new chapter of love episode 2

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sanchi luks for kabir…
sanchi goes to kabir’s cabin

she seem him feeling not well and massaging head
sanchi: sir. r u ok..
kabir: yea am ok sanchi.. dont know head is aching..
sanchi: better to go home and take rest..
kabir: sanchi.. ( he goes near to her)
he shows the ring

sanchi luks on…
sanchi: sir i dont know wot to say.. its my mistake..tmistake..that…
kabir keeps finger on her lips…
both share an eyelock..
kabir: its gud i got this… i will keep this safely and put this on ur hand on our engagement day… in front of all..
sanchi is shocked
sanchi tries to tell the truth
kabir : its ok sanchi.. i can understand you…

he holds her close.. they share an eyelock..
veer came there with some files… he gets shocked seeing them together…
sanchi sees him and moves …
kabir luks on
veer: am sorry… i came without knocking…
sanchi luks at him sadly….
kabir: its ok veer… actually i need to tell u something… am going to marry your best frnd… and sanchi is my girl
i told u na i ll propose a girl.. this is she
veer and sanchi gets shocked..

veer: congratulation sir…
sanchi is lucky that she got the best doctor..

kabir smiles
veer goes from there..
veercomes to wash room and cries…
veer tells to himself
no veer y u r crying for a girl who doesnt need u… love uu..
ur love is waste for her…

how can sanchi do this to me..
he remembers their moments..
its my mistake.. she didnt even tell me that she loved me.. am the fool who wandered around her… she made me realize that… he shouts… i hate u sanchi agarwal….

sanchi thinks of veer and kabir’ s words..
sanchi says.. i hurt veer so much… but he didnt try to understand me… i love him… he is my first love… and will be… how to make kabir sir understand these things…

she sees pragya and isha
sanchi tells pragya tht i knkw u r angry at me..
but i didnt do anything intentionally..
wot can i do..

isha: pragya leave this even between us
pragya: yes i leaved all that… its gud everything between u and veer ended… that mad guy loves u more than anything.. and he always gets hurt.. and u u told us that u love him.. and cant hurt him… but sanchi u always hurt him
i think kabir is a gud match for u… and he also loves uuu
sanchi: wot u think Bt me..

pragya: leave sanchi.. matter closed.. we may go.. come.

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  1. Good one I hope Sanchi clears veer’s misunderstanding soon…

  2. Niyaaa

    Amazing epi.. Post nxt one

  3. Dhruti

    superb ff………….post next one soon

  4. Riru

    Nice epi Pls one request clear pragya ‘s misunderstanding I can everyone’s misunderstanding but when it comes to your bestie its really painful

  5. Riyarocks

    hello mahi…….hope sanchi could somehow clear pragya’s misunderstandings…….post nxt one asap……..

  6. Amaxingggg………plz update soon

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