new chapter of love episode 4

sanchi at hostel room

sanchi: am tied of these lies and misunderstanding
how long this will go… am sanchi mishra and its my bad fate it live as sanchi agarwal at savitri devi college and hospital…
pragya: arey.. wot we will do then… if they know abt u.. they will kick u out..
sanchi: i know that.. but am sanchi mishra. sunil mishra’s daughter.. its my papa’papa’s dream… and i should be there as his daughter .. not sanchi agarwal..
pragya:oh god dont know wot will happen… veer cant digest the truth… he will do.. anything..
its our mistake… he loves u so much.. atleast we should have informed him…
isha: whom? veer?.. pragya u forgot that veer is doctor malhotra’s son..
pragya: did he behaved like tht anytime?..
isha: but he is finding sanchi mishra.. to punish her..
pragya: u know veer naa.. he misunderstood that jaya aunty wants to kill savitri aunty.. somebody told him that sanchi mishra is here with fake identity.. then definitely the reason for anger is genuine..
sanchi: yes he always misunderstands… its not his mistake.. its mine.. ill tell whole truth to everybody.. i cant hurt anybody more.. if veer hates me being sanchi mishra.. then none can clear that.. because am sanchi mishra..

soon ill tell the truth to 2 persons kabir sir and veer

next day veer had a visitor ..
he came there and sees sanket
veer: who r uu…
sanket: am sanket… i thought u know me.. am priya’s ex lover…
he tells him everything about veer and priya’s relation
veer hold his collar
veer: so its u who cheated my sister..
sanket tells everything and how malhotra cheated him
veer gets angry at malhotra..
veer: so that was his and gayatri’s plan… to hurt priya..

everything is over na sanket… she is married now and living happily with her husband.. forget her

sanket: how could i forget
veer luks at him
sanket: veer there are lots of things that u dont kniw.. not only u none knows this…
may be priya hides all that because of her helplesness..
but it crossed all limits..
u have to know
veer: wot u mean sanket
sanket: veer actually priya’s condition at that house is worse.. she is in a jail there… she has no permission to talk with amybody… even with u and ur mother…
that vikrant is a mad man… and he always torchers her..
sanket tells everything … how vikrant injured her.. hang her everything…
veer gets super angry…
veer: how dare he harm my priya… i will kill him…
sanket holds him and stops him
sanket: veer this is not the right time… he is a gud actor too
he will easily escape from all these..
priya gets hurt by our single mistake…
veer: but sanket.. how can i sit calm after knowing this… i cant keep priya there.. her life is in danger..
sanket: but veer we have to wait… even i did many things but all in vain.. dr malhotra believes him.. and will not believe u me and priya..

veer furiously hits his hand at wall.. his hand bleeds

sanchi comes there seeing this..
sanchi: veer.. wot r u doing.. ur hand got injured… isha and pragya also come there..
veer: leave me sanchi… he shouted..
sanchi: but veer..
sanket sees sanchi and smiles and goes to hugs her.. but sanchi signs him no .. sanket understands and moves back..
pragya come there and ties veer’s hand… isha is also worried..
sanchi luks sad…
veer: to sanchi: this wound will heal soon… but the wound u made will never heal…

he goes from there angryily..

when he goes pragya and isha consoles her
sanket comes to her and worriedly ask her wot happend
sanchi: ntng… its a case of misunderstanding
and i need to tell u sometjing important.. that am here as sanchi agarwal… not sanchi mishra.. she tells him..
sanket: oh my god… lots of complications
sanchi introduces sanket as cousin to pragya and isha..

pragya: wots the matter.. why veer is that much angry
sanket: that shows his love and care for her sister
he tells them about vikrant

sanchi: we all are with you… i will do anything for savitri aunty’s happiness and thats my ma’s happiness..
i will do anything to c veer happy…

sanket:thank uuu…

kabir at home
kusum gives him a saree
kabir: this is beautiful
kusum: this is for my bahu
u pls give her this
i want to c her in this dress…
kabir: i will definitely make her wear this..

next day..
sanchi came to hospital
nurse said her to meet kabir ss he need to talk to u..
sanchi thinks wot he needs to talk..
he came to cabin… kabir sees her and goes near her… he is very happy seeing her
sanchi: u seems very happy
kabir: yes sanchi.. whenever i see u my heart flies with joy.. i dont know… i didnt felt this before…
sanchi feels uncomfortable…
kabir hold her.. sanchi moves back..
kabir: wot happend..? am sorry sanchi… i….
sanchi: sir actually u misunderstood u…
kabir: wot.?… ohk anyways leave that… i called to give u something.. he gives her that saree
kabir: ma ask me to give this… she want to c u in this dress
and i promised that too.. so today u should wear this and u should come to home for dinner…
sanchi is shocked…
kabir luks at her….

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  1. Dhruti

    superb ff and finally veer knows what happened with priya? now he will save her…….and i think sanchi will clear all misunderstanding…… next one soon………………………

  2. Sanveer

    Great chapter! And I love that u post everyday!?❤️

  3. Amazing… Now veer will save Priya ND I think Sanchi will help him ND she will be clearing his misunderstanding also post next part asap

  4. Riru

    Awesome dear post asap

  5. Nice episode

  6. hope all mu sorted and mishra truth out and sanchi understand kabir’s love

  7. Niyaaa

    Amazind dear but too short tryto post lil bit more lengthy if u can.. It just a request… Bye tc

  8. Awesome dear….just loved it simply….do update soon…lots of love to u.

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