new chapter of love episode 3

veer comes to home
savitri is happy to c him
veer: maa am hungry.. i need something special
savitri: come ill give u…
they have food..
veer: where is s*xy dadi..
savitri: she is in her room go and c her
veer came to c dadi and sees her worried
veer: ehy my s*xy girl is worried…. and ur man is here na..
dadi beats him…
veer: wot happend dadi.. everything fine here?.. or that witch did anything wrong???
dadi: am worried for priya
veer: wot happend to her… she is fine naa…
veer gets restless… he take phone and tries to call her
dadi thinks if veer comes to know abt priya’s condition… he will definitely male issue big… and hurts himself thinking of Priya
dadi: ntng betta.. she didnt call me .. for weeks.. thats y ii am worried
veer: y she dont call us… even i tried many times…
savitri came there
savitri: priya told me that day tht she lodt her phone
am also worried for her.. something is wrong
veer tells to himself: yea something is wrong there.. vikrant always behaved weirdly.. dont know how is she..

at vikrant’s house
priya sits scared.. and thinks for sanket helping her and vikrant slaps him..
priya cries.. thinking of her life…
vikrant comes there
vikrant: wot r u thinking baby.. abt sanket or ur husband
priya: y vikrant… y r u torchering me….like this.. wot u need..
vikrant: calm down baby… dont shout… only i have the right to love u and hurt u…
and should love me and only me..
he holds her hand tightly..stightly..she gets pained
vikrant pushes her and goes..
priya cries sitting there

sanket is restless at his home..
his mom came there .. he hugs hr and shares his sorrow
sanket: maa i am worried.. he will harm her.. am sure.. how my priya lives there with that mad animal..
ma: i can understand u.. but priya is married na.. how can we help her.. even her family is not with her..
sanket: its just a marriage.. they have no relationship other than a mangalsutra… priya cant love him.. he is that much bad… i will free her from his clutches… and she will remain happy as before…

sanchi thinks about veer… pragya and isha comes there and hugs her..
pragya: am sorry sanchi… i can understand u… but i only thought abot u and veer and ur love
isha: how pragya… did veer told sanchi that he loves him.. did sanchi told him that she loves..
sanchi its better to stop this… when veer comes to know abt ur secret he will break down.. and none can handle him..
pragya: arey.. he is not a kid..
isha: that we know
sanchi: both of u pls stop this… i know wot to do.. first i want to clear the misunderstanding of kabir sir… i dont want to hurt him
he thinks i love him… but none can replace veer’s place in my heart..
pragya and isha luks on..

next day .. sanchi was lost in thoughts and she is abt to fall from staircase kabir sees her and ran to hold her…
but veer comes and holds her … they share an eyelock…. kabir relieved..

sanchi tries to speak to veer
veer: wot.. r u ok… i think ur foot got iinjured..
sanchi: no am ok… sanchi tries to walk but fails veer holds her…
veer: wait wait
he took her in his arms
sanchi luks at him….. kabir sees them from far..
sanchi at her mind..
am sorry veer….. she thiks of slapping him… she touches veer’s face.. he luks at her.. then he make her sit ..
veer: wait ll apply ointment..
sanchi holds his hand
veer: wot… sanchi agarwal
sanchi: veer i want to talk to u… i dont know wats happening… i tried to tell all things to kabir sir.. but
veer: enough sanchi… i saw wot u said… yesterday and today… u danced well… mmm he too.. u changed him.. thats gud…
sanchi: veer.. pls..i dont want to increase this gap between us… we r gud frnds nA..
veer luks at her
veer smiles…: yes we were… not now sanchi agarwal
i thought u as … my…. (he stops)
leave it… i just helped u…
am a doctor… and its my duty to treat others from danger..
wait ill bring aid..
kabir came there
kabir: no need veer i got it… he smiles at him..
thank u dr veer.. for helping her…
if something happens to her..
veer luks at him …
kabir goes to sanchi and applies medicine to her foot… sanchi hesitate .. kabir applies .. sanchi luks at veer..
veer sadly luk at that… while seeing sanchi.. he thumbs up her ang goes….

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  1. Riru

    Really fantastic epi riya loved it to the core . bye tc luv u

  2. Dhruti

    nice ff…………post soon……

  3. Amazing one but one request plz veer ka yeh sad mode jaldi off Kar do seriously can’t see him sad but episode was really good

  4. Riyarocks

    nice one Mahi dear……..I feel really bad for Priya……hope sanket can somehow help priya in coming out of vikrant’s clutches(even in the show)……luv u sweetieeeeee……….

  5. Nyc….but plzz add precap

  6. Sanveer

    I loved it❤️❤️❤️

  7. Niyaaa

    Nice epi.. Post nxt one

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