Shivaay fumes in anger. Anika states, “Before Shivaay pushes you out from this house, get lost or else!” Tia without having any other option leaves.

Media reporters question Shivaay about Anika and his marriage on which he states, “Yes, Anika is my wife! Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife and I’ve married her with all legal rights and all traditional rituals! And I feel no shame in accepting her as my lawful wife!” He says looking at Anika as the love birds share an intense, yet adorable eye-lock!

Anika is welcomed in Oberoi Mansion, once again and the Oberoi family cherish the happy moments. As Anika and Shivaay step inside the Oberoi Mansion after the ‘Grah Pravesh’ rasam -hand in hand- Shivaay whispers to Anika, “Today I got to see my possesive wife!” Anika replies, “Thank God, that I saved you else that Cheapdi would’ve trapped you in her trap!” Shivaay questions, “Jealous?” Anika replies, “Jealous? My foot!” Shivaay exclaims, “I love yoh sweet heart!” Anika says, “I love you too!” Shivaay gets her in his embrace, as he places his arm around her and the 2 place their heads over each other and walk inside the Oberoi Mansion creating new and happy memories!

***The End***

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